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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back From CatMo

Sorry to be MIA for so long. Here is a short photo essay that helps to explain what I’ve been doing, besides dealing with the health problems, technology issues, volunteer duties, bratty neighbor kids who want to play with kittens 5 times a day, and the broken glasses that give me headaches and make me want to kill.

First, here’s Willow, the foster cat who I took in when she was pregnant. Although you can’t really tell from the photo, she is a rather unique cat: a brown tabby with patches of orange. Although she seemed pretty sweet when I first brought her home, as her pregnancy progressed she became a ferocious fighter, always waiting to spring out of her room and attack the other animals whenever the door to her room was opened. (She got Yodie in the eye about a month ago, and although his eye has now healed, he will never be able to read fine print again.)
Willow, Destroyer of Worlds

And here are her kittens. (The neighbor kids have named them “Carrot” and “Milo,” but disagree about which is which.) She had two other kittens who died shortly after birth, possibly because of complications resulting from the attempt to spay her when she was about a month into her pregnancy, but these two are fat, healthy, and fast on their way to becoming obnoxious (in a really cute way, of course).

Lethally Cute: The Carror and Milo Story

And here’s another shot of the kittens. (There were better photos, but the explanation of why you can’t see them will have to wait for “Gripe About Crappy Technology” day.) The white filaments in this photo are Willow’s whiskers, or alien laser beams or something.
Letting Sleeping Kittens Lie 

And here’s a photo of Cooper, the sick cat who is recuperating in my bathroom. He’s a great cat who has an adoptive home lined up at the end of the month — hopefully he will have shook his upper respitatory infection by then, and won’t have shared it with any of my cats in the mean time. (My house is operating under “Andromeda Strain” rules now, meaning that everyone has to bathe in Clorox; strip, and then burn their clothing; don decontamination suits; and have their DNA scrubbed by via infrared beams before leaving the sick room and either entering the rest of the house or going into the kittenery, AKA the Lair of Dog Doom.)
Cooper: Not Yet Named in Willow’s Paternity Suit

I couldn’t get the photo of Cooper’s cell mate, Beth, out of HAL, the only computer ancient enough to work with my oh-so-outdated digital camera, but here’s her Petfinder link: Petfinder PetNotes. She will be available for adoption as soon as she is cleared by the CDC. She is a sweet, undemanding girl who was apparently once picked up in a sweep of ferals (one of her ears is notched), but was obviously a pet at one time. But since she is nothing flashy to look at, and since it’s now kitten season, I am afraid she won’t be chosen right away, so if you have any ideas to help market her, let me know. (Since 5 of the other 6 volunteers doing the cat adoption events at PETsMart have dropped out, I am there 3 Saturdays a month, so will be in a position to help push for my favorites.)

Anyway, the hounds have alerted me to the fact that Willow is trying to escape from Stalog 13 again, so I have to go. More later … or will it?

