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Monday, September 15, 2014

Remember That Game KaBoom?

We’re on the plane, flying back to L.A., and at the moment that’s pretty much what my head is turning into.  On a brighter note, the wifi connection I’m getting at 30,000 feet is far superior to the crappy signal we squeezed from the aether of our hotel room, so I can finally post a few vacation snaps.  Or rather, pictures I surreptitiously snapped of someone else’s vacation.
Yesterday we took my cold out for a stroll through the wet and blustery streets of downtown Seattle (as I mentioned to a friend, this is a move that connoisseurs of suicide will immediately recognize as “the William Henry Harrison”).  We wound up taking the monorail to the Space Needle, and along with the remnants of the 1962 World’s Fair (an appellation I miss.  “Expo” just doesn’t evoke the same sense of wide-eyed wonder; it sounds more like a dreary trade show at the Convention Center) we discovered that the Guy Fawkes-faced anti-hero from V for Vendetta appears to have broken the back of British neo-fascism and is treating his family to a well-deserved holiday:
Later, the happy young anarchist family lingered over a tasty brunch at the Sky City restaurant, then visited the gift shop.  Then they blew up the Space Needle.
Talk about a Busman’s Holiday.

Posted by scott on Sunday, March 15th, 2009 at 10:58 am.

15 Responses to “Remember That Game KaBoom?”

I’m b-a-a-ck!
My family chipped in to buy me a new computer. Happy birthday to me. :)
I can’t see the word “monorail” without thinking of that Simpsons episode where Phil Hartman played a Harold Hill type con artist.
“Monorail! Monorail…”
I don’t remember a game Ka-Boom, but I do recall a breakfast cereal by that name. Or am I misremembering?
For that matter, does anyone remember a cereal called “Freakies”? Or are my childhood memories all an illusion?
HAPPY BIRFDAY BILL!!! Now that you’re back online & technologically functional again, you gotta go over to the archives of Mark Of The Beast, where I posted your Happy Birfday notice at the beginning of the month. I wondered why you never came by, but now I know why. You and Youngest Niece, a borderline republicunt whom I’m hoping to rehabilitate, share the birfday, so, y’know, enjoy that, I guess…
And Scott, only you could’ve found the V for Vendetta family. Y’ever notice how your holidays tend to lead you towards bizarre photo ops and cultural backwash? You are blessed and cursed at the same time, I believe. Do you want me to send you some of my home-blend herbal infusion to help with the cold/flu/phlegm nightmare? Or do y’all already have all of that stuff at home? Lemme know. Tell Mary that I said Happy Birfday, too!
And yes, Bill, they still make Ka-Boom! cereal. Never heard of Freakies, though. I have tried the Ka-Boom. I was disappointed. If they spent as much on the FLAVOR as they do on the carcinogenically-bright COLORING, it might be edible.
I remember the Freakies (if pressed, I could probably hum the jingle). Never played KaBoom, though, due to an extreme sensitivity to loud noises which plagues me to this day.
Ka-Boom cereal was notorious for steadfastly refusing to put a prize in the box. Why else would you eat something like that?
Hm, masks, backpacks. Train looks pretty full, think I’ll wait for the next one…
Welcome back to town, Scott and Mary. While you were out, Chuck Norris overthrew the US.
Your kind words are much appreciated. I assumed “sick” and “twisted” are intended as compliments in the Anntiverse.
Well, um, DUH. Just glad that you finally got to see it. It ain’t much of a gift, but it is heartfelt.
“Anntiverse”… I like that… if I ever resort to a Cafe’ Press shop(still don’t like those fuckers), I’ll have to use that on a t-shirt.
Happy Birthday, Bill!
Hope you’re enjoying life under our new kick-boxing overlord and his comedy relief sidekick, Vice President Glenn Beck, as much as I am!
Man I thought the monorail had stopped running. Oh well.
Vosburg, you’re giving me NIGHTMARES, dammit.
Mon plaisir, belle dame.
Those guys wouldn’t have made it as far as the platform in Britain. They’d have been bundled into a police van as soon as they entered the station. Assuming they weren’t shot multiple times first, of course.
C’est le non grand, mon ami.
(and why is Mozilla so francophobic???)
Vous êtes chanceux que je vous adore, cher. N’est aucune grande chose.
(and yes, I resorted to Babelfish for that second part, but since my francais is so bastardized, I figured that it was worth a shot. I remember much of my college instruction, but it’s very flavored by the continental French slang of foreign-exchange cuties AND Acadian French, so there ya go.)
Oh, and I would LOVE to take the Mozilla engineers on a linguistic tour of this country… *sigh*

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