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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friday Beast Blogging — Splay Lady Splay Edition


“Like the view, baby?  You should’a seen it before she hauled me off to the vet.”
And Riley…

“That’s odd…Suddenly, I’m sensing porn…”

15 Responses to “Friday Beast Blogging — Splay Lady Splay Edition”

Such beautiful cats… and they know it.
And I thought that my Boy Cat was a slut… Moondoggie almost makes him look demure…
The Friday catblogging over at my place is not so fun, no so sweet.
Moondoggie and Riley look remarkably like my own beasts Bop and Rocco. Are they moonlighting? How much are you paying them!
Hilarious…thanks for the laugh and for pics of gorgeous cats.
That’s odd…Suddenly, I’m sensing porn…”
but is it kitty porn? ya got to be careful about that
What, no lolcats captions?
Perhaps Riley senses the hamsters w/in.
Moondoggie is not a cat. He is a Don Martin cartoon incarnate.
More like a feline melding of Martin & Lewis.
And there are only hamsters within if it’s a Compaq hard drive…
I have a feeling that they’d insert hamsters the olde fashioned way… down the gullet!
:::smacks Marq upside the head:::
whew, that’s a relief, no Coultergeist pictures for me today (touch wood)
preznit, never again use “Coultergeist” and “touch wood” in the same sentence.
And apropos of nothing here, but it was just so bizzarre I wanna share:
You’ll see more assholes in 7 minutes than a proctologist sees in a year.
So beautiful cats !
Indeed! And we ladies can all learn a few things from our shameless role model, Moondoggie. I plan to assume that very same position at bedtime, just to see what happens. (As if I don’t already know. Heh.)

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