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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Farewell Marq

Thanks to a kindly correspondent, I’ve just learned that Mark H. Smith, known to Wo’C readers as the irrepressible commenter “marq,” passed away on Christmas Day.
Mark occasionally alluded to his chronic health problems, but always in a blithe and fatalistic manner, and his unfailing humor and enthusiasm made it difficult to think of him as ill. He never failed to goose a thread with some outrageous comment, but the astringency and irreverence was always leavened with a profound empathy. I think I can speak for most of us who knew him, if only through his contributions here, when I say that his sunny wit, well-timed sensitivity, and general devil-may-care ballsiness will be sorely missed.
Farewell, Mark.

Posted by scott on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 at 12:57 am.

33 Responses to “Farewell Marq”

Oh, no. Oh, Marq, we’re going to miss you…
Damn. Just, damn.
Aw fuck.
Marq, kick the devil in the balls and run for the pearly gates, ya hear?
Mentis, even if he hadn’t earned his way in already, there must be a rule that people who die on Christmas go to heaven automatically. I hope St Peter is hot, though.
Sitting here remembering that Marq loved dogs. He enjoyed a good round of “What’s the deal with liberals and cats” as much as anybody.
Who’s up for a drink? Maybe a lot of them…
I hope Marq passed peacefully and finds much more.
That’s really sad news. But people who love dogs get access in heaven to one of the best imaginable dog parks, and all their dogs will be there.
Bye, Marq. There’s no more pain now. Please say hi to my dog for me.
damn, that sucks. RIP, marq.
Oh, I’m so, so, so sorry. He was one of the good ones, and will be missed.
What everyone else said.
He will indeed be sorely missed.My sincere sympathies to his family and friends.
So sad. People come and go on the intertoobz, and I’d just been thinking about some of the folks I haven’t noticed around much lately, and he was one of them. Always the insoucient wit. Happy trails, Marq.
The only thing I can add is :( .
Marq, may you be in heaven before the devil trolls this thread
Godspeed, man.
Thanks for the smiles, Marq.
I’ll not forget.
God is nigh…
A voice both wise and humourous will be missed.
I pray he did not go gently into that good night, but complained to St Peter about the seats on the plane.
Goodbye, Marq. I’ll miss you.
Bye, Marq.
damn. He’ll be missed (and Doughy Pantload is still around? Ain’t no justice)
damn. He’ll be missed (and Doughy Pantload is still around? Ain’t no justice)
Left by Woodrowfan
Only the good, man…only the good.
I got my internet service back today, and this is what I….
Was that enough? I can keep going. If he’s capable of haunting people, maybe he can stop by
a few wingnuts and scare the World O’Crap out of ‘em..
What horrible news, his comments will be missed.
Wow, never the right time for the good people. I will definitely miss his wit, which apparently over rided whatever he suffered.
I hope his family is OK.
Godspeed, Marq
damn. He’ll be missed (and Doughy Pantload is still around? Ain’t no justice)
Left by Woodrowfan on January 16th, 2008
And soonest with thee our best men do go,
Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.

John Donne
He enjoyed a good round of “What’s the deal with liberals and cats” as much as anybody.
Damn, I thought I was the only one who brought that up. Marq sounds like he was a good guy. May he RIP.
I am so sorry to hear this. I was always on the lookout for Marq’s comments. He could be hilarious! I guess because in the comments section he was always such a “life of the party” I never really remembered or thought of him as being ill, so this is a nasty shock. My sympathies to his friends and family. I know you will miss him dreadfully.
I was wondering where Marq was, with the blog looking all rejuvenated.
We’ll all miss ya, Mark.
I don’t want marq to be dead. Make it stop. Sometimes I can’t stand this.
I’m going to take Zoie the dog for a walk now. There are little waterfalls and everything is really green. It’s January in northern California. Marq marq marq.
Ah :( Oh my gosh, shocking.
RIP, Marq.
Wow, that is awful news. Marq was always good for a thoughtful, well written and probably insiderish comment.
He will be missed.
We’ll miss you, Marq. I promise to smack down a troll in your honor.
Fuck. I saw someone comment on the next thread “I wish marq was here” and I thought that meant he was on vacation. I guess it’s a very long vacation. I’ll miss him.

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