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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Noted Without Comment

“But still I am more of a man than any liberal is.”
– Ann Coulter on The O’Reilly Factor
Posted by s.z. on Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 9:20 pm.

17 Responses to “Noted Without Comment”
now there’s a hell of a post-op affirmation
I’m sick of Anne frankly. Her shtick is getting a bit dull. She’s just not as funny as the really earnest nuts like VBen or Pastor Swank or what have you. I dunno, it just seems forced with her, like it’s just to get attention. Unlike the folks at your Clownhall or Korner Kids or Bonzos Children or whatever crummy, cut-rate on-line propaganda rags, who really seem to believe this shit. They really want us to take them seriously. That’s what makes them so entertaining.
It’s called money, honey. That, and the fresh warm blood of virgins in which to bathe shim’s bony remains on a nightly basis, in order to maintain the myths/facades that shim is a she AND was born in the 20th century.
It only rears its angular head when it needs the dough, kids. Whether the adam’s apple can be airbrushed out or not, it only opens its gaping maw during certain low points of the “news cycle,” when Biggus Dickus is up to something from behind the razor-wired walls of his Bahrain palace and cannot be “located” and/or when Chili Bean and Dumbya have stuck their collective foot in it when Unca Dick wasn’t looking, etc. — whenever they need to deflect attention from their truly evil deeds (like destroying the federal courts system from the inside, as they’d already done with the Supremes) and they don’t have a cutesy “oddity” piece by Jeanie Moos or a “heartwarming” story about an amputee/kid with cancer/Lance Armstrong’s missing nut, or best of all, a purely manufactured hype, like Katie Hellmouth Couric going near-postal over a teapot museum (“YOUR TAX MONEY, HARD AT WORK!” — talk about pots and fucking kