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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome Back, Chris V.

We’re so glad that you’re on the mend!  As you know, the traditional birthday gift around here is a lovely photo of Ann Coulter.  However, we realize that people recovering from near-fatal accidents should not be subjected to such abuse.  Therefore, the traditional get well gift in these cases is a lovely photo of Bill O’Reilly, paired with one of Hitler.  Enjoy!

Posted by s.z. on Sunday, October 26th, 2008 at 1:36 am.

8 Responses to “Welcome Back, Chris V.”

Holy mackerel! The bully and the brute.
Just imagine O’Reilly’s “Fuck it! We’ll do it live!” rant in German.
Except in real life, you’d never hear that, because Hitler actually practiced his speeches.
Welcome back, Chris.
I third the welcome back, CV!
And may I just say “YIKES” to your scary experience! Thank goodness you are on the mend.
Bicycling in Los Angeles is not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure.
Good Lord, Chris. Can’t you just get a job or a lover or something if you need an excuse to stay away for a while? You don’t have to get yourself nearly killed. Man.
Glad to have you back, though, and I hope Bill-O doesn’t scare you away again. Take care of yourself, okay?
Holy Shit! I miss a week and Vosburg nearly gets killed?!?!?!What the fuck, Batman?!?!?!
And then those get-well “presents”… Sheri, you are an ill, ill woman.
Well, I hope to hell that you’re getting better and quick-like, C.V. We have missed the hell out of you. Plus, nobody will go to Chuck E. Cheez with me anymore… *sigh*
Uh, could you caption the pictures please?
Okay, a caption for the Hitlerpic:
“Yoo-hoo! I see you, Siegfried!”
O’Lielly: (to self) “Dammit! That WASN’T a fart!!!”
Hitler: “Ehhhhh, I dunno, it was so-so, okay, I guess, but I really wanna see Frau Blucher dance in that low-cut number again…”
{horses shrieking in the b.g.}

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