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Friday, August 19, 2011

Desperate Last Minute Friday Cat Blogging

Finally crawling free of the miasma.  I’m not sure what I had, but whatever it was, I’m pretty sure it killed 80% of the men working on the Panama Canal.  And just so we don’t go an entire week without an update, here’s Riley’s expression upon being told that Ann Coulter called John Edwards a “faggot.”

“Quelle surprise.”

And here’s Hobbes attempting to make your head explode.

“It’s nothing personal, Bi-ped, it’s just what I do.”
Gads! Yer alive! Thank the jeebus, or somefink. And SZ?
Hi, scott! Good to see you’re still amongst teh living!
Y’know, considering that that mAnn Coulter comment was designed specifically to piss off people more-or-less exactly like me, it had surprisingly little impact. For someone who exists on a diet of outrage provoked in others, she’s reached that unfortunate point of rapidly diminishing returns. L’il Awrful Annie will have to reach deeper and deeper into her bucket of muck, searching for some horridly vile term with which to insult people… JUST SO SHE’LL BE NOTICED!!! I think mAnn’s 15 minutes are just about over.
After all, pointing and yelling, “Faggot!” isn’t all that dangerous. Gays are still a relatively safe minority to mock. A handful of newspapers will end up dropping her “column,” because *this* of all things will finally clue them in to the fact that mAnn’s a hatemonger (!). So, maybe she’ll progress to calling Governor Richardson a “spic,” or barak Obama the “n”-word. One can only hope.
Yeah! What Marq said! And…
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. cute widdle kitties!
Hobbes, turn that powerful gaze on Adams-Apple Annie.
Though I suspect her head wouldn’t explode, just deflate like a pricked balloon.
Awwwww. Adorable.
Marq, I’m with you. Also, I may be maryc, based on this comment. Though I’ll add that calling people a “faggot” is Ann’s big party trick, and one I suspect we’re all bored with by now. Edwards, Gore, Bill Clinton–for Chrissakes, she’s said it about every Dem nominee but Kucinich and Hillary–and she’s called Hillary a lesbian.
Hey, Ann! Learn to burp the alphabet or something. This one’s old.
Okay so for about the millionth time I have this overwhelming desire to reach through my computer screen and scoop up another adorable pet, be it kitty, bassett hound or puppy. I guess my own will just have to suffer through another bout of compensatory smushing (oh, in case you didn’t know, that would be some combination of kissing, scratching, tickling, ruffling of fur, etc.) and someone should take a picture of THAT! All I can say Scott is that I sure am glad you’re alive and welcome back but I’m still going to have to check back here about 20xday on average until sz returns.
BTW: You mean you’re not *normally* here 20X a day?
D, darling — aren’t YOU?
Amen to everything that everybody said, and if somebody would buy the gas, I’d happily travel to wherever that shim-bat hangs in the daylight hours and beat it to smithereens with an aluminum baseball bat. Or is that too direct?
Personally, I don’t understand why no one has done it sooner — after all, how can you make a “martyr” of a batshit psycho-no-cunt whom NO ONE CAN STOMACH ANYWAY?!?!!?! Maybe Malkin would try to have shim cannonized, but that’s about as far as it would go.
Okay, enough fomenting bludgeoning for now — the library ladies are looking at me funny again.
Love y’all, and especially love your brilliantly evil kitties, Scott! And please send/smoke-signal/emote to S.Z. my best wishes & hope that she’ll get her ass back here soon!
BTW: You mean you’re not *normally* here 20X a day?
Well, uh, yeah.
Thank the Great Cat you’re back.
Okay, enough fomenting bludgeoning for now — the library ladies are looking at me funny again.
Annti, ya gotta learn to do that without steam shooting out of your ears. You can get away with looking at teh pr0n that way, too, unless teh liebarrians have anti-pr0n filters installed.
Until seeing Riley’s picture I was unclear on why my black cat spent the better part of Saturday afternoon hurling on five different spots of the rug. I tried to shield her from Ann Coulter, but she must have seen her somewhere…
Glad you’re back and feeling human again. And S.Z., hope all is well with you.
We just got back from two days at the casino in mississippi, and our weird, unsociable dachschund has abruptly bonded with our older, long haired, fussy cat. It’s really funny; he snuggles up to her on the bed, follows her around the house. When she’s sitting in the windowsill, he sits a few feet away and looks at her with longing in his beady little brown eyes. They are both it-ted, so there ain’t no mixing of the species going on. The dog now likes the cat more than he likes me, is all.
Well, I’m typically on The Blessed Tubes of the Internets 20X a day, but I took a break this morning. I’ll always, ALWAYS remember that one of my best friends told me about the verdict in the Libby trial. I’d just called her to boast about the oldest Biscuitbarrel lad’s upcoming summer internship.
After cooing maternally, my pal said, “You mean you’re NOT calling about the Libby verdict?”
“There’s a verdict?” (Queeny-looking chest-clutching on my end.)
Ah, beautiful… As are the kitties, of course.

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