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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today’s Top Google Search Strings…

…bringing people to World O’Crap:

“Embarassed Christian girl boobs”

“Moral superiority” + “animal rescue”

“Sean Bean smoking”

and (drumroll, please…)

“How fucked up my gaydar is”

It’s nice to see that we’re appealing to a fairly broad demographic.

Posted by scott on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 at 1:30 am.

7 Responses to “Today’s Top Google Search Strings…”

D00d! You callin’ us fat?!?eleventy1?
You’ve said it. Keep on comming with sugestions, mate!
“Embarassed Christian girl boobs”
Well, if I were a pair of boobs on a Christian girl, I too would be embarrassed. Late at night, while she’s sleeping, we’d sneak off to the internet to read this fine, fine blog, using the humor found here to alleviate the embarrassment. I mean, it’s not like she’d know we were gone or anything, being the fine and upstanding Christian girl she is, right?
Dude! How do you find out what Google search led people to your site. I must know.
Simple as can be. If you’ve got Site Meter, go to the Recent Visitors sidebar and click on By Referrals.
I suppose next you’ll have Gavin M. Photoshoppe Gianormous Stalks of Celery™©, or even Humongous Sammiches®℠ into all of our hands! People like you just would!
I want the ISP address on the “person” who googled “Moral superiority” + “animal rescue”
BTW, anybody want a good barn cat?

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