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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mountain Grown, The Stupidest Kind

“Dammit” Janet Folger asks the readership of World Net Daily an important question:
Just who are the haters? Here are some of the blog postings from homosexual activists following the death of one of the godliest men I have ever met, Dr. Jerry Falwell:
[Janet then produces a string of damning quotes, like a magician pulling a chain of multicolored scarves from his sleeve, except these are random, unattributed remarks from imaginary homosexuals, and she's pulling them out of her ass.]
No surprise – this is exactly how homosexual activists treated Rev. Falwell when he was alive. Homosexuals more than hated Jerry Falwell, whom they attacked, maligned, ridiculed and threatened. He didn’t make it widely known, but homosexual activists even attempted to kill him. 
Seriously.  Does anyone really believe that if Jerry Falwell had dodged a fabulous gay bullet, he would have bravely kept it to himself, rather than immediately rushing on camera to claim that God had saved him from the assassin’s hand so that he, the Reverand Mr. Falwell, could continue to enjoy your faith gift of 25, 50, or 100 dollars?
And through it all, he met hate with love.
As Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth pointed out on my radio program, when homosexuals protested Dr. Falwell, they were surprised to look up and find the reverend hugging his harassers.
Nevertheless, the subsequent reach-around still came as something of a shock.
…Those kind of hateful statements are perfectly acceptable, free from any repercussions of any kind. They get their own forum at the ACLU. However, if two 16-year-old Crystal Lake girls say an unkind word about homosexuals and pass out a few flyers to their classmates, they are in “violation of an Illinois state hate crime statute.” They face felony charges and are locked up in juvenile detention while bail is denied.
Felony for a flyer or a forum for defilement? It’s not equal rights these people are after; it’s tyranny.
I don’t know the girls in question, but we must assume that their motives were pure, and that they were compelled to speak out by the imperatives of their Christian faith.  Although Janet doesn’t come right out and say so, it’s clear that the girls have resisted the blandishments of our sex-obsessed culture and remained virgins, since any teenager who has sex in Crystal Lake is immediately skewered by a zombie in a hockey mask.  And why shouldn’t these budding brides of Christ have the right to speak out against sinful behavior?  It’s not as though they were engaging in petty revenge against one particular individual
McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi said the students clearly broke the law when they printed and distributed fliers that showed a male student and another boy kissing, along with inflammatory statements about homosexuality…

Crystal Lake South juniors Ryan Diamond and Crystal Erdman said the fliers stemmed from a recent dispute between one of the girls who was arrested and one of the boys who was pictured.

The pair used to be best friends but recently feuded, Erdman said, and one of the girls posted the picture on her MySpace page before police said she and another girl printed the fliers and distributed them in the school’s parking lot.

Bianchi said the students targeted a specific person and his sexual orientation. Under Illinois law, a person commits a hate crime when he or she commits a crime against another person based on that’s person race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, or national origin.

“This is a classic case of the kind of conduct that the state Legislature was directing the law against,” Bianchi said. “This is what the legislators wanted to stop, this kind of activity.”

Investigators and school officials would not specify the flier’s contents or whether the students remained in school this week. But classmates said the flier showed a picture of two boys kissing along with the words, “God hates fags.”
Okay, okay, let’s not get bogged down in details.  The important thing, as Janet says, is that we must not let the forces of Sodom and “diversity” suppress our Constitutional and natural right to paper a school with pictures of some guy kissing another guy in an effort to get the first guy beaten up by the water polo team.
S. 1105, the so-called “hate crimes” bill, is the most dangerous bill in America. It will revoke what used to be called the freedom of speech. I don’t agree with all the speech I hear. You may not agree with mine. But if we don’t stop this bill together, we will all lose the right to disagree, to quote the Bible and to speak the truth. Speak up before you are locked up
Go to and send your senators a “Don’t Make Me A Criminal Packet” – complete with handcuffs, mug shots and a personal letter.
No, wait…that’s the packet you’re supposed to submit to eHarmony.
The alternative is 16-year-old girls imprisoned and ministers’ graves desecrated.  It’s Catholic mothers murdered, and the thought police in schools. What do you want the future to look like?

I’d like it to look like this:

Outside the Tent has more.

