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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who Throws A Shoe? Honestly…!

So who thinks that the next time Bush holds a press conference, all White House correspondents will be forced to remove their shoesbefore they’re allowed in the Briefing Room?
“That really hurt…!”
Press Secretary Dana Perino reportedly suffered a shiner when a microphone was jammed in her eye during the melee, but Bush escaped unharmed.  Until he returned to his hotel suite in the Green Zone and ordered room service…
“Oh good, it’s my turkey pot — AIIIEEEEEEEEE!”

Posted by scott on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at 6:55 pm.

18 Responses to “Who Throws A Shoe? Honestly…!”

Well, it’s not as good as a trial at the Hague, but I suppose it will have to do.
According to reports, the guy was then hustled off to the police station, where he was promptly beaten.
I have to admit I laughed when I saw it, totally disrespectful but funny. What cracked me up is that he threw the other shoe too.
Alert Secret Service agents wrestled the shoe and the mic stand to the ground.
The mic stand had been used by Al Qaeda in Iraq for various Zarqawi videos. A joint FBI-Fedayeen Saddam investigation has been launched that will likely round up the usual suspects.
That man had sole, that’s for sure.
By the way, shoes are not thrown, they’re flung.
And by the looks of the guy in this instance, flung well.
That man had sole, that’s for sure.
May that shoe pun be the last.
Perfect your aim.
Apparently, the Yankees have decided to sign him to a major league contract.
Personally, I think they need a lefty…
Hedgemon posted the perfect quip: “he dodged it like it was Vietnam”. Please attribute and propagate…
Perhaps he was an irate fashion critic who was actually trying to help out-”Take those off! THESE are much nicer!”
“Yun Yun, Yunny
Fun, Fun, Funny
That’s what we are-
Boo at us,
throw a shoe at us
If we go too far!”
[If even ONE person gets that reference, I’ll be delighted. :) ]
Well, it won’t be me, I’m afraid, Bill!
Lot’s of great humor to be found around this incident, though not, unfortunately, for the Iraqi reporter who was hauled off to jail and, of course, not for the Iraqi people.
But we who have lived under this reign of horror for the last 8 years like our humor and we like it dark, thank you very much!
I saw this great quip over at Sadly,No!: “The insurgency is in its last throws.”
Me, I like to imagine the black-eyed Ms. Perino attempting to explain to the Befuddled One how it was all a big misunderstanding, “You see, here in the Middle East, Mr. President, they don’t throw flowers….”
May that shoe pun be the last.
Commenter Smut Clyde officially won the Internet over at Sadly, No with this observation:
“The insurgency is in its last throws.”
“The insurgency is in its last throws.”
Left by Mentis Fugit on December 15th, 2008
I saw that, and thought it was laced with humour.
If it had been American Maid throwing those shoes, boy howdy!
Ya gots to love teh BlogSlut, Actor. Don’t have the patience to play the game tonight, but definitely bookmarked it.
And as Terrible lamented over to M.O.B., “Too bad that the shoe wasn’t filled with nitro and shrapnel.”
Though I may have to get the hook for you, Actor, for adding to Mentis’ contribution to the pun-pile-on. For shame, boys, for shame. Tsk. Such reckless, feckless abuse of the comedic lyric… *sigh*
Though I may have to get the hook for you, Actor, for adding to Mentis’ contribution to the pun-pile-on.
I’m such a heel.

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