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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Travel Day

Normal blogging should resume tomorrow.  Assuming the swelling goes down…

Posted by scott on Sunday, November 30th, 2008 at 8:47 am.

16 Responses to “Travel Day”

Shit howdy, boy, looks like you died and gone to heaven.
Shit howdy, boy, looks like you died and gone to heaven.
I think you get my point…
[nose in air, vainly concealing embarassment of having double-clicked “submit”]
Okay I get that the blue shape is supposed to be a “man” but what is that pink thing?
…but what is that pink thing?
I think it’s supposed to be an example of abstract expressionism, sculpted in silicone, of play-doh and bacon.
But with abstract expressionism, you can never quite be sure.
…but what is that pink thing?
The model for the chick from Day By Day?
My own hope this holiday season is that some day acts of love will become so common that the world will take little notice.
Doghouse, dear, only tourists are shocked on Bourbon Street, and that’s not for very long, unless they’re total rubes.
I’m saddened and disappointed to see the new Big Daddy’s sign, though. It’s been that long since I’ve been home. Big Daddy’s has never been even vaguely “respectable,” but it was always a very interesting titty-bar, and the women you met there were always a hoot to talk to (especially the ones working on their doctorates or master’s degrees), though it was depressing when you got to see their pimp/dealer boyfriends. They all go to the Dungeon after the titty bars close, so I’ve met most of them, when they can take off the ankle-breaking hooker heels and be real people.
But the “live sex acts” angle is a definite descent for Big Daddy’s. That’s more like the Onyx or the late, non-lamented Unisex, and they were fucking SCUM. Seriously. Scum on the floors so thick, you could lose a shoe. You never wanted to sit down on ANY surface in those joints. Big Daddy’s used to be a decent working-class titty bar, but apparently has changed hands a couple of times since I left, especially after Katrina. They couldn’t compete with the carpetbagging out-of-town “gentleman’s clubs,” with the shipped-in “talent” and the buffets and the clean floors; who can compete with the mafia? Just another sign of the times, and a sad one. Once they go to hiring hairless little junkie boys to simulate fucking the bony crack girls, it’s over. There is no joy in Mudville today.
I know that this sounds funny or stupid to anybody who never worked in the Quarter, but titty bars were a huge part of the economy, since the end of prohibition and the demise of Storyville. Oh, sure, they market the “family friendly” end of Canal Street, with the aquarium, etc., but the real money comes from booze, tits and ass, and fleecing teh tourists. If Reagan & Bush Sr. hadn’t destroyed the independent oil industry in this state(like Standard Oil really had any competition), our primary source of income wouldn’t come from sweatshops/unregulated industry and whoring ourselves out to tourists.
And there goes tonight’s wet blanket report. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled amusements.
“If Reagan & Bush Sr. hadn’t destroyed the independent oil industry in this state
Now you piqued my curiosity Annti, I had always wondered why New Orleans and all down there was so damn poor when they their oil. I’m going to have to do some reading I guess.
Is it a throbbing, pulsing swelling, Scott, the kind that only the loving of a hard, I mean, good woman can assuage?
Yes, I ghostwrote Newt’s book…
Kate, to oversimplify, Reagan moved all of Louisiana’s oil & gas industries to Houston.
Three guesses which VP of Ronald Reagan benefitted most?
It sort of makes sense, in a weird way, that Texas would want to eliminate competition from a state with far lower labor costs.
It seems the Reagan “legacy” just won’t go away. Thanks Actor, as my intentions don’t match my time.
Well, Kate, in one ironic twist of fate, it may have been a good thing he did, because, you know, Katrina…that might have wiped out the American oil and gas industry for decades.
I often think of the highways when driving down them, imagine them cracked with weeds growing up in between, with bicycles and electric cars quietly clicketing and whirring along, people walking saying hello, maybe a dog or a horse plodding along with them and a train whizzing down the middle of the two opposing freeways.
But I’m a dreamer like that.
I’m sure if the oil and gas industries were in Katrina the levees would have been far stronger far earlier.
Good point.
Geez Scott, hasn’t the swelling gone done yet?

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