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Thursday, July 4, 2013

For All Hippie-Hating Misogynists: A Messiah!

Not to beat a dead Dr. Mike (because he does that just fine by himself), but he does have ANOTHER new TownHouse Cracker column out: Means Never Having to Say you’re Sorry::By Mike S. Adams.  It’s one of his slighter efforts, claiming that feminists are big hypocrites because they object to Dr. Mike “adopting” a 19-year-old coed Lance Armstrong dating a woman 15 years his junior, but think its okay for dogs to poop on Dr. Mike’s lawn for pregant 12-year-olds to obtain legal abortions.
So, the real interesting part of his column is the little notice at the bottom of the page:
Dr. Mike Adams’ new book, “Feminists Say the Darndest Things,” will appear in bookstores across America on February 14th.
And wow, what a lovely Valentine Dr. Mike has penned for all the women in his life (if there were any)!  Here’s the publisher’s description:
What happens when a conservative Christian white male professor – with a wicked sense of humor –stands up to his “feminazi” colleagues? The darndest things!
Yes, I’m sure we’re on a collision course with wackiness with this one!  (Maybe we’ll buy the movie rights and use it as the basis for “Dr. Mike: the Movie II: This Time It’s Purporting To Be a Comedy, But Nobody is Laughing With Dr. Mike, Only At Him.”)
Professor Mike Adams at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington was an atheist and a Democrat when he entered academia over a decade ago. And as you can only imagine, he fit right in back then.
No, I’m pretty sure he was considered to be a misfit and a weirdo even back when he was a Marxist/atheist/drug dealer/pornographer, and so should have had the credentials to make him socially acceptable in the liberal-controlled kingdom of academe.  But, I fear that he was a jerk in those days (just not as big of a one as he is now), and so would have been shunned even then by the cool kids.
But ever since he saw the light, the full-time feminists on campus have had Professor Adams in their crosshairs. Their insults, taunts, foul language, intolerance, and public declarations about their sex lives have trailed him from the campus quad to the courtroom.
Now doesn’t that sound like a story that publishers would be chomping at the bit to bring to the book-buying public?
It doesn’t?  Well, keep in mind that his publisher is Sentinel – Penguin Group (USA).
Sentinel was established in 2003 as a dedicated conservative imprint within Penguin Group (USA) Inc. It has a mandate to publish a wide variety of right-of-center books on subjects like politics, history, public policy, culture, religion and international relations. The name Sentinel symbolizes a tough-minded defense of America’s fundamental values and national interests.
And there just aren’t that many tough-minded books about college professors being cruelly mocked by “vagina, vagina” shouting feminists these days, so Sentinel had no choice but to publish Dr. Mike’s account of his ordeal.  (And also keep in mind that one of Sentinel’s few successes since its inception was John Gibson’s “The War On Christmas,” so the bar is already kinda low.)
Oh, and just for fun, see if you can tell which of these titles arereal upcoming Sentinel tomes:
Now They Call Me Infidel by Nonie Darwish
19th Century Social Fascism for Kids, by Jonah Goldberg and Eight Unpaid National Review Interns
Leaving the Left by Keith Thompson 
Hillary Clinton: Lesbian Nazi by That Guy Who Sucks the Toes of Prostitutes
Exposing the Real Che Guevara by Humberto Fontova 
What Would John Wayne and Ronald Reagan Do About People Speaking Spanish in OUR Country? Shoot Them, That’s What by Michelle Malkin
Legal Weasels by Wendy Murphy
Reagan & Thatcher: Their Secret Affair, Their Love of Jellybeans, Their Mocking of the Poor While Having Sex in the Lincoln Bedroom by Nicholas Wapshott
But back to the description of Dr. Mike’s book:
In this series of letters Professor Adams has written to his real-life colleagues, he exposes these real-life incidents to the general public with his trademark barbed wit. You will be praying for more professors like Adams.
Professor Adams’ hilariously titled-letters to his feminist colleagues include:
* “I Found My Thrill in Front of Anita Hill”
* “The Malice Cowboy Cheerleaders”
* “The Society for Cutting Up Men”
* “Madam Ovary”
* “The Feminist Who Stole Christmas”
Hey, I have to go adopt out a cat right now, so as tempted as I am by all that juicy Dr, Mikeiness, I’ll leave it to you all to give it the attention it deserves. 
You might also want to comment on this comment by one of Dr. Mike’s faithful Town Hall readers:
Chas writes: Tuesday, January, 01, 2008 10:32 PM
Equality or special treatment?
As we get closer and closer to this election, I intend to make this case more and more. No matter how you state it, “equality” or “equal rights,” or “equal opportunity,” almost all women are incapable of having any sentiment toward the military, other than, “bring those boys home now.” Women are incapable of understanding what a military does. The closest they will ever get is saying look mom I’m wearing a uniform; don’t I look cute in it? They think the only thing a military is good for is handing out bread to tsunami victims, for the same reason that they would never allow a man to plan their wedding. If you ignore this you will come to regret it. You should only accept a woman as president with either of the following two conditions. Either we have 51% of all of our combat deaths be women, proving once and for all women are “equal” to men, or whatever they are calling it now, having “equal opportunity” to men. Or else we have a constitutional amendment that makes the position of commander in chief separate from being the president. It would be a new position held by the highest ranking general, so it would continue to be a man. Equality is not a threat; special treatment of women under
Also, if anyone wants to help Dr. Mike with his cover (which has to be the most boring one EVER), you and Photoshop have at it.  Here is a link to some photos of Dr. Mike making love to his guns, if they are of any help to you:

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