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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Hollywood Report With MaryC

Dateline: Fairfax Avenue! Club: Largo! Why: Patton Oswalt and Friends! Who: John Hodgman!
How: First of all, unlike my close encounter with “Daily Show Funny Woman”, Samantha Bee, we didn’t actually meet “Daily Show Funny Guest John Hodgman”; we just happened to be standing behind him in line to get into the “Patton Oswalt and Friends” show last night. Just so you know.
Anyway, he looks exactly like he does on TV, although I don’t know if he sounds the same. As an added treat, who do you think walked into Largo after we were all seated and waiting for our various drinks and things to arrive, and sat at John Hodgman’s table? Justin Long! Yes, that’s right! It was PC and Mac, out together for a night of comedy and really long waits for dinner and drinks.
So. There you have it. If you come to Hollywood and want to see stars, don’t get a map, get yourself down to Largo on Fairfax Ave. on Mondays for Comedy Night!
And if you can’t go to Largo for possible John Hodgman spottings, you can always read his fabulously funny, Areas of My Expertise, or you can go to John Hodgman’s blog: good evening. While there, be sure to follow his link to Jane Epenson’s (former writer on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and producer of the Sci-Fi series Battlestar Galatica) blog. Her newest post is about “punchline abuse”–the overused laugh lines sitcom writers beat to death like “That went well” and “Awk-ward!”

17 Responses to “The Hollywood Report With MaryC”

So when Hodgman ordered drinks, did he have to reboot while Long sat there sipping patiently?
I think his official title is “The Daily Show’s Resident Expert”. :-)
Gosh, he’s cute. I have to say, I like the commercials, because I think they’re both dolls. Feel free to mock me.
Get the book on tape, if you can. (In addition to the hardcopy.) Jonathan Coulton does nice music for it.
I would never mock you for that, D. Sidhe. Unless you were writing slash fiction about them.
No…. But mostly because I’ve had writer’s block for months, since the clusters got worse. Otherwise, you’d pretty much have no choice but to mock me.
(And, you know, it hurt me physically to have to admit that I have not done that.)
can’t you blame it on the zombies?
You know, I haven’t slashed the zombies either. I mean, eew. Even for me, eew.
Bigfeet, yes. Zombies, no. Was that not what you were getting at?
Well, Zombies might not be all that studly, but I wouldn’t kick them out of bed. There’s no accounting for personal tastes, I suppose.
Or were you talking about the other kind of zombies?
If mine looked like that, I wouldn’t be trying to turn them into Bigfeet.
Well, I’d do Justin Long, hoping that his name was eponymous. (slut schtick complete, he eases on down teh road)
Marq, I hear you about Justin Long. He’s just so adorable. I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home.
He’s one or the other, Marq. Can’t be both.
That took me a few seconds to get, Goseph.
Marq should have said “surname”.
But I’ll add my name to those who find him cute.
Surely the only appropriate YouTube zombies video in a thread with Jonathan Coulton is Re: Your Brains.
Anyway, Hodgman rocks. You can find a few of his Little Gray Books lectures on t’internet. They’re arguably even better than The Areas Of My Expertise.
I gotta say, I prefer the WoW video to that.
Late to comment, but I was with the WO’Cers at this auspicious event, and I must report that exactly 3 days after standing behind Mr. PC in line, I came down with a virus. Not that I’m blaming anyone, it just seems a little… suspicious.
Apparently A Smug Mac Person

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