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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Townhall: The PuPu Platter Edition

Influence-peddling, by John Stossel: If government would stop asserting the right to tax and regulate industry, then big business would stop hiring lobbyists to game the system, and all that graft could be better spent on CEO perks and salaries.
Only when we eliminate the state’s ability to meddle in business will business will stop meddling in government.
A genuine free market, unburdened by government interference, is the route to cleaner politics.
Dirtier water, air, and food, sure — but much cleaner politics. Imagine a country where parents no longer need live in fear of their child dying of dysentary after touching legislation tainted with e coli.
The Government and the Marketplace by Bill Murchison: There’s only one thing to do about these outrageous gas prices — ordinary Americans must rise up, bearing torch and flag, and march upon the White House to ask — nay, demand! — that the government do nothing.
Why worry at this point about regulation of energy? …Regulation isn’t equivalent to “solution” of anything. It’s merely what politicians — those of a certain mettle, anyway — always propose when significantly large numbers of voters are pinched and distraught. Like now.
An eternal idea is, kick the companies.
Sure, it’s possible, even likely, given the current surplus in oil supplies, that somebody is manipulating the market to squeeze obscene windfall profits out of consumers, but why do we always automatically assume it’s the oil companies? This really crisps my cracklings! It’s just like how the police, after discovering a woman shot dead in her home, immediately cast suspicion on the husband, just because he was found sitting in the next room watching “Family Feud” in a bloody shirt that reeked of cordite. Does the American consumer ever stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, the oil companies aren‘t to blame, and that perhaps Exxon-Mobil was telling the truth when they reported that retail gas prices were raised by a mysterious one-armed man who subsequently vanished?
Liberty versus Socialism, by Walter E. Williams: Caring for sick and disabled members of society is immoral, and helmet laws make the waxen lips of V.I. Lenin curl with glee in his Red Square sepulchre.
When I was 14 or 15 years old, smelling myself, I thought I could take over the house.
Okay, I’m out. Next!
Steinem’s Last Stand, by Kathleen Parker: Gloria Steinem is a dried up old hag! She’s even older than John McCain! Ewww!
The Death Cry of Gloria Steinem, by Michelle Malkin: Gloria Steinem is a dried up old hag! With a vagina! A 73-year oldvagina! And it makes young women hate her, and her antiquated ideas, and her wizened labia, and her dessicated mucosa!
Many people think the battle over the words “under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance is over.
Unfortunately, Concerned Women for America and other right wing advocacy groups still have some fund-raising to do, so if you have a moment, I’d like to whip you into a frenzy…

Posted by scott on March 5th, 2008

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