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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bitter Living Through Bad Movies

With the TV season disrupted by the writers strike, Fox has decided to delay the debut of 24, depriving Americans of entertainment, and presidential candidates of desperately needed mid-debate metaphors.  But for those who can’t wait until spring for a dose of spectator torture, we offer a simple solution:
Torture us.
Yes, s.z. and I have heard the cries of the multitudes, begging us for a sequel to Better Living Through Bad Movies (available through the link on the left for all your holiday gift-giving needs).   Now, in the spirit of candor, and upon advice of counsel, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that by some standards it wasn’t quite a multitude, and they weren’t actually begging – in fact, the chances are good it was just a possum giving birth in s.z.’s attic — but the important thing is that we heard something, and we are answering the call!
But this isn’t just a literary project, or random act of masochism.  No, it’s a pop culture emetic…for you, the World O’ Crap reader.  If there are any motion pictures which have gotten under your skin and begun to fester, then allow us to play medieval barber and lance that boil for you.  In other words, we’re pulling a Jonah Goldberg-style bleg (but stopping short of the Full Jonah, since we’re just looking for suggestions, not someone to write the book for us).  Compile a short or long list of films you would most like to see given the BLTBM treatment — any age or genre is fine, although we’re most interested in movies released in the last five years — and post them in the comments. 
Thanks!  And until then, we’ll see you…at the movies!  (You’ll recognize us, we’ll be the ones jackknifed in pain and weeping bitter salty tears into our Mr. Pibb.)
Posted by scott on December 13th, 2007

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