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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thanks, And Remember To Tip Your President!

This Facebook ad reminded me to flack ourOut-Weep A Wingnut! contest.  The rules are simple:  imagine the kind of gushing, gouting, spurting tributes that rightwing bloggers will be delivering in honor of Bush as the sunset of his presidency draws nigh, then come up with your own encomium to our 43rd President, trying to outdo the usual suspects in rage, delusion, lachrymose self-pity, and grotesquely inappropriate grandiloquence.  It can be wistful and poetic in the manner of a Mary Grabar, paranoid and pugnacious after the fashion of Andy McCarthy, bitter, vengeful, and vaguely threatening, aláMichelle Malkin(s), or straight-up bukkakein the style of John Hinderaker.  Submit your entries to the comments of this post.
The winner will receive a World o’ Crap mug and a signed copy of our book, Better Living Through Bad Movies (which would make a lovely re-gifting idea for the holidays), and his or her tribute will be posted here on Inauguration Day.  So let’s get hagiographying!
Posted by scott on Friday, November 14th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

One Response to “Thanks, And Remember To Tip Your President!”

I wonder if this will get as many angry responses as my “Bush’s Last Day bands” Facebook ad has…

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