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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Bill S!

In honor of your special day, here’s a full-front nude study of Corporal “Rod Majors” Sanchez with his “11-inch monster.”

“Green Acres is the place to be”

“This is not what I meant when I asked you to give me head!
I don’t know…looks like he was caught trying to take a dump in the barn and decided to cover by shooting a sultry look. That’s just odd.
DAMMIT SCOTT!!! I just KNEW that you’d have to top my male-stripper-by-mail gift to Bill…
And I wanna see a measuring tape upside of Darth Cheney’s head, ’cause while it is warrior-like, fearsome and creepy as a motherfucker, I seriously doubt that it amounts to a full 11 inches. No, the jowls don’t count in a proper measure, neither do the retractable horns.
At any rate, well done, ya bastid, and much love and lovely young-but-legal houspets to Bill, hopefully where one is a licensed masseur and the other does toe-curling scalp massages. You deserve the best, Bill!
And for fuck’s sake, I *KNOW* that I closed that fucking bold tag!!!
Fuck it, blame it on the lunesta. Hell, with the dragon-breath and short-shift sleep endurance, they ought to take the blame for SOMETHING.
Now, Bill, aren’t you glad that I’m not there to help you blow out the candles? Although I have had my fun with melted candles… heh heh heh…
Damn, but Corp. Sanchez’s nutsack is badly infected and swollen! Must be a fierce case of teh cra–
–oh, wait–
Uhhh… nemmine that!
So! Happy Birfday, Bill S! Now, tell us truthfully. How many Corp. Sanchez vids and DVDs do you have kicking about at casa de Bill? [my uneducated guess is "5."]
Happy Birthday, Bill!
Though I think it would have been better if you shopped Dr. Mike’s head on the picture, because Bill’s a big fan.
Many thanks to all of you. :)
As for the picture, nice work, scott-you covered up one enormous prick with another (and if Rod had his back to the camera…)
Oh, and Marq, I dunno, let me go check.
[Goes into next room to look through private, not to-be-displayed-the-living-room DVD collection...]
[...returns hours later.]
Actually, that only took a minute to figure out, but I was distracted.
Happy birthday, Bill. As your present, I’ve decided to graft whatever sort of hangover you were planning on having onto my migraine, so, you know, party freely. But designate a driver, because I’m not doing the drunk bits of your celebration, only the head-pounding, furry-tongue, lights-too-bright, joints-aching, three-tries-to-hit-the-snooze-button, the-air-molecules-hitting-my-skin-are-
making-the-most-ungodly-noise, where-the-hell-did-*that*-come-from, vowing-never-to-drink-again-
and-this-time-I-mean-it parts.
Wait, you don’t suppose he calls that thing The Little Corporal, do you?
Many happy returns, Bill.
I’m sure he calls it what everyone else does – a big Dick.
Birthday cheers, Bill!
Ugliest dick I’ve ever seen, and I used to work in the Ramrod…
Wait, you don’t suppose he calls that thing The Little Corporal, do you?
nah, I’m sure he calls it what everyone else does, his “Shooter”
and many happy returns on the day
Happy B-day Bill!
That would probably clear up if he switched to boxers.
i know ;)
Happy birthday, Bill S, you old pervnert.
And, he misspelled “prevert,” too!
HaHa, there is a dick between his legs, and his name is Dick,

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