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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quienes Mas Macho?

Doghouse Riley, that’s who.  One rarely gets the chance to watch an SUV-driving, sunshine patriot from the heartland whipped to the pink, quivering consistency of a blancmange with his own bumpersticker, and believe me, it’s a spectacle not to be missed.

9 Responses to “Quienes Mas Macho?”

*proudly beaming* That’s the guy I’m stalking!
(Admittedly in a distinctly lax, low-impact, entirely symbolic sort of way.)
Anntichrist S. Coulter said…
:::bows in awe of the linguistic and historical skills of one badass intellectual:::
Next time, stick around, deliver said beautiful sermon in person, and send us the video.
12:07 AM EDT
…and if you can afford to stick multiple meaningless symbolic gestures of “support” on the back of your SUV and still pay for gas, thank a chinese factory worker!
Damn, a man who knows the history/evolution of language is just SO damn sexy!
That was truly a thing of beauty.
*Swoon.” The ladies all agree! Oh, Doghouse, you are gorgeous. I say that in a way that admires your mind (especially since we’ve never met), and that endangers neither of our marriages. Because, you know, we’re not Republicans. We have to say those things, or be roasted on a spit.
Actually, the title should be spelled “Quien es mas macho?”
Yes, yes, a Spanish-speaking Spelling Taliban! (on a weak day, it seems… I didn’t mentioned the lack of accent marks and opening question mark… oops! I did it again! :)
Rebuscado, thanks for pointing that out. It was bothering me, but I’d decided not to be anal for a day, especially since I don’t know how to put accents and tildes and upside-down punctuation on this computer.
Cripes! Isn’t a single man-like critter gonna drop a comment in this thread?!?
[looks around teh room... looks at self...]
Nope. Don’t seem like.

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