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Monday, February 21, 2011


So, Monday I went to the animal shelter (AKA “pound”) to pick up the kitten. It turned out that, contrary to what they told me Saturday, he was a boy. Another interesting thing I learned about him is that he only has half of a tail. (Even though the kid who helps out at the shelter told me that the other kitten in the cage must have bitten off his tail, he was actually born that way. The animal control officer said that he might be part Japanese Bobtail, although I doubt it, since the area where he was found isn’t known for its devotion to rare cat breeds.) But he is a real purr machine, and very active, energetic, and feisty.The adult female cat that I had considered taking too looked even more bedraggled than before — in fact, she looked like she was sick (she had a discharge coming from her eyes and nose). So, I didn’t feel like I could bring her home, since I have other cats to worry about. It made me feel really bad to abandon her to her fate (here’s a tip for all of you women out there: if PMS makes you at all weepy, never visit an animal shelter where they euthanize most of the intakes during “that time of the month), but I felt it was the responsible choice. (There were other nice, friendly, beauriful adult cats there, but the animal control officer didn’t know if they would get along with other cats and with dogs. I really, really hope that somebody else adopts them before their days run out.)

However, I did take the other kitten that was in the cage with ”Bob” (that’s what they called him at the shelter). The other kitten (“Fluffy”) was (is) very skinny and small, and his hair was matted and rough, but his eyes were bright and he seemed to be in good health despite some early malnutrition. He also purrs wildly when you hold him and pet him, and he seems to have a pretty easygoing temperament. I felt guilty taking the kittens and leaving the adults, but at least I did clear out a cage, so that when a new stray comes in the shelter doesn’t have to euthanize somebody to make room for it. (While filling out the paper work for the kittens, I was tearing up as I thought of the cats and dogs I was leaving there to die. I think the animal control officer thought it was because I didn’t have the money to pay for the kittens, because she charged me only the $20 city fee, telling me that instead of paying the $50 each to have the local vet neuter them and give them shots, I could take them to the traveling clinic that gives discounted neuters and spays. So, I guess maybe PMS is good for something.)

But I did take both kittens to may vet yesterday, and she checked their vitals, gave them their first shots, dewormed them, and pronounced them healthy. She agreed that Fluffy is too skinny (he weighs only about a pound and a half, although he is between 6 and 8 weeks old) but said that that’s how strays are often found. Bob, who is a real chow hound, weighs over 2 pounds, and has the shiny coat and good body condition that proves he is a healthy little beast.

Both kittens seem to be settling in well. Bob (I’ll use their slave names for now), hisses and spits at the dogs when they get too close, but since the dogs don’t care, I think he’ll relax and accept them as large, noisy, misshapen cats in time. I was playing with him with a toy that has real bird feathers, and he growled loudly as he attacked and ate the faux avian — I think his mother must have taught him some hunting skills before they were separated.

Fluffy is very sweet and loving, but more quiet and passive — he doesn’t seem too alarmed by the other cats or the dogs, and seemed to enjoy it when Flossie was licking his face. I do worry that he doesn’t seem to be eating much (not even tuna fish elicited more than a few licks), but maybe it’s just that he’s still shy about eating in my presence. However, if he doesn’t put on some weight in the next few days, I guess it could mean something more serious is wrong.

Anyway, here is “Fluffy”:
As you can see (despite the poor picture quality), he has long hair, big ears with tufts of hair in them, and very big eyes (although they look green in this photo, they are actually blue, although they probably won’t stay blue much longer), and is completely adorable.
And here is “Bob”:
In case you can’t tell from the photo, Bob has short, little ears, a stocky body, and, like I said, a bob tail.  He actually has only half of a Hitler mustache, but makes up for that by also having half of an Evil Spock goatee on his chin.  So, I guess this means that he’s pretty darned evil, as well as being as cute as all get out.I had planned on taking home the kittens, getting them healthy, and then giving them to good homes, but since they seem to be fitting in so well here, I might just have to keep them.  Which means giving them new names.  So, if you have any ideas, let’s hear them!

