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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday Beast Blogging — The Cat In The Beard Edition

On the advice of their agents, Riley and Moondoggie agree to appear in public together, sparking rumors and allowing the paparazzi an unprecedented opportunity to get them both in the same shot.


10 Responses to “Friday Beast Blogging — The Cat In The Beard Edition”

Such gorgeous, lucky chirrens. Although, judging from those expressions/body language, they seem to be auditioning for the feline production of “The Departed.” Riley would make a wonderful Frank Costello, but I’m torn about Moondoggie… Don’t know if he should be DiCaprio or Damon.
BTW, there’s a gorgeous, 4-year-old, utterly housebroken, sweet pure-white boy cat (neutered) with gorgeous greenish-yellow eyes, that was abandoned at my vet’s office today, who needs a new home. As soon as the vet can e-mail me the digital photo, I’m going to post him on my blog and send it to everyone that I know. His owner acquired him at some point after her first cat, and her first cat could NOT get along with “Winter” (original, I know, for a white cat) and was going to have him put down, but thankfully, Dr. Liz offered to keep him until we could find a home for him.
If y’all know anyone who needs/wants a lovely youngish male kitty who’s got all of his shots and has a lot of love to give, please send ‘em my way!
Will they be signing the production deal, is what I want to know.
They look absolutely gorgeous.
Annti, you minx! Temptress! How many human males can claim to have all their shots and lots of love to give… as well as being non-allergy-provoking?
Well, I made my choice many years ago between cats and the manly Mr. Biscuitbarrel. Since I can’t adopt your little one, you will be pleased to know that Mr. B meets the criteria above and also has a lovely glossy coat, although not white. It must be all of those Omega-3 fish oils I feed him.
Ahhhhh, but Mrs. TBB — if I could give this gorgeous boy a home, I’d have already done it, but alas, since I live in L’Hotel du Fucktards, I cannot. Breaks my heart to see some stupid excuse for a “human” totally abandon a perfectly good and affectionate animal, and makes me want to thin the bipedal herd.
If y’all know of ANYONE who might want this cat, anywhere, please have them holler at me, ’cause this boy needs love.
As soon as I can get my vet to e-mail me the digital picture of him (while she’s planning her own wedding), I’m going to put him right up there on the MOB front page, but in the meantime, if y’all could pass the good word about a really good cat, I’d really appreciate it!!! My vet is a wonderful woman, but she can’t board him indefinitely, and it’s not fair to any critter to be kept in a vet’s kennel for extended periods of time. He can’t even get out and stretch his legs, the poor boy, ’cause of all of the dogs in the office.
Will do. He sounds like a sweetheart.
Annti, please let me know when you have a good shot. I’m tempted to say I want him, but my five would eat me alive (six, including the outside feral, but at least he can’t open the door to get in). But I can publicize Winter’s plight and aggressively campaign on his behalf. Thanks, tpc
Scott, didn’t Riley originally have plans to eviscerate Moondoggie? Seems like that dirty fuckin’ hippie has really turned Riley around. Keep the incriminating picture someplace she can see it.
PoliticalCat — I left a comment over to your blog about the pix — but couldn’t find an e-mail. Holler at me over to my place ( ) or so forth.
I’ve had one nibble from Pennsylvania about finding a home for “Winter” (and hopefully a better name for him, too!), but I have NO idea how to find out how to SHIP A LIVE CAT cross-country, or who even DOES that — anybody around here know how to do that?
Winter’s still on the market, if anybody wants to call dibs!!!

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