33 Responses to “Mountain Grown, The Stupidest Kind”

Oh, my sweet Lordy-Gordy. JANET FOLGER is saying homosexuals are the “real” haters? The same Janet Folger who thinks the hate crimes law are a way for scary, predatory homosexuals to coerce helpless straight men into having sex with them, less they be charged with a “hate crime” for rejecting their advance?
The quote from her in the above link is one of the most hateful, unhinged things I’ve heard a fundie say about gays…recently.
um…”lest”, not less. I was so busy checking to make sure I typed the link correctly I didn’t notice other errors.
…and the link didn’t work any way. Day-um. Hopefully somebody knows what quote I’m talking about, and will post a better link to it. Soon, since so far I’m the only one posting comments here.
Bill, I’m not even seeing a comment from you that uses the word “less” wrong, just the correction.
As I confessed at OtT, *I* killed Jerry Falwell. And had a dandy time doing it, too. So there.
Incidentally, Janet, it’s not especially symptomatic of love for homosexuals to blame them for 9/11. Not sure why, but some of those drama queen queer types might tend to find that offensive.
And is it just me, or are the rest of y’all finding the word “homosexual” to be far more offensive than “queer”, “gay”, and “dyke” in context? (I cannot speak to “fag”, myself.) But I’d rather be called a lesbo by most of the people I know than called a “homosexual” by someone like Janet. I admit that being more or less bisexual, I may have a different take on that than some others, but I dunno. I think I might be *more* offended by Janet’s calling me a homosexual if I were entirely gay. Thoughts?
Never mind. Here’s the quote from Folger on hate crimes:
“Mike is standing at a football bar, or he’s standing at a resturant, watching a game. Bruce comes out the restroom,and he’s touching up his makeup. He’s a crossdresser with red nail-polish and five o’clock shadow. He comes out and hits on Mike. Maybe he puts his arm around him or maybe he brushes or puts his hand through his hair.
“The average man would maybe want to push off such unwelcome advances,”Folger observes. However, she warns, “That, if you touch him, is a hate crime.”
Oh, yeah, there’s nothing bigoted or offensive about that. Nooo.…teensy…bit.
I think “homosexual” is kind of like the word “negro”. It was probably originally intended to be respectful-an alternative to intentionally offensive slurs-but now seems outdated and somewhat condescending. Even worse when it’s preceded by “the”.
When fundies use the phrase “the homosexual”, it makes it sound like we’re all interchangeable. (To them, we are.)
Oh, and which term is better: “bisexual” or “equal opportunity slut”*?
*term used in an episode of “Frasier’ by “Dr. Nora” an near-perfect parody of Dr. Laura, except she was smarter, and, as she was played by Christine Baranski, much more attractive.
I think Pam was mauling that annoying crossdresser column at her place and at Pandagon recently. It is a stunner. I know two more-than-occasionally crossdressers. One’s straight, one’s gay. And you’re right, to Janet and people like her, it’s all interchangeably perverted, which is why they leap out with the man-on-dog crap the minute they spot a gay couple holding hands.
I embrace the word “slut”, but it does mean something different from bisexual, though I’m sure Janet wouldn’t understand that, either.
Seriously, when my mom found out I was bi, she automatically assumed I was sleeping with pretty much everything that crossed my path, which I really wasn’t, um, that month anyway. It was a bizarre yet hilarious discussion that seemed to assume that only straight people do not automatically fuck anyone of the gender to which they are attracted, and also that if you are not right at that moment fucking people of both genders, you are not bi. I’ve come to characterize that as the “You Are What You Eat” argument, to my mother’s horror.
Really, I prefer the phrase “plays well with others”, but that’s just me. My partner likes “Dances With Anybody”, both of which cover a non-monogamous state as well as a more or less bisexual one.
And “the homosexuals” does recall the glory days of Reader’s Digest with their museum exhibit-style articles about The American Negro.
Oh, the good old days when you could ruin peoples’ lives and not have to worry about hate crime laws….
The Pandagon thing was what I was trying to link to. You can find it in the May archives, or in the “Bad Ideas” category.
Is anybody else here but you and me, D. Sidhe? I feel like a comments hog.
I dunno. They probably all have lives and stuff. It’s Friday night, after all. I feel less like a comments hog than like the proverbial “Those who can’t do”.
It’s either that or they’re waiting for the next time it comes around on the guitar.
Anyway, my partner is habitually monosyllabic and the housemate and I can go weeks without a single word to each other. You can get used to doing all the talking, believe me. As long as you’re amusing and don’t give people the impression you’re way, way smarter than they are, they usually don’t mind.
Oh, I don’t think there’s any chance of me giving anyone the impression I’m smarter than they are. :)
Oh! One last thing before I turn in for the night. Let’s see if we can link one of scott’s quotes from Folger with one I posted. Just fer fun:
“when homosexuals protest Dr. Falwell, they were surprised to look up and find the reverend hugging his harassers.”
“The average man would maybe want to push off such unwelcome advances. However, that, if you touch him, is a hate crime.”
There, see-I guess that’s what she meant when she said it was gays who hated him.
Don’t make me a criminal packet? Who in the hell would want to be a criminal packet. I don’t want anyone to make me a criminal packet. O my gods, what the hell is a criminal packet?
Oh wait, is that one of them things you can order on the ebay? Y’know, it comes with a striped shirt, an eye mask, a bag with a dollar sign on it, and a revolver?
Or is it one of them things the kids are saying nowadays like…Hey baby, wanna check out my criminal packet? Or, Hey mama, you gotta fine fine criminal packet?
Damnit, I’m so confused. But, I guess that’s what I get for being so poor I have to get drunk on Natural Ice.
I think I might be *more* offended by Janet’s calling me a homosexual if I were entirely gay. Thoughts?
I think I am just offended by Janet on general principle, no matter what comes out of her mouth. God, fundies are horrible. As for what to call bi-sexual…Fun with Dick and Jane?
Scott, just want to say that you and Mary are doing a heroic job of keeping the home fires burning here. Thank you so much. If you get the chance, please tell s.z. that we miss her, miss her, miss her – and keep us posted on how she’s doing? Thanks again.
Scott writes: “And why shouldn’t these budding brides of Christ have the right to speak out against sinful behavior? ”
Why indeed. They sound like jerks, right enough, but the protection of the first amendment, like the gentle rain from heaven, droppeth on their stupid asses just as it does on Nazi marches in Skokie and, yes, you ‘n’ me.
Hate crime charges require underlying crimes of some type against a victim, and the only crime here appears to be a charge of “disorderly conduct,” which traditionally is charged as the result of laughing out loud at an arresting officer. Big mistake, missy!
So it would seem that this little town is nuts, or its cops are, or the prosecuting attorney is, or the story is not being accurately reported, or the world has gone to hell in a hummer with me handcuffed to the bumper because this is absolutely not the purpose of hate crime legislation, in Illinois or anywhere else.
I’m more of the “be done by as you would do” sort; you know, oppress the oppressors, and if you want to remove other people’s freedoms, to Gitmo with ya. Makes me an imperfect lefty, but there you go…
Oh, and I’ve never noticed Mr. Falwell being at all loving (ov anything but money), so I don’t know what the heck she’s talking about. (I’ve never called Mr. Falwell reverend, and I’ll be damned (no doubt) if I’ll start now…)
As to the bisexual euphemisms, Fun with Dick and Jane is, as of now, my all time favorite (not that I have a horse in this race, being somewhat limited in my preferred gender orientation).
Chris, my money’s on “the story is not being accurately reported/the kid they targeted is the son of someone important in the small-town scheme of things”.
And I suspect you’re right, there might be a harassment charge there, but otherwise the girls are malicious, bullying fuckwits who should be ostracized and reviled by people everywhere with even a vestigial sense of manners, and I don’t actually see a hate crime.
Anybody else got a clue on this one?
And Scott, dude. What’s up with WordPress scolding me about my migraine-induced typos? Even the zombies are too polite to mention it. Also, why doesn’t WordPress know WordPress is a word?
I don’t know, D., the spam filter has been sequestering comments like crazy today, and with no visible rhyme or reason. Personally, however, I have to agree with it…I don’t think WordPress is a word.
S. 1105, the so-called “hate crimes” bill, is the most dangerous bill in America. It will revoke what used to be called the freedom of speech.
God I’m tired of reading this horseshit. Here is what S. 1105 actually says:
Whoever . . . willfully causes bodily injury to any person or, through the use of fire, a firearm, or an explosive or incendiary device, attempts to cause bodily injury to any person, because of the actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability of any person
`(i) shall be imprisoned not more than 10 years, fined in accordance with this title, or both; and