Posted by s.z. on Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 at 6:43 pm. 
20 Responses to “Back From CatMo”
It is a pleasure to see you return, s.z.!
(singsong voice)
I posted fi-irst, I posted fi-irst!!! :) :):):):)
Glad you’re still with us. I was starting to think they’d tied you up with their leashes and were feasting on the tasty bits.
Too bad you’re in the wrong country – I’ll be cat shopping in a couple of months. Maybe you could just toss them over the border and run away quick? No? You just wanna keep them all for yourself!
Welcome back, S.Z. You continue to be The Nicest Person In The World. Listen, have you tried turning the cats into Bigfeet? They don’t seem to eat much….
Perhaps you could declare taking in the kitty the price of swiping and lolcatting any picture.
S.Z.! You’re really alive! I feel so much better about the world suddenly.
And those are some seriously cute kittens there.
welcome back!!11!!!
sounds like the decontam procedure will also work when you read teh Dr Professer Mike and his pals
SHE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, slap the dawg and spit in the far! (I saved that quote from The Judds just for your reappearance, if it was ever gonna happen.)
I was starting to worry that some shadowy gubmint figure had found your secret, undisclosed location and done a Jimmy Hoffa on your ass, or the more popular WO’C theory that the adoptees and foster chirren had finally turned on you and eaten you with fava beans and a nice chianti.
So glad to see you up & about again, and such gorgeous little tigers! They are so big and healthy-looking, they really do look like tiger cubs! I can’t wait ’til I can get more of my kitteh pix developed and you can see my foster-son, Bubby, who stole my heart and got adopted at his first trip to PetSmart (via Cat Haven), the little slut.
Yay! S.Z. is back! All is right with the world… -ish.
S.Z. so good to see you back! We miss you so, though Scott and Mary and all your great commenters have kept the home fires burning quite marvelously.
S.Z., I’m so glad you’re back!Scott’s great, yet no one sounds like you… that inimitable combo of humanity, brains, sly snark always richly deserved that illuminates the absurdity of wingnuts – - and kitties and doggies to boot.
I feel better about the world, too!
Ah, Stalag 13, teh least lucky Stalag of all!
Huzzah! s.z. is back! s.z. is back! I sure hope you were reading the blog while you were away, if only ‘cos scott was brilliant… and. so was maryc on the few instances when she showed up. One of the things you missed out on was we had some freakazoid new trolls–I didn’t think we’d manage to get the stench out before you got back! Furthermore–
[whispered to the other commentators]
((Hey-guyz & galz! It’s entirely possible that Willow, teh destroyer o’ worlds o’ crap has not only learned to type a keyboard, but also to type in s.z.’s style! If “s.z.” requests your home address, or phone num–))
–Oh, hi, s.z.! What? No, no–I’m not sidling toward the door–hey, look! A catnip mouse!!1!
Welcome back s.z. Sorry to hijack this thread, but my wife and I lost our dear friend Dickens yesterday and if anyone understands the loss of a pet it’s this group.
We got our little guy as a 10 months old kitten 18 years ago from friends. They suspect he was abused. He was very wary of us for a long time (who could blame him). But he gave us a chance. He always had a sweet personality and was very patient with us. He and his dear departed little brother B.C. gave such energy to our house. The emptiness in the house this morning was eerie and sad.
Please give your pets an extra pat on the head for dear old Dickens. Thanks.
Oh, Dave, I’m so sorry. That hollow feeling when they’re gone…
I’ll give my two an extra pat for Dickens, and then I’ll hug them for your family till they get really annoyed and squirm away and stalk off, offended. They’ve been trying everything they know, the last couple days, to aggravate me, but I can be a little more patient.
I’m glad you gave him a good home, the mistreated ones rarely get a second chance. You’re good people, and you’ll be in my thoughts.
Me too, Dave. 18 years is a long time together!
Hey, howdy!
Everything that D. Sidhe said, Dave. Sounds like Dickens and B.C. were very fortunate kittehs, to have found such patient, loving humans — and D.’s right — the abused ones rarely get to find good homes, so that makes y’all extra-special.
Thanks for all your kind words. I’m so amazed at the capacity of animals to forgive us humans for all the vile things that are done to them. He was wary of us at first, he didn’t even meow – he just did a little oo-oo thing. But little by little, he came to trust us.
Mary, my wife, always said that Dickens and I were always on the same frequency. She said that he would always to to a window and look out for me about 5 minutes before I would get home from work. No matter what time I came home. Freaky, eh. Anyway, he was always there at the top of the stairs to greet me when I got home, so going home tonight will be incredibly sad.
If our next cats are half as good as Dickens and B.C. we will be blessed.
aw, s.z.! sooo cute! thanks for the update.
HAPPY you’re back s.z.
I just adopted two white haired, blue-eyed kittens (which I DID NOT need!) Dave, your loss is mine and there will be other wonderful, comical and comforting kitties in your life even though those we love are not with us at this point.
Welcome back S.Z.,
I can feel my snark withdrawl easing…ahhh there, the shakes are gone….
TED LIVES!!!!!!!!!
Catch me, Bill, I feel a faint coming on, I’m gettin’ the vapors… somebody find a fainting couch and a fan and some amyl poppers…
And here I thought that he’d never escape our little private dungeon in the basement of Chuck E. Cheez. Tsk. You just can’t count on the hardware the way you used to be able to… Must’ve bought the bolts from Medtronic.
BTW, S.Z., honey, did you get the care package? Did it help at all?

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