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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

“Stop The Presses!”

“Now start ‘em up again!  (You didn’t say Mother May I?)”
On deadline, harvesting mucus, and prepping for two meetings tomorrow.  Hope to be back later today.
- 30 -

Posted by scott on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 at 10:03 am.

6 Responses to ““Stop The Presses!””

Mmmm, mucus harvesting…nothing like it except maybe a snipe hunt.
Man, that just reminds me how much I miss the days when spelling, grammar, and punctuation came standard with the ability to type, instead of being considered options.
Vests, too. I miss vests.
I understand that they’re buying up tons of mucous over at the Treasury these days. Good timing Scott!
Doghouse, I know what you mean, and not just about the vests, either. Sure, my wardrobe may still be vaguely “trapped in the ’90s,” but I really miss my Smith-Corona typewriter (before they cocked ‘em up with those “word-processor” functions) and the IBM Selectric that I used in typing class. I’ll never forget the girl in that class who kept asking, “If you don’t know how to spell a word, how are you gonna look it up in the dictionary?”
And as much as I enjoy Firefox, I feel that I’ve grown altogether too dependent upon the automatic spellcheck. Not that I was ever a flawless speller or grammatically correct, by any stretch of the imagination, but when you don’t have to use those brain cells as often, the synapses don’t hook-up as quickly as they used to do.
BTW, Ann, can you tell me who to call about off-loading the mucous? I think that I’ve got enough to pay for a carton of smokes, even if their pay rates are as low as those for aluminum cans are right now.
Hope that you feel better soon, Scott, and try not to shed the blood of Hollyweinies at multiple meetings, unless you can get it on video, of course.
I agree with Annti and Dog. My spelling has tanked since the advent of spellcheck and auto-correct. Worse, I find myself droning on and on writing tiresome copy of endless distraction and, oh, did I mention that I thought Major Garrett asked the stupidest question last night at the press conference which I watched on CBS because NCIS was on afterwards, and boring interruption and repetitive redundancy that for some idiotic reason, people actually like reading because it gives them some fuzzy feeling of validation even tho I don’t even understand what I wrote (all the doo dah day) and can’t begin to comprehend how they’d ever get what I said?
Damn. That must be one helluva mucus harvest! Regular “World’s Toughest Job” material!

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