`(ii) shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life, fined in accordance with this title, or both, if–
`(I) death results from the offense; or
`(II) the offense includes kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill.
The statute only covers violent acts. Nothing in it prevents you from saying “God hates fags” or whatever other shit you want to spew.
The high school girls are being charged under an Illinois law and couldn’t be charged under the federal law.
Bill, your non-working linkee is missing a “y.” I cut-’n-pasted it into my address field, added the “y,” and, VOOM! Off to Pam’s ya go! I leave it up to you to find the missing “y.”
Okay, that makes sense, Mark. Thanks. For some genuinely insane reason, I was apparently believing something Janet had said. I don’t know what came over me, really. It’s been kind of a genuinely insane month, though.
And Scott, I grovel. It seems it’s not actually WordPress at all…It’s the new Firefox update I just accidentally downloaded that’s nagging. On the other hand, if I right-click it offers the proper spelling, assuming there is one. (It’s somewhat perplexed by “fuckwit”, for example.) I apologize for assuming you had been brainwashed into some sort of Etymologically Correct cult or something, and I shall now go be embarrassed elsewhere.
Thanks, Marq-I knew I’d missed a letter SOMEWHERE.
I feel kinda dumb for missing that. Although the “Wa of gay panic” makes it sound like whining is involved. Which is likely true.
Mark S., thanks for pointing out what the hate crimes law actually says. I have to wonder-do people like Folger simply not know what they’re protesting against, or are they intentionally lying? In her case, it’s especially hard to tell.
“Dammit” Janet Folger asks …
Rocky Horror Picture Show reference received and appreciated.
Thanks, BTW, we’re doing our best to keep the home fires burning. I spoke to s.z. day before yesterday, and she’s finally feeling a bit better. Whether her system is strong enough to take a dose of Ann Coulter or Dr. Mike Adams, Ph.D…that’s another matter. But it did sound like she was anxious to get back into it.
Well, she should work her way up to Adams and Coulter. Maybe start with something smaller and whinier, like, say one of the Bens.
Or L’il Debbie Snackcakes. She’s been, um, particularly tasty lately. Or did I mean “testy”?
Lil Debbie is hard enough on the constitution when you’re feeling okay. I agree with Bill. Start with a Ben.
And tell her we miss her. :-)
Re: “plays well with others” and “Dances With Anybody.”
I prefer “does not discriminate on the basis of gender.” :)
The girls were arrested on a list of about 4 different offenses, last I heard. As for the hate crime portion, I would say that encouraging violence is a possible crime, but may not quite fall under the hate crime umbrella.
Oh, and they weren’t offered bail because of a violent home. There wasn’t anyone to turn the girls over to, even if they had been given bail.
Sagra, I’ve made very few friends over the years with my assertion that picking a potential mate on the basis of gender is a form of bigotry. But I keep saying it anyway. ;-)
In my case, it really does seem to be a matter of the personality being far more important to me than literally any specific details of the body it’s attached to. I know why that is, but apparently can’t explain it to anyone else, which will probably always annoy me on some level.
“Nevertheless, the subsequent reach-around still came as something of a shock.”
Best. Line. Of. My. Week.
And as for self-identifying as a bisexual, I prefer, “Equal-Opportunity Offender.” If I like ‘em, goody. If I don’t, fuck ‘em sideways with a chainsaw.
I’d say more, but I’ve got six fucking kittens yelping for attention in my bathroom, so I gotta go.
It’s not a form a bigotry, D.Sidhe, I just can’t take being ignored by twice as many people. It’s bad enough being invisible to hot guys-who needs the added rejection?

Heavens To Murgatroyd!

EXIT, stage left!
(Stolen from Hoffmania, which stole it from Blah3.)

11 Responses to “Heavens To Murgatroyd!”

Cape Water buffalo don’t have the greatest sense of sight. They rely more on their sense of smell. They must have been upwind of the lions. They’re pretty belligerent, so I’m surprised they ran at first-I was not surprised that they came back én mass to kick ass later, peeling off those lionesses one-by-one. Nor was I surprised by the cameo appearance by Mr. Crocodile, once the action had retired to the riverbank for a while. After all that biting and clawing, it looks like the calf (SPOILER ALERT!) survives, though it’s hard to say, with the inevitable blood-loss and threat of tropical infections (END SPOILER ALERT!). Isn’t Nature… “wonderful?”
Marq, would you like to come over and watch nature documentaries with me? I promise I’ll make dinner and won’t hit on you.
My partner briefly got into Sunrise Earth based on the fact that it was on the brand new HDTV, but quickly lost interest. “So does some kind of helicopter come in and crash into that lake?” “Does the crocodile eat anyone? How can you tell it’s an alligator?” “Are there gonna be, like, human sacrifices on that pyramid?” “What’s with all the damned ducks?” “You seriously mean the entire plot is just that the sun… comes up? It doesn’t even explode or anything?”
I feel like such a lily-livered chickenshit.
I was flinching the entire time, and y’all were reveling in it.
Granted, I was pulling for the calf, but still — jeeebus, Marlin Perkins never got this graphic.
Ho. Lee. Shee-it!!!!!!!!!
If that is life at the watering hole, no wonder we invented pubs.
Water Buffalo = insurgents?
I (heart) Buffalo!
All kinds, be it North American Bison bison or bad ass capes; if there is an animal icon to embrace, the Buffalo it is.
The lions are the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy en masse – everybody from Richard Scaife to George Walker Bush – and the buffalo herd is the outraged and increasingly mobilized rest of us. The calf is the Constitution of the United States.
The crocodile is Karl Rove, or maybe Richard Cheney. Maybe both.
Hey, Mr. the Ace of Spades linked to this or posted it or something last week or so. Now stop and think for just a moment: Do you want anything to do w/ anything Mr. Ace wants anything to do w/?
But enough, now I’m going to actually watch the thing in squeamish delight!
The people who paid for that safari sure got there money’s worth.
D. Sidhe-You’re partner sounds like riot. We’d get along. “What’s with all the damn ducks?”
Li’l Innocent, I’m thinking that the calf was the 2002 antiwar movement, and the other cape buffalo are wussy democrats who stood around watching the loner get gored and half-drowned for a long time, until they finally figured out that there were enough of them to actually do something about it. May be too late for the loner, but at least the kitties are on the run.