26 Responses to “Kittens!”

Oh, s.z., every time you do this, it increases the odds that one night, all the furry critters will gang up on you and eat you as a treat. Or else, sell you into white slavery!
Should you insist on continuing down this hirsute path, next, you should obtain a Great Dane pup–hilarious, sitcom-type hijinx will ensue!
I also have a bob-tailed cat. He turned up one night a few years ago.I noticed the tail right away. After noticing the tail I also saw that he had a collar with a registration number. First thing my husband says in “Don’t get attached he’s someone’s cat!” Reluctantly, I called the 800 number only to be told by the operator that # could not be dialed from Canada. (I live right at the border.) So we kept him the night, and the next morning I decided to run across the border (to NY) to call the 800 #. At 8 o’clock Sunday morning I’m at the US border explaining why I am entering the country. The border guy thinks this is the funniest thing he’s heard and says to go into the office and use their phone. I call the number again, only to find out that he must have been missing a while because he is no longer listed. I head back across the border deciding at this point to keep the American kitty. He straightened out the golden retreiver right away — he didn’t want a bath like the other kitties.
This is a long way of saying that his name is Mr. Stubbs — Stubby to his friends. (He has also adapted well to life in southern Quebec instead of northern New York :) )
I once brought a kitten home who wouldn’t eat. I spilled some potato chips on the floor and she attacked them and started eating like crazy. When I tried to take them away she wanted to fight over them, so I let her have them. The vet said it wouldn’t hurt her. So she lived on potato chips for a few days.
It’s heart-breaking to go to the pound, especially in the section where they keep the dogs – you stop in front of one cage and you try not to look at the cage next to it, and its inhabitants who’s looking at you and hoping it too will be taken away to a loving home.
In grammar school I wrote a story called “Bob, the Bob-tailed Bobcat”. It started out “The bobcat crouched on a boulder, his long yellow tail twitching…” Must have given my teacher a good laugh. Fluffy looks just like our cat Smoky, aka Kehaku, Kelala, and various other Aname names my daughter likes.
Bob certainly has some of the markings of a bobtail…barely.
“I had planned on taking home the kittens, getting them healthy, and then giving them to good homes, but since they seem to be fitting in so well here, I might just have to keep them.”
Well, of course.
I can’t believe you actually thought you were going to do that.
“Bob” is actually a pretty good name for a rugged he-man type of guy (however stumpy); but “Fluffy” definitely has to go. How about Walter, or Arthur, or something equally classy but macho? (Not “Percy,” though.) Or Cholmondsley–pronounced Chumley.
I dunno. You’re well on your way to exhausting all available pet names, and much like a new technology company will be forced to begin making up words for their names. But as I read this post I got to thinking. It would be utterly unrealistic to believe at this point that you have reached the end of your pet-adoption days, so the names of the new kittens should fit some kind of pattern that can continue as you increase the size and scope of your personal menagerie. I’m thinking the seven dwarfs would be a good place to start. Say, Sneezey and Dopey…
Aww, the cuteness! I would take Fluff in a heartbeat, but my old Maggie wants to be an only child.
I like “evil Spock”. Bob already looks like a troublemaker.
Oh, I think “Bob” is a keeper – just like that movie “What About Bob?” – but I would advise you not to hang a goldfish around his neck. “Fluffy” – I dunno – I once embarrassed myself thoroughly by naming a cat “Tootsie” (I really couldn’t help it – it was the first name that came to mind and it just stuck!) and she turned out to be a wonderful cat. Since you got them together, you could go with “Fred” or something like that.
How about Thing 1 and Thing 2?
I bet you’re giving me that same look I get when I call my friends’ twins by those names, huh?
good on you…the few times i went to rescue kitties, seeing the others broke my heart. i wish the best to you and Bob and especially Fluffy–i’m actually OD-ing on the cuteness over here.
My cat’s name is Jefferson because we rescued him on July Fourth and because he was too skinny to be Ben Franklin. He’s also known as the Bad Cat.
As for your own recent family additions… It’s hard to top your own Jet jaguar for a cat’s name.
Deity names are always a good bet. My most recent addition is named Ceridwyn.
Check out this cat that apprently mated with a dog and gave birth to half cat/half dog…
Bob reminds me of a cat who used to live with me. He was a bit of a troublemaker, and very smart, but a good companion. If Bob is anything like him, you’ll be glad you brought him home.
Hopefully, Fluffy will start eating soon. Cats don’t do very well if they go without food for more than a couple of days.
We have a doguette named after Freya, the Viking’s goddess of love, whose favorite mode of transportation was a chariot pulled by cats.
Bob is a great name. How about Frank for the other one? Or do you already have a TV’s Frank? Seriously, look into Pokemon names. There’s about a million of them, so it’d take a while for even you to run out.
Bob should stay Bob. Cool name. For the other little guy, seeing as they came to you together, how about Ray?
Deity names are always a good bet.
Ganesh Bengal Cat (Remover of Obstacles) endorses this sentiment. Especially if you continue your rescue operations. You will never run out of deity names, especially if you start with the Hindu ones.
If the little Fluffy kitty is still not eating, try some pureed meat baby food. Sometimes the little ones (and even the big ones) will lick the baby food off your finger, or you can spoon feed them, if they are willing.
Also, there’s always KMR in a dolly bottle or small pet feeder, if you’re really worried the kitten is not getting enough nourishment. I had to feed my Scampers that way, as she was just about 3 weeks old, the vet thought, when I found her in a hole in my back garden. Her eyes had just opened, and she had an upper respiratory infection. He didn’t think she’d make it, as she was so young and so ill. She just turned 16 years old!
Both Ganesh Bengal Cat and Scampers, (aka Evil Limb of Satan) are rescue kitties, and they thank you for looking after their brethren.
Maybe “Fluffy” hasn’t eaten ‘cos it’s a cannibal cat… in which case I have no practical ideas for feeding, but I do have a good name, from the cannibalism movie, “Ravenous.” Name him after Robert Carlyle’s nasty cannibal character, “Colqhoun.”
Or maybe he’s a vampire kitty. Have you caught “Fluffy” checking out your neck with great interest? Have you cut yourself and “Fluffy” had the reaction Bela Lugosi had when Renfield cut himself in the ’31 “Dracula.” Or, better yet, the reaction of Dracula in the ’31 Spanish-language one–that dude could go through the most amazing facial gyrations!! What I’m getting at here is to wear a cross to bed, don’t put him out in the daylight, and name him “Bela.”
not that anyone gives a shit, but regarding names for animals w/whom i share my life, i always go for people names (e.g., Peter, Hunter; like that).
A couple I used to be neighbors with named their first cat Maggie at my suggestion, and liked the idea of “people” names for cats that they named their second kitty Nathan.
I have an Ariel (named for the Tempest character, not the Disney mermaid) and a Pamela (for some reason, I thought there was something v. British about her – an early observation that has not, in fact, been confirmed by later behavior).
I think it’s even more of a kick to give old-fashioned “people” names to critters when so many human kids are getting stuck with made-up names that sound as though their parents were playing a game of Ethnic Syllables Boggle.
I like to name everything I am allowed to name after jazz musicians. (That includes my child, although my husband had to talk me down from Thelonious as a middle. And totally overruled me on Dexter. Meanie.)
Anyway, commenting to congratulate you on your rapid acquisition of a veritable fortune in pets. And also because I wanted to say that my cats each had half a Hitler mustache, one on the left and one on the right, and that was awesome. Especially since one of them was the sweetest thing in the world and the other one a grouchy dictator out to rule the world. Maybe if Hitler had only grown a mustache on the right side, the other side of his brain would have been dominant and he would have been given to helping out at orphanages and cultivating his garden.
I think somebody put something in my marmalade sandwich. Does anyone say stuff like that when they’re not high? I’m calling the lab, stat.
For the one with the half-a-Hitler-moustache, I suggest “Godwin.” (God for short — cat’ll probably answer to that.)

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