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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Remove Wrenched Ankle. Ha. Ha. HA.

I just got the results of my MRI back, and it looks like I’ll have to apply to that safety school after all.  “Herniated disc with stenosis” (although I clearly remember ordering  it al dente).  This apparently means that certain parts of my body have gone rogue, and when they’re not busy throttling my spinal cord like Albert DeSalvo, they’re running around pinching nerves like grammar school kids on St. Patrick’s Day.  The good news: there’s a treatment.  The bad news:  it’s a series of epidurals — big ol’ needles to the spine — but on a happy note, least I don’t have to lug home a baby after it's done.
So once we get through the insurance company paperwork, I will finally have some hope of climbing out of this pain and poppy byproduct-induced purple haze and occasionally posting something here that makes sense.
In the meantime…

Posted by scott on June 18th, 2008

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