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Sunday, August 21, 2011

And Introducing Maryc

Well, actually, most of you already know her through the comments here at Wo’C.   And while s.z. fights a Thermopylae-like battle against the 14 dogs and cats currently occupying her house, Mary will be dropping in from time to time with snacks, cocktails, and cat pictures.

Way, way cool. Congrats, maryc, now make with the cat pics. ;-)
Yaaaay! Work I don’t have to do!
Yay for Maryc and welcome!
So where is she? Where are the pics? I keep telling you people: deadlines!
Cat pix! We need cat pix! My cats have been complaining about the recent dearth of cat blogging, and only hiss at Thursday Basset Blogging. Maryc, they’re purring in anticipation…
Hey, though. There’s a cat on my blog! Admittedly it’s from last Friday, and admittedly the picture itself is several years old, but… Um, I may even have a url around here somewhere.
Also, there’s a frog in the photo. Don’t worry, nobody gets eaten. The cat in question assures you it’s perfectly fine to goo look at the cat pic and then click away without reading anything else. I’m cool with it, too.
Some of us have no cats at all. Don’t forget them, I mean us.
Maybe it’s the layout on my screen, but the word “dropping” appears directly under the words “14 dogs and cats” so at first glance I thought this was going to be a very different kind of post, a darker one involving bleach, rags, and cursing under one’s breath.
Congrats, MaryC!

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