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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Game Over, Man!

Oh noes!  Karl Rove has unlocked the secrets of Twitter!  He’stwittering as we speak!
Obama can kiss that Youth Vote good-bye.
Once again, quoting Bill Corbett:  “That’s what the President use to tell me—’History will get it right and we’ll both be dead!’” (< --repeated 3X in 1 hr.)
Yes, repetition and message discipline:  The secret to scintillating Tweets.

Posted by scott on Sunday, January 11th, 2009 at 3:06 am

11 Responses to “Game Over, Man!”

I’m going to have to rely on Bill Corbett and World O’Crap to take it for me—I just can’t bring myself to click “Follow.”
It may never stop bothering me that it’s “used”, not “use.”
Last I knew my kids giggled and twittered at twitter, referring to it as “stupid”.
But hey, they are leftie youths, what do they know?
“”History will get it right and we’ll both be dead!”
That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard those idiots say, if history gets anything right, they’d both by hung.
by=be. I was thinking “by their ankles”.
I… I feel so… uncleannnnn…
I really should know better by now.
They will never make enough clorox… *sigh*
I wonder how much hate twitters he gets. There can never be enough.
From working with a twit to using twitter.
Or something funnier.
I’d rather hang-glide nude over an erupting volcano.
I won’t twitter because I hate using that word..
Its a stupid word Girl. Does he have a MySpace page?
Well, don’t all the pedophiles use MySpace?!??!?
That’s what it looks like: a shopping mall for peds, pimps, and other jailbait-cruisers. Imagine that: Rupert Murdoch promoting exploitation, whatta shock.
But Scott, sweetheart, I may never forgive you for that link. I know, I know, I’m a big girl, I should know better, but curiosity(or dain bramage) got the best of me. Just wish that they made Dran-O for synapses… *sigh*
“Twitter”… that word reminds me of those Japanime’ cartoons that gave kids seizures, don’t know why…

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