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Saturday, December 25, 2010

September 1, 2003 by s.z.

Leaving Las Vegas

Well, I'm back from Bugsy's town.  Lost my life savings ($3.00) in the nickel slots.  Got lots of flyers for "Hookers Factory Direct to You."  Got lots of flyers for $10 off the Neil Diamond Impersonator Show ("Best Neil Diamond Impersonator Playing at This Hotel This Afternoon").  Almost threw somebody off of the Stratosphere just to watch him splat, but there were too many witnesses.  So, the trip wasn't quite what I had hoped for , but it was okay.

See that the blog got messed up, so that only Scott's cutting-edge eyewitness news-you-can use about Arnold showed up.  Or else you didn't get Scott's story of gym orgies and Orrin Hatch groupies.  But now, hopefully, you get two, two, two versions of the blog in one!

 More social commentary, celebrity sightings, bitching, and recipes, plus the usual crap later, after I unpack, change the cats' litter box, and go check out the Gamblers Anonymous programs in my area.

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