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Sunday, August 21, 2011

And the Ann Coulter Tran–er Train Just Keeps On Derailing

As reported by, the major advertisers on her website have dropped her, thanks to her latest screech for attention:
Net Bank, Verizon, Washington Mutual, AT&T/Cingular, Dollar Rent-A-Car,, University of Phoenix, Sallie Mae, LasikPlus, Power Chord Academy, Gulf Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau,, and Yellow have now all stopped advertising at Coulter’s web site.
Personally, I think ULTA, a cosmetics store, was just looking for a reason-any reason-to drop her without telling her the truth: “Ann, you’re uglier than Michael Chertoff. And even OUR products can’t help you.”

It’s worse than that; Ann might make Ulta products look like clown makeup. They’ve doubtlessly paid her a large sum to say she uses Esteé Lauder or Cliniqué or something. Or whatever that brand of makeup is that morticians slather the corpses with to give them that “life-like” appearance.
An appropriate analogy, Marq — I’ve seen corpses that DID look more “lifelike” than mAnn Coulter. Hell, I’ve seen full-grown 300-lb. men with MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FACIAL HAIR who looked more “feminine” than that freakazoid transplant-reject.
Personally, I find it horrifying that any company other than Murdoch hisself would advertise on Shim’s site — who in the hell is their target audience?!??! Serial Killers, 18-40, Who Eat Live Kittens When Given A Preference?!??!?!!
We iz a nation of hoooo-ahhhs. Well, the corporate interests who really run this country are giant flaming hoooo-ahhhs, but we already knew that.
Although, to judge by St. Ann Of The Codpiece’s tension level, I’d wager that Shim has neither toolage nor orfices (orifii?) with which to practice REAL prostitution (if ever I’ve seen an incomplete/unsuccessful transsexual operation!), so what we see is all that Shim can do.
Ain’t karma a bitch?

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