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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Post-Friday Catblogging

The Damn The Paparazzi! edition.

The flash again?  Must you?
And Riley:

Sigh. Where do you want to be in two years?
Awwwwww. No, really, I mean it. Awwwww.
I second that, D. Awwwww….
cute kitties. adorable. I should send the pics to my brother. To annoy him. He HATES cats.
Sweet babies. Moondoggie appears to be quite acclamated to his new home.
Y’know, it’s times like this that I miss my digital camera — I could do “dueling cuteness” pix of the two ferals that I’m taming for adoption (the only 2 of the 6 who were rehabilitative) — the boy is a bouncy little spazz, a love-bunny who rubs his face all over mine, and flops onto his back demanding that I rub da belly. The girl, even more gorgeous, with eyes like a little lioness, is a long-haired tortoise-shell swirl of every color possible on felines. She’s more shy than her bubbie, but once you get her out of the carrier/cave and get to her to playing, she’ll knock him right over and steal his toy! I have great hopes for these two, ’cause Cathy (this atheist’s patron saint) is taking them on for an adoption event, even though they are (at almost 10 weeks) twice the age at which ferals can be tamed/acclimated to humans. There’s just something special with these babies.
Maybe it’s because I spent dinnertime with them, every day for about a month, as soon as they emerged from the nest with open eyes and fluffy tails and pouncing upon one another. Maybe it’s ’cause they just have so much personality, I think that it will eventually overrule their feral raisings.
At any rate, when I get the pix developed, expect an inundation of teh kitteh cuteness overload over at M.O.B.
And that Moondoggie is an old pro — he’s not just acclimated, he’s spoiled-rotten and enjoying every minute of it. How is Riley adapting?
Love to all, critters, peeps, and our dearly-missed S.Z. And if you get the chance ask her how she’s doing, feeling, is she gonna climb out of that hole soon?

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