Oh And Can I Borrow Your Jackboots, Too? Laura And I Are Going Out On Friday

During the recent celebrations of Treason In Defense Of Slavery History Month, it was ruefully noted by more than one commentator that the Confederacy retroactively won the war when Reconstruction ended and the Southern states established Jim Crow.  Likewise, it seems we were a little hasty in popping the champagne corks on V-E Day, because it turns out that certain former Gestapo functionaries are having a bit of a laugh at our expense.

As Andrew Sullivan points out, the Bush Administration borrowed the elegant euphemism “enhanced interrogation techniques” from a pre-War Gestapo manual (which also limited the types of prisoners upon whom such techniques could legally be used — ah, those naive, starry-eyed Nazis), as well as several types of creative, interrogater-induced torment:
Freezing prisoners to near-death, repeated beatings, long forced-standing, waterboarding, cold showers in air-conditioned rooms, stress positions [Arrest mit Verschaerfung], withholding of medicine and leaving wounded or sick prisoners alone in cells for days on end – all these have occurred at US detention camps under the command of president George W. Bush. Over a hundred documented deaths have occurred in these interrogation sessions. The Pentagon itself has conceded homocide by torture in multiple cases.
…The victims, by the way, were not in uniform. And the Nazis tried to argue, just as John Yoo did, that this made torturing them legit. The victims were paramilitary Norwegians, operating as an insurgency, against an occupying force.
…This is the Yoo position. It’s what Glenn Reynolds calls the “sensible” position on torture. It was the camp slogan at Camp Nama in Iraq: “No Blood, No Foul.” Now take the issue of “stress positions”, photographed at Abu Ghraib and used at Bagram to murder an innocent detainee. Here’s a good description of how stress positions operate:
The hands were tied together closely with a cord on the back of the prisoner, raised then the body and hung the cord to a hook, which was attached into two meters height in a tree, so that the feet in air hung. The whole body weight rested thus at the joints bent to the rear. The minimum period of hanging up was a half hour. To remain there three hours hung up, was pretty often. This punishment was carried out at least twice weekly.
Remember during the 2000 presidential campaign, where the candidates were asked to name their favorite political philosopher?  And Bush, who was slumping in his chair liked a bored fourth grader on a library field trip, drawled, “Jesus, because he changed my heart.”  Well, maybe so, but apparently he changed it into a lump of coal, since some of the techniques the president has authorized actually predate the Gestapo, going all the way back to Roman times, when a certain political philosopher named Jesus coincidentally died from a “stress position.”

11 Responses to “Oh And Can I Borrow Your Jackboots, Too? Laura And I Are Going Out On Friday”

You know, I don’t want to be a total fucking bitch here or anything, but could someone *please* teach Mr Sullivan to properly spell “homicide”? It’s just amazingly distracting.
Mind you, if the person who would be teaching Mr Sullivan to spell had more important things on his to do list, like seeing about Mr Bush’s war crimes trial, I’m willing to wait on the minor issue of Mr Sullivan’s writing skills.
The following comment is from Anntichrist S. Coulter, who apparently pissed off the server somehow…
Scott, please, I beg of you, PLEASE — find out WHO IN THE FUCK paid for/authorized “THE PRESCOTT BUSH AWARDS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I shit you not. I didn’t catch the whole clip on Situation Room today (people insist on talking over the parts that *I* wanna see/hear, as opposed to ME not being allowed to talk even during the COMMERCIALS if fucking NASCAR is on… I might as well be back in the state mental hospital, I swear, from the “privileges” and “freedoms” that I still possess at this point in my life) — anyway, I didn’t notice which republicunt ass-licking felcher was “granted”/”won” THE PRESCOTT SELLING MUNITIONS TO ADOLPH FUCKING HITLER BUSH AWARD, but really, that’s not even what matters here.
I wanna know what kind of gangrenous cunt-fart would even CONCEIVE of “awarding” anybody ANYTHING attached to the name of PRESCOTT BUSH!!!!!!!!!!
(Personally, I thought that they misspelled the name on the banner, I’ve always seen it spelled, “Prescot,” with one “t”, but hey, what’s a fucking typo when you’re paying HOMAGE to a fucking NAZI WEAPONS DEALER?!??!?!)
And we thought that Iran-Contra was a not-even-so-much-as-a-slap-on-the-fucking-wrist CLUSTERFUCK AGAINST HUMANITY OF ALL TIME — ohhhhhhh, but no.
Pleeeeease cover this. You know that my brain isn’t functioning right now. Do this. And tell S.Z. that we need her back, gawddammit.
Thank you, Scott. You are always there when I need you, and I never forget that.
As to this particular post… Maybe I’m far more naive than I ever thought was possible, for a jaded old fucker like me, but it still astounds me that so-called human beings can do this to human beings, no matter the fucking cause.
Yeah, I make my jokes, my fantasies about what should be done to Biggus Dickus Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Rove, Gonzales, even that puppet among puppets, Dumbya — but these motherfuckers are LIVING THEM OUT.
In a real world, if one could even exist anymore, wouldn’t the people doing this shit be considered fucking SERIAL KILLERS?!??!!?? Fuck, this shit makes Gacy and the Night Stalker and Jeffrey fucking DAHMER look like gawddamned SUNDAY-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
The more that is revealed, the more that we are *allowed* to learn of these atrocities, the less purpose that the human species actually serves upon this planet. We are a fucking plague upon the earth.
Especially when you can imagine the shit that we will NEVER officially or unofficially know about. Small wonder that they’re doing tributes to a Nazi arms dealer — the multiple genocides committed by these corporate-whore cocksuckers are making the Third Reich look like RANK FUCKING AMATEURS.
Jeebus H. on a fucking cracker with a side of horseradish.
I’m gonna avoid mentioning my personal opinion, which is that Andrew Sullivan can start lecturing about the history of warfare after two or three reincarnations as an invertebrate, but I will ask one question: what the fuck did he think was going to happen in a war? I understand if someone wishes to make the distinction between ugliness on the battlefield and the violation of all standards there and elsewhere; still, what did you imagine was going to become of thousands of innocents in Iraq? What was your justification for that, again? This country has a moral obligation to abide by the Geneva Conventions, its own Constitution, and, I and many others believe, to standards beyond the letter of the law. So too do we as human beings have at minimum an obligation to weigh very carefully our support for acts of war, most especially when we are the aggressor. Mr. Sullivan, as I recall it, not only gave his loud assent but called those of us who were less enthusiastic “Fifth Columnists”, another Fascist-era reference I trust he’ll get around to explaining.
No, what I wanted to say was that it’s time for a 21st century addendum to Godwin, to the effect that even references to historical events are a violation where one does not acknowledge that this is no longer the world of 1937. And that our own international interventionalism since siding with the right-wing Greek extremists in ’47 and against the Huk in ’48 is one long series of brutality, stupidity, and miscalculation that has nothing whatsoever to do with the danger that an American president is going to morph into Hitler.
when a certain political philosopher named Jesus coincidentally died from a “stress position.”
yeah, but he got better, so it couldn’t have been that bad now, could it? and didn’t those other guys hanging out with him get to go to heaven, guaranteed, or some such? [/aWol]
The “political philosopher” wimped out & died after only a few hours !
Remember during the 2000 presidential campaign, where the candidates were asked to name their favorite political philosopher? And Bush, who was slumping in his chair liked a bored fourth grader on a library field trip, drawled, “Jesus, because he changed my heart.” Well, maybe so, but apparently he changed it into a lump of coal, since some of the techniques the president has authorized actually predate the Gestapo, going all the way back to Roman times, when a certain political philosopher named Jesus coincidentally died from a “stress position.”
Exodus 4:21-23
The LORD said to Moses, “When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the wonders I have given you the power to do. But I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go. Then say to Pharaoh, ‘This is what the LORD says: Israel is my firstborn son, and I told you, “Let my son go, so he may worship me.” But you refused to let him go; so I will kill your firstborn son.’ “

So is all this Nazi lore passed down from Grandpa Prescott the arms dealer? Or did it come by way of Negroponte, who picked it up from the Contras he protected in Honduras, who were admirers of the SS, imitation being the greatest form of flattery?
Trashfire, did you see Negroponte’s smug bald ass on Situation Room day before yesterday?
The motherfucker just REEEEEEEKS of pure unmitigated evil. Anybody who can lie that much, in that short span of time,and never even BLINK — fuck, he shoulda gone into show bidness.
Well, in a way, I guess that he did, huh.
In response to Antichrist Coulter …. Shame, shame on the anti-christ! As a long-time cocksucker, I must protest your use of that term in condemning the self-styled “Christian” descendants of Nazi sympathizers who condone the killing and torture of their fellow human beings. No self-respecting cocksucker would associate with such scum of the earth. Please don’t forget that the cocksuckers were Hitler’s enemies as much as the other impures and unworthies were.
Cocksuckers wish to give only pleasure. Nazis and their “Christian” cohorts give much pain.
I’ll leave it to one of my working girl sisters to protest your calling the aforementioned haters “whores”.
With a frog in my throat (or something),
Unpucker, Oscar dear.
I never said that they were GOOD AT IT.
Everybody is just too fucking sensitive to have fun anymore. *sigh*
What I wouldn’t miss for a round of Crisco twister with the queens of St. Ann Street again… Granted, with my back, I could hardly keep up with those chiseled young bartenders in half-togas, but damn, it was fun to try!
Darling, I was a fruit-fly before being a fag-hag was cute. Shock me.
Left by Anntichrist S. Coulter on June 12th, 2007

Hollywood Blvd Disproves Theory of Evolution!

Sure, the “Hollywood Renaissance” is bringing on a flood of trendy clubs and upscale clothing emporia, chasing out the tchotchke shops for disappointed tourists, the tranny shoe-and-schmatta stores, and the tattoo-and-piercing parlors.  But so what?  From it’s earliest days, Hollywood was a magnet for filmmakers and filmgoers, and This

…used to look like this:

I always thought the Fox was the ugliest damn theater on Hollywood Boulevard, until I saw how it looked when it was built in the early 30′s (and well into the 50′s…check out the marquee on the right.)

Again.  This…

Evolved from this…

If Darwin was here right now, I’d give him such a pinch…!

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Oh, yeah, wasn’t that a porn theatre & then some kind of church, w/ a hot dog stand next to the entrance? Between the fanny-pack sporting “visitors” during the daylight hours, the binge-drinking twenty-nothings staggering the streets at night & my being too depressed to work @ the FedExKinko’s on Vine any more, I don’t get out of WeHo & up to the Blvd. like I used to. Ah, nostalgia.
Oh, yeah, wasn’t that a porn theatre & then some kind of church, w/ a hot dog stand next to the entrance?
That was the Ritz, which is located a little further west on Hollywood Boulevard. It was built in 1940 as the News-View, and showed only newsreels. Here’s a pic of it from the 1951 Hollywood Christmas parade (and if I were one of the beauty queens on that float, I don’t think I’d relish riding the entire length of the Boulevard while breathing in the exhaust from that Army Jeep):
It later became part of the Pussycat chain of porn theaters, where a double bill of Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones reportedly ran for 8 years, before turning into the Ritz in the early 90s and ending its days as a second-run grindhouse. It’s now a Spanish language church. You can still see the distinctive Oval Pussycat Theater sign on the roof:
Not that anyone cares, but you can see the Ritz when it was the Pussycat (and showing the abovementioned double bill) in this shot of the 1977 Hollywood Blvd Gay Pride parade:
“Marymount College?!?” Yipes! A wee bit sexualized, no?
Closer examination reveals that to be a USMC jeep. Enjoyed all the photos, & the link to the Masque.

J. Matt Barber, Concerned Woman

J. Matt is not only a columnist for RenewAmerica, not only “an attorney concentrating in constitutional law,” (which usually means filling up the break room at work with empty pizza boxes and discarded Slurpee cups as he brainstorms strict constructionist and/or original textualist interpretations that prove the Commerce Clause totally outlaws abortion), but he’s also the “Policy Director for Cultural Issues” at Concerned Woman for America.  And as a woman concerned with America and culture and Issues, J. Matt has naturally gone all twitter-pated about Mary Cheney’s bouncing baby abomination.
Mary Cheney, unwed lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, has given birth to a son, Samuel David Cheney. This beautiful child of God is undoubtedly a wonderful blessing to Ms. Cheney and to his two doting grandparents. This precious new life should be celebrated. But the conditions under which Ms. Cheney has chosen to bring this child into the world are to be condemned.Although circumstances don’t always allow child rearing to occur within God’s natural design for the family (which includes both a mother and a father), Ms. Cheney has very sadly and selfishly made the conscious choice to deny her child a natural family environment. She has intentionally deprived him of his other parent — his father.
More commonly known as “that guy who masturbated into a cup at the sperm bank for fifty bucks.” 
Ms. Cheney apparently intends to have a woman by the name of Heather Poe, whom she has identified as her lesbian “partner,” assist in the rearing of her son; but unfortunately, Ms. Poe can never replace little Samuel David’s other parent — his dad.
Has this “Ms. Poe” person ever taken a Juggs magazine into a toilet stall and whacked off for a cup of juice and a small honorarium?  No!  All she’s gonna do is hang around for the next 18 years, changing diapers, bandaging skinned knees, helping with homework and saving for college.  Sure, hop on the bandwagon now, bitch!  The hard work’s all done. 
One wonders if Ms. Cheney has ever contemplated what her childhood may have been like if she had been denied her own father.
Self-righteous jackholes like you wouldn’t be writing about her personal life?
The Fox News Channel, which in the past has at least made an effort to avoid liberal bias and political correctness in its reporting…
We will now take a break, while those who spewed their drinks pause to swab the monitor, and those who aspirated their beverages stagger around the house looking for someone to Heimlich them.
Okay, we’re back:
…has covered the story with the PC caption: Dick Cheney’s Daughter & Lesbian Partner Give Birth to Boy. This begs the question: How is it that Ms. Cheney’s lesbian partner has “[given] birth to a boy”?
Well, she’s got a better shot at it than Dick Cheney’s son-in-law, Phillip Perry.  On the other hand, given Phil’s tireless efforts to defend chemical plants from EPA regulation, he might have started to grow his own set of bacon and Playdoh, allowing he and wife Elizabeth Cheney to trade off the childbearing chores.
It is a biological impossibility for a homosexual “couple” to conceive a child without the assistance of a third party who is a member of the opposite sex. Yes, due to infertility natural male-female couples sometimes have to employ similar assistance, but there is no comparison.
Oh wait, I just made one.  Crap!

19 Responses to “J. Matt Barber, Concerned Woman”
Has this “Ms. Poe” person ever taken a Juggs magazine into a toilet stall and whacked off a cup of juice for a small honorarium?
[spit take]
Wot th’‽‽‽ Damn, I better read that again!
Has this “Ms. Poe” person ever taken a Juggs magazine into a toilet stall and whacked off for a cup of juice and a small honorarium?
Oh! Heh-I musta misread that sentence. I thought you were talking about some bizarre, mutant offspring of Peter North and Matt Ramsey… [in joke alert]… and, if you know where I can find such a man, TELL ME NOW!!!!
[licks chops at the thought]
Scott, maybe you could start including those helpful intermissions in all of your posts? I’d be grateful.
And would anyone like to explain to me how, if male/female married couples are so ideal, Mary ended up lesbo in the first place? Don’t they usually blame that on abusive fathers?
But the conditions under which Ms. Cheney has chosen to bring this child into the world are to be condemned.
Yes, it’s bad, but there is worse news… many parents bring children into the world under conditions even more condemnable [is that a word?]. Hard to imagine, but some of them can’t even afford hired help!
and those who aspirated their beverages stagger around the house looking for someone to Heimlich them.
actually, that’s more of an 911 call and trip to the hospital, since you can’t block an airway with liquids, but can get pneumonia
I’ll be happy to give the matter serious consideration just as soon as these guys offer anything which sounds like a solution. Make it a crime for unmarried women to get pregnant. Require both mothers and fathers to be home at least fourteen hours a day. Outlaw assisted fertilization, or require all properly heterosexual couples availing themselves of such assistance to adopt one unwanted child for each one they artificially conceive. When the Right’s as eager to feed, clothe, shelter, and provide health care and decent public education for poor children as it is to create tax-exempt sinecures for the likes of Mr. Barber, I’ll begin to believe they’re serious.
One wonders if Ms. Cheney has ever contemplated what her childhood may have been like if she had been denied her own father.
Every time I read that, and contemplate Daddy Cheney [eeeww] I think she probably did contemplate exactly that. Daddy being run over by a truck was probably her favorite childhood dream.
Mary Cheney, unwed lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, has given birth to a son, Samuel David Cheney.
Sounds Jewish.
Of course she’s unmarried, you dopes, she isn’t allowed to marry her partner!
As inane as this goober’s excuse for reasoning is, I can’t get past the fact he monikers himself “J. Matt”. I could do that, ya know. “Matt” is my middle name, and my first name (which is only used when I have to give someone a lot of money for anything other than, well, weed) starts with a “J”. So I could call myself “J. Matt”, but I’m not gonna, ’cause it looks stupid.
“Matt” is just fine, dude, there’s no need to give yourself false gravitas by adding your first initial. Makes you look like a dork. There’s a rhythm to the whole thing, donchasee. Like “J. Edgar” or “J. Alfred”, and I don’t know if that’s really something you wanna emulate.
Hey, I didn’t have Dick Cheney for a dad, and I think I turned out O.K.
As usual with homobigots like J’matt, the fact that Heather isn’t just some random woman Mary srt up house with, but someone she’s been with for SIXTEEN FREAKIN’ YEARS just flies over his head.
Oh, and thanks for adding Teh GAYZ! as a category. June is Gay Pride Month, so we can expect idiots like this to be popping up like weeds, but not as useful.
More commonly known as “that guy who masturbated into a cup at the sperm bank for fifty bucks.”
Ironically, J. Matt is almost certainly ideologically similar to, if not a member of, the group of Mens’ Rights types who are decrying the apparent wave of cases in which sperm donors are being gone after for child support.
John Grisham had a bit about that in one of his books, the Street Lawyer, I think, although I won’t swear to it. All these snotty law school graduates were named along the lines of J. Michael Nesbitt, or R. Bruce Bisbee, or T. Morris Talbot. Apparently it’s supposed to be very upper-class-aristocrat-Harvard Law or something. Grisham’s take on it was quite amusing.
More commonly known as “that guy who masturbated into a cup at the sperm bank for fifty bucks.”
You mean they don’t have a cool kinda milking-machine thing like in “A Boy And His Dog“?
Damn, I’m cancelling my appointment.
*sigh* I was going to announce that I thought I could speak on behalf of my fellow Teh GAYZ in thanking you for the new category, but I see Bill has already adopted the spokesqueer position. (Also, I think Marq prefers “Teh Gheyz”.)
On the other hand, I see I’ve been blogrolled, so take that, the rest of you people, you know, without blogs!
“The Fox News Channel, which in the past has at least made an effort to avoid liberal bias and political correctness in its reporting…”
To be fair, this is accurate. The FNC has avoided liberal bias and political correctness through the means of conservative bias and avoiding correctness of any sort.
I agree with other lefty commentators on the Mary Cheney case, she’s no heroine to liberals or the GLBT community. Problem is that her “frame” or talking point is that “My family is my business” as opposed to “It’s my human right to have a baby.” What this means is essentially that she’s gotten into the treehouse and pulled up the rope after her. All the other kids are still on the ground, thinking “Gee, I wish I could get up there, too!”
These days Peter “It’s ‘Matt Ramsey’ when I’m flamin’, baby” North can squeeze more Brylcreem from his hair than sperm from his peter.
Have you heard the ridiculous urban legend that his huge milky-white loads are a product of his consuming large quantities of Elmer’s Glue?
Well, still, a lovechild with his alter-ego (and, aren’t they both “stage” names?) would, so to speak, have teh stuff. As far as the urban legend goes, no, I had not heard that-but I rarely pay any attention to such lore, as it is often amazingly ill-informed. Elmer’s is, technically, “non-toxic,” but consuming unspecified “large quantities” of it would likely do something bad to you… other than producing prodigious loads o’ spooge.
Wait…large amounts of spooge is a BAD thing?
I guess that depends on which side of it you’re standing.

On The Left, Jerry Mahoney! On The Right, Knucklehead Smiff!

Edgar Bergen’s less intelligent dummy, Andy McCarthy, slowly sits up in his case, frightens the crap out of Michael Redgrave, then declares:
Good for Senator McCain on his sharp rebuttal to Senator Obama. May I add one point, though, that continues to make me nuts?

Senator Obama says: ” It is time to end this war so that we can redeploy our forces to focus on the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and all those who plan to do us harm.”

Senator Obama, are you proposing that we move U.S. troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, where you guys keep saying the “real” War on Terror is?
I have good news for you, Andy — you needn’t lose another night’s sleep, agonizing over what Senator Obama could possibly mean when he utters the baffling word “redeployment.”  Thanks to modern miracles like Retsyn, Chlorinol-3, and The Internet, you can actually go to his website and read all about it:
Perhaps most importantly, some of these troops could be redeployed to Afghanistan, where our lack of focus and commitment of resources has led to an increasing deterioration of the security situation there. The President’s decision to go to war in Iraq has had disastrous consequences for Afghanistan — we have seen a fierce Taliban offensive, a spike in terrorist attacks, and a narcotrafficking problem spiral out of control. Instead of consolidating the gains made by the Karzai government, we are backsliding towards chaos. By redeploying from Iraq to Afghanistan, we will answer NATO’s call for more troops and provide a much-needed boost to this critical fight against terrorism.
Not so fast there, Senator.  Andy is bouncing in his seat and raising his hand, so he’s either dying to ask an asinine follow-up, or he has to make wee-wees:
There is also a very good chance that bin Laden and some al Qaeda hierarchy are in Pakistan.  When you say “redeploy,” are you suggesting that we invade Pakistan?
Well, it’s not my place to speak for Senator Obama, but I’m gonna take a leap of faith here and say:  No.
Folks, let’s not let these guys get away with this.  By “redeploy,” they don’t really mean move the troops to where they say al Qaeda is.  They don’t want to fight al Qaeda.  If they wanted to fight al Qaeda, al Qaeda is in Iraq — that is indisputable.  Bin Laden has said repeatedly that Iraq is the central battle.
Yes, but so has President Bush, and his use of lies has proven to be, shall we say, more than recreational.
You can argue about whether al Qaeda has been in Iraq all along or whether they are there only because we’ve drawn them there.
Uh…no, you can’t.
Reasonable minds differ on that.
Uh, no they don’t.
But however they got there, they’re there.
Later, when the police arrived, they found Andy with a gun in his hand, standing over the body of Jonah Goldberg.  There were signs of a struggle, powdered sugar was spread all around the break room, and the last chocolate-frosted maple log was lodged in Jonah’s mouth.  Andy was quick to put the situation in perspective:  “Yes, there are certainly five, or perhaps six bullets in Jonah.  And they penetrated his back fat, so it’s at least conceivable that they were propelled by some sort of firearm.  Maybe a Wrist-Rocket.  But it’s also possible he just fell on them, or swallowed them on a dare.  Reasonable minds differ on that.  But however those bullets got into Jonah, they’re there, and we should learn to live with that, rather than get bogged down in a lot of guesswork and finger pointing and blame-gaming.” 
If you really want to fight al Qaeda, you stay in Iraq. 
The operative word here being “you.”
If you really believe al Qaeda is not in Iraq — that the real al Qaeda is only in Afghanistan and its environs — then you’re on drugs.
Andy.  Bud.  Taking your post as a whole,  I’m assuming this accusation of hallucinogen abuse is made on the time-honored basis of It Takes One To Know One.  (Totally willing to vanpool to the Dead concert in Iowa City.  Call me, dude.)
But, sure, fine, “redeploy” our troops … to Afghanistan.  But can we please have five seconds of honesty?  You guys don’t have the slightest intention of doing that.  You don’t want to go to Afghanistan.  You want to go home.
And you’re gonna take your ball with you!  Be honest!
When you say redploy, you mean withdraw.  You don’t actually want to “focus on the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.”  You are content to bring the troops home and leave “the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11″ to build a safe-haven in Iraq even as they continue to make mayhem in Afghanistan.
This message brought to you by Projectionists Union Local 160.
You think Bush is incompetent and “his” war in Iraq is a terrible mistake?  Fine.  You think the price of that is that we should pull everyone out of Iraq even though we all know that will be a monumental victory for al Qaeda — geometrically abetting its future fundraising and recruiting for future terrorist attacks on America?  Fine. 
Okay, I may actually need more drugs than I have on hand to get through the rest of this.  Nothing heavy, some ‘shrooms will do, maybe a peyote button…So let me see if I catch your drift, Andy…You think that I think that a reasonable price for ending a world historical blunder which is tearing this country apart, and exacting an ongoing toll in lives and treasure is Osama bin Laden showing up in your dreams and calling you a pussy?  Hm.  Let me check the Magic 8-Ball…
“All Signs Point To Yes.”
But have the good grace to say so.  Don’t give us this BS that you want to redeploy to fight al Qaeda, when the truth is that you want to “redeploy” to NOT fight al Qaeda.
You know, when you pull your hand out of that hole in his back, Andy’s actually kinda stupid.

12 Responses to “On The Left, Jerry Mahoney! On The Right, Knucklehead Smiff!”

I can lend you some of mine, Scott. The zombies make way more sense than Andrew, so I totally recommend it.
You can argue about whether Andy McCarthy has had anal boils all along or whether he got them from John Derbyshire.
Reasonable minds differ on that.
But however they got there, they’re there.
What’s always especially interesting to me is the argument that because Bin Laden says the main battle is in Iraq, we have to stay there.
We don’t have any fucking troops to redeploy. I suppose Obama is to be credited for being close to some cracked version of reality, unlike any of the Republican candidates, but at best we achieve a phony surge there like the one in Iraq. We’re out of men and matériel. We have one division in reserve. One. That’s 20,000 men, or one “surge”, or one friggin’ Albanian army. Army doctrine calls for 400,000 troops to resist an invasion of South Korea. Today we might, might come up with 200,000 so long as they didn’t need transport. With considerable skill and no small amount of luck we might rebuild our ground forces in a decade, assuming we’re not busy elsewhere.
As for McCarthy, his co-weasels at the Corner, and the rest of the American Right, while we’re at it, it’s like Lost in America, where after she gambles away their nest egg Albert Brooks will no longer let his wife say “nest” or “egg.” “You’ll have to order ham and things!” They’re unfit to mention Iraq, or bin-Laden, or terrorism at this point, let alone map out our counter-moves to what bin-Laden tells them. At this point any halfway responsible Roman would have thrown himself on his sword two years ago.
Um. Does anyone have a cigarette?
Riley, how do we get you elected, anyway?
It’s Indiana. He’s too tall for politics.
“chocolate-frosted maple log was lodged in Jonah’s mouth.”
1. I can’t believe that nobody else jumped on THIS line.
2. Does such a thing as “chocolate-frosted maple log” exist, and if so, WHY?!?!??!!??!
geometrically abetting its future fundraising and recruiting for future terrorist attacks on America?”
Are you fucking KIDDING me?!??!?!?
And um, Scott? You have shrooms and you’re NOT SHARING?!??!?!?
And amen to D.’s desire to run Doghouse Riley as our candidate — I’ll do the fundraising, if D. will do the posters.
But Mark S., if you ever mention anal boils while I’m eating dinner again, I’m going to send you whatever comes back.
I gotta tellya though, I’m severely bored with the mouth-breathing fucktards of the pampered-lily-white-chickenshit-frat-boy chorale, beating the very tired, never-been-tuned drum of “Stay In Iraq! Halliburton Needs MORE Money!” — fuck, these little snot-nosed crackers are starting to make that batshit-crazy psycho-cunt Malkin look INTERESTING.
Soon as the pendulum swings toward socialism, atheism, subsidized psychedelics, and Sumo replaces football, I’ll be ready.
Sometimes, darlin’ Doghouse, you gots ta push tha pendulum YASELF.
And while I could give a ratfuck about sumo (or any “professional sport” (they’re all fucking fixed, from NASCAR to the NHL to the NFL to PBR)), I am COMPLETELY behind the rest of your platform.
As your first major deed as President, I say that we tax the FUCK out of all organized “religions” (hit the Scientologists & Mormons FIRST) and commandeer every televangelist’s mansion and turn ‘em into housing for the homeless, soup kitchens and free birth-control clinics.
Can we turn all stadia into state-run housing for the homeless, as well? We paid for ‘em to begin with. But I must insist Halliburton not be allowed to bid on the conversion job.
Sure! Halliburton will be too busy fixing all of the state and federal structures/contracts that they’ve been low-balling (those high-yield no-bid contracts sure do rake in the dough, can’t be wasting all of that money on DOING THE WORK TO SPEC OR ACTUALLY BUILDING IT SAFELY, RIGHT??!??! Take one look at the NOLA flood pumps, and you’ll see what I mean — okay, not DIRECTLY Halliburton, but Bechtel and Shaw Group are close enough!) all along, anyway.
All of their resources, here and in Bahrain and Dubai will be nationalized, all of their illegal-immigrant laborers will have to become citizens and pay taxes, and all of their corporate sharks will have to start all over again at the bottom — of collapsed septic tanks & rotting levee underpinnings. At $5.15 per hour, no benefits.
Oh, and every chemical corporation in this country (and I don’t give a shit how much of their corporate wealth is stored off-shore, we are taking ALL of their shit!!!) will be forced to change their entire businesses into REAL medical research, not the Viagra/Cialis bullshit that pharmaceutical corps REALLY care about, as they’re pushing PSAs that tell us that they’ll save our lives — anyway, all of the chemical, petrochemical, and other toxic-waste monsters on the planet will then be responsible for curing cancer in every single cancer patient on the continent. They’re not just killing US, after all — think of all of those ExxonMobil plants/refineries in Central America that aren’t even regulated by so much as the extremely-castrated EPA — so they gotta go fix everybody that they’re killing with their pollution.
Every fucking time that I turn around, another person that I love is diagnosed with ANOTHER form of fucking cancer (or the people that they love, etc.), and I’m sick and fucking tired of it. It’d be one thing if they were all down here in Cancer Alley, but they’re ALL OVER THE FUCKING COUNTRY and still dying of fucking cancer, and I’m sick and fucking tired of it. The Bushites have destroyed the EPA so that their billionaire corporate-whore buddies can rake in even MORE dough by short-cutting the illegal and very lethal output of their filthy factories and refineries and manufacturing plants, and NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS TO ***THEM***.
Seems like, the better a person you are, the more fucking cancer that you get. Dick Cheney really will fucking live forfuckingever, even if his cyborg parts ever DO crap-out on him.