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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Dog Ate Jonah’s Homework. Then Jonah Ate The Dog

It will probably come as no surprise that Jonah (I’m Rubber and You’re Fascist) Goldberg has been in the forefront of disavowing, Mission: Impossible-style, the wingnut bona fides of Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn.  You also won’t be astonished to hear that a few bloggers have taken issue with his assumptions and obfuscations, with the sad, but inevitable result that Jonah has been served.  With an apple in his mouth.
But Jonah takes his responsibilities as editor-at-large of NRO seriously, and never makes assertions he cannot back up with incontrovertible facts and thoughtful analysis.
First, I should say that my email to David Weigel was in haste as I was on a deadline and had just made a train to New York with my daughter in tow.
“I’m not stupid…I’m busy!”
And, as fruitless and overheated as the Obama birth certificate thing has become, I’m at a loss as to how it is racist (and I reject liberalism’s relentless insistence that racism = rightwing).
“I believe I’ve proved my point by demonstrating conclusively that I don’t understand yours.”
I can assure you  that you’d be hearing the same arguments about Obama’s eligibility for office if all the facts were same, except that he was white.
I don’t recall Atlas Shrugs shrieking that McCain, born in the Canal Zone, was an ethnic Panamanian and the illegitimate child of Manuel Noriega, but in this case I don’t really need facts — I’ve got Jonah’s assurance.
As for Neiwert, as usual, he is so beholden to his cartoonish version of fascism that he’s being intellectually dishonest.
Intellectual dishonesty is a sign of latte-sipping elitism.  Real Americans are just dishonest.
Finally, Jonah unravels the perplexing skein of claim and rebuttal, and like a latter day Arachne weaves an illuminated tapestry of truth:
I did not know the stuff about the Noontide press  and, contrary to all of my instincts, I will take Neiwert at his word that that’s all true and fairly presented. But, I’m still hard-pressed to know what the point is.
‘Nuff said!
Posted by scott on June 14th, 2009

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