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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ohhhhhh, Archie…!

Via Elayne (again!), it seems that Amanda has quit the Edwards campaign. I have no doubt that this is a mature, politically astute decision on her part, but the thought of that Archie Bunker-sounding bigot Bill Donohue crowing about his “victory” fills me with equal measures of disgust and despair, like a Perfect Martini of bile.

Good luck in the future, Amanda, and may the next Democratic candidate who hires a blogger have the stones to face down the more obvious misogynistic anti-Semites clogging Fox News’ Rolodex.

Meanwhile…I need a drink.
Pandagon’s been shut down by asshat spammers again.
What. A. Fucking. Waste.
Edwards and his handlers obviously aren’t ready for the big leagues, eh?
What’s the story? With no Pandagon, what the hell’s going on?
well, it looks like Donohue may have stepped right over the line on what a 501(c)3 can do and may catch a bit of flack for it with the IRS.
pity, that
damn, looks like I should have said “blows donkeys” rather than I*S
Ah, shit! I knew they wuz just yankin’ my chain when they said that Edwards hadn’t really fired them. Is Melissa still with him, or has the other shoe dropped, too?
Edwards caved in to pressure from THIS guy:
It would be depressing enough if Donahue was just a garden-variety wingnut. But he’s human slime. No, that’s too generous. He’s the thing that makes slime wanna vomit.
That pretty much covers it. Why does Amanda have to be a mature, responsible adult, and Donohue can be a salivating, bigoted, misogynistic asshole?
Blows donkeys, indeed.
I am sorry this didn’t work out, and of course I am outraged if it was Donohue’s and Malkin’s ass-hattery that brought it about.
On the other hand, this means I won’t miss any of Amanda Marcotte’s posts.
I had already stopped reading the Edwards blog when I read this. It says little about Edwards, and the posts there are too subjective and not well written; it’s like a big comments thread. (E.g., “He gave a great speech. It was better than the other candidates.[no apostrophe]“) It would have been required reading if Edwards himself wrote it.
Pandagon is so much better.
Amanda should have presented the chain of hatefull e-mails that prompted her to write the offending comments.
I think it’s time to go after the bigot Donohue for his comments. Turn-about is fair play.
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then again it may have been the “D*n*hue” that popped my comment into moderation. once again, I’ll use “blows donkeys” in the future
Incidently, “That Blows Donkeys!”™, “Blowing Donkeys (Since 1973)”™ and the Donkey Blowing logo are all registered trademarks of the Barely Managing Agency and Transgalactic Doghouse MegaEnterprises, LLC.
Buh-bye John Edwards, as well, altho I think his campaign was a non-starter from the get-go. This may have just cinched the deal of him not making it TO South Carolina, as opposed to past it.
Here’s a theory (OK, fine, I have no evidence to back it up, but do you have any to knock it down?): Donahue claims to suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome and has threatened to sue the Catholic League under the Americans With Disabilities Act if they try to get rid of him. That’s job security, baby — also they might convince the local Voc Rehab agency to kick in two bucks an hour toward Donahue’s salary.
Edwards could redeem himself by hiring Annti or perhaps The Rude Pundit. But I won’t hold my breath.
Well I confess I’m still not actually all that sure about what’s going on with Amanda and the job. Seems that in some ways what we’re seeing is a bit revealing. Think about it this way. Politicians go to great lengths NOT to express opinions. Here in the UK we face a future choice of Gordon Brown vs David Cameron. Neither of them has EVER talked about their policies on asylum seekers and immigration. They only talk about general subjects like “protecting the environment” or “getting tough on poverty”. Flim flam that never gets to the heart of the matter. Blogger are popular precisely because they do the opposite. They get out there with their opinions, they suggest new laws, new views and they don’t pull any punches. The two realms were never going to have a happy first date!
Wait, wait, wait. Edwards keeps Amanda, then Amanda quits–and that’s Edwards’ fault?
Somebody needs a nap.
Don’t start closing off your options now, and don’t start closing them off because of weak, stupid sauce like this.
It’s early yet. I guarantee that no later than early 2008–possibly sooner if he makes so much as one slip of the tongue–the “progressive” (*snrk*) liberal blogosphere, already snarling and foaming at the mouth over Clinton and Edwards, will turn on Obama like a rattler. (It IS what they do best.)
Then what? Draft Gore? Vote Nader for your “clean conscience” again? The GOP loves it when you do that. Their semen actually splatters the ceiling. They have you trained.
God bless TBogg for having his head on straight:
You need a drink, love? Make it a double, ’cause Melissa McEwan has resigned as well.
left beginning to wonder -
Good idea, but don’t stop at blogging. Let’s Have the Rude Pundit or Annti write Edward’s speeches. Now that would be one hell of a campaign speech.
I don’t know which I am more tired of: evil fuckers like Donohue (and after thirteen years of Catholic education starting in mid-50s, I’ve known far too many evil, bigoted fuckers like like him and O’Reilly and Bay Buchanan – she is one mean shit)or gutless wonder Democrats ( not saying Edwards is – I’m pretty conflicted about him – real good heart, but I’m looking for someone who is willing to go head to head with these rotten creeps).
At this point, I want Annti and the Rudester not just to write speeches but to start giving them.
Just found out a good friend’s daughter who came back from Iraq three years ago (where she was working with depleted uranium shell casings) now has a very aggressive stomach cancer. And our government: from what it seems, medical benefits kick in next year.
And that bigoted son of a bitch Donohue – all part of the same pack of right wing ravenous wolves.
You need a drink, love? Make it a double, ’cause Melissa McEwan has resigned as well.
Ahh, bugger!
Wow! looks like you have a new Troll, “happestink” or something.
Happenstance, you are quite the psychic. How amusing.

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