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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Many, MANY Heartfelt Thanks To All

The comments and words of sympathy were very much appreciated by all of us (even Riley interrupted her daily sunbathing to sit on my lap while I read through them).

We were “seeing” Hobbes all over the apartment, so we decided a quick change of scenery was in order. A weekend at the beach helped a little bit, but it was everyone’s kind words that helped the most of all.
There will never be another Hobbes, but I do know that there will be another “personality plus” kitten for me, and it’ll appear when the time is right.

Thanks again, you guys. WoC readers really are the best readers around!

(PS to Annti, D. and edward: Your little skirmish made me all teary! It was just like one of my family’s good old fashioned Irish wakes. I know Hobbes appreciated the near donnybrook almost as much as I did.)

Hey, just doin’ what felt right. “Skirmish”? Pfft.
You put up a heartfelt tribute to a loved one, and some douche comes along and tries to hijack the thread for “jeebus” (and I don’t even wanna know what D. saw at that link) — it was disrespectful and sickening.
If you want I should kneecap the motherfucker, just let me know.
I’m glad that you got out for a little while… You’ll always be feeling like he should come home at any minute, like he just stepped out for a while, but eventually, it doesn’t hurt as much. All my love to you & Riley.
Heh, sorry about that. Edward, as I recall, was last seen round these parts wishing us “Merry Christmas” and “God bless” in a remarkably aggressive way last November. He’s apparently a writer, by his own lights, but the bits I read really kind of sucked. And what’s there is a lame-ass quote right up front that seemed particularly stupid in context. I was trying to decide if warning people off would cause y’all to trot over there in curiosity, but knowing how we all tend to give the benefit of the doubt by clicking on page links to decide if someone is a troll or just a twit, it seemed worth saying.
My family, I may note, is largely Italian, and a funeral just isn’t the same without a huge nasty screaming argument over something pointless.
Beaches, here in the NW at least, are amazingly cathartic in March. Sometimes just an hour of listening to the pounding surf can pull me out of whatever I’ve sunk myself in. I’m going to have to see if I can talk my partner into venturing out of the Sound next weekend to an ocean beach–a little farther but much more violent. I can spend some time thinking about my recently passed grandmother, and how much she’d have liked to be an ocean wave for a while. Better than therapy, even if not quite enough, exactly.
Riley sounds like a doll, too. Sometimes they know when we need them, and they let us do all that undignified fussing that they’d never normally let us get away with. Take care of yourselves, and I hope it gets easier.
As a representative of the “dog people” out there, I didn’t feel especially comfortable stepping into Hobbes’ wake, but it wasn’t because I didn’t feel sympathetic. I totally relate to the whole “found kitty/doggy” thing, ‘cos my last three dogs have all either been found or inherited. It’s funny how that happens, especially how cats seem to find cat people, and dogs dog people. There don’t seem to be too many “spare” kitties right around my area, not so much because everybody spays or neuters their little darlin’s, but because there is a pack of coyotes roaming the neighborhood, and let’s just say there aren’t many rabbits left around here either.
When my previous lab passed away around New Year’s of ’99/’00, it hit my dad particularly hard, and for about three years, he wouldn’t even consider getting a new dog. So, around November of ’03, some in-laws of a friend of mine had found a Labrador which no one had claimed for a couple of weeks, and they couldn’t keep him. Going on a hunch, I said, “Bring him over.” My dad was kinda pissed, and still wasn’t too keen on the whole idea, but a few months later and they were inseparable. Assuming my dad outlives the dog-the pooch should have about another ten years left in him-it’s gonna be just as rough on him when this one passes away. It’s always really saddening when a beloved pet passes on. It’s bad enough when it;s during the pet’s old age, when it’s not totally unexpected, but if it happens due to a surprise illness or an accident, it’s especially rough.
Don’t be afraid to grieve for Hobbes-it’s healthy. As you said, a new kitten will find you when the time is right.
Thanks you both very much for the kind words. I will remember them always.

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