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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Deep Cover Edition

Moondoggie and Riley:

Humor him.  He thinks he’s stalking me… 

Posted by scott on Saturday, April 5th, 2008 at 2:16 pm.

4 Responses to “Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Deep Cover Edition”

Does that brown blanket have a lion on it? ‘Cause I could swear I have the exact same one.
As for the kitties…
Bill–it does indeed have a lion on it. It was Hobbes’ favorite blanket, and now Moondoggie loves it much as well.
I love it when a cat’s eyelids get pulled back by the blankie.
They’re all squinchy!
Nice. Wow, they’re looking predatory. :-)
My problem child made her monthly vet visit yesterday. She’s been making little clicky noises when she walks lately, so I called a week ago to ask if we could see the doctor about the possibility of arthritis. (She gets blood tests and stuff monthly, so it’s usually just a tech appointment.) They said sure, and set us up with one of the vets there I hadn’t previously met.
Turns out, this was a horrible, horrible faux pas, because we get in there and the vet Cypress usually sees is freaking out that we don’t trust her anymore or something, whereas I was just assuming that when you call at the last minute they make you an appointment with whoever’s not busy. I also sort of assume that the doctors there are all pretty good, and that no one’s going to accidentally decapitate my pet while diagnosing arthritis, so I wasn’t too worried about it. It’s not like my cat is impossible for any of the other vets, it’s just that I personally really like the one we usually see, but if she’s busy or not there, it’s not a huge deal.
But apparently when cats, especially older ones, get lymphoma, they tend not to expect them to live very long, and so they, rightly, consider Cypress a serious success story, and the doctor responsible apparently just likes to see her every month and pat her belly and kiss her head and all those other annoying human things cats have to put up with. Which makes sense, and I just wish I’d thought about it sooner, because I didn’t mean to insult the woman who has against all my own expectations kept my baby not only alive but doing really well on the Quality Of Life meter. And who found something to hopefully help with the arthritis as well.
Anyway, just me ranting, because my partner has decided I’m lame to have given it even a second thought and wasn’t interested in listening to my conclusions on the matter. Ignore me.

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