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Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, He Might Be Right About Condi

Shorter Mark Steyn: “We are going to lose this war on terror because: (a) Episcopalian women don’t have as many babies as suicide bombers do; (b), because Scarlett Johansson is a slut who won’t have my babies; and (c) because Condi Rice is an idiot. So, it’s all the damn women’s fault!”

P.S. Today we learned (via Mark’s snippy comments to Mr. Hindrocket about a Ralph Peters column which contradicted Mark’s assertions) that Mark does NOT like being referred to as “pop pundit” (or a “rash”). So, we invite you to come up with a better descriptor for him. (I previously had referred to him as a “smug Canadian bastard,” but I received complaints from other smug Canadian bastards who didn’t want him lumped in with them.) So, what DO we call him?

Posted by s.z. on Monday, November 27th, 2006 at 4:07 am.

30 Responses to “Well, He Might Be Right About Condi”

How about “Overpaid Nincompoop”?
(If he’s paid at all for what he writes, then he’s overpaid.)

Or “dumber than a bag of hammers”.
Or “bag of hamsters”, now that I think about it.

I think I just insulted hammers and hamsters with the above comment.
I call him a “MSM hack” (the worst swear ever in the wingnut world) because although Mark pretends to be a Keyboard Warrior, he’s really a mere mainstream news columnist.
“The poor man’s David Frum”?
I like to think of him as “The Slowest MacKenzie Brother”, eh?
because Scarlett Johansson is a slut who won’t have my babies
I told him he could have sloppy seconds after the Knicks were done, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for The Spotted Dick…
What rhymes with “pop pundit”?
All I come up with is “popped zit”…
If “sex education” is about knowing which concrete condom is less likely to disintegrate during the livelier forms of penetrative intercourse
WTF? Is this a catty remark about Scarlet, a scoff at the effectiveness of condoms, or does he regularly have a problem with condoms dissolving? (Hint: You should use water based lube. Vaseline dissolves latex. That’s some important sex ed)
“angry Canadian hobbit”
“concrete condom”
I think he just described himself.
“Correspondent from the reality-challenged community.”
Let’s get his name correct: Mark Stain
Mark “embarassing pundit” Steyn?
So far, Jeff’s nickname for Marky is the best.
Worst : Of White SAfrican descent or phony SAfrican pretend-Canadian.
His family ran away to escape the horrors of democracy.
(Signed) A patriot in SA.

I’m sorry. The above is apparently a foul calumny and I have him confused with someone else entirely. I apologise unreservedly.
He’s still an a**hole, tho.

How about “The George Costanza of Print Media?”
maybe something in elvish, like “he who is too nerdy for even a LOTR fanvention”
We could call him “Ultimate Wingnut,” if SZ would hurry up and get the competition together!
Well, as he called himself in his column, I would suggest that “sad middle-aged loser guy” works prety well. But I’ll also go with shithead which I think is closer to the mark ( hears groans in background, then cites James Joyce’s “there is high humor in low puns” in self defense).
“The less exciting Zap Rowsdower”?
For years now I’ve called him nothing at all, and it seems to work okay.
Just don’t call him late for dinner.
Le twit extrordanaire?
A hoser, eh?
But may I point out that there is really nothing funny about Scarlett not having the babies of old white guys.
Like me.
True, heydave, due to the high rate of dandling-related myocardial infarction provoked in old white guys with trophy wives.
I liked “the poor man’s David Frum,” myself…
He should join the Navy. Then he could be Seaman St– oh, I see – it’s pronounced Stine.
How about: “Mark Discharge” (no relation to Lucianne’s Discharge, aka Jonah Goldberg)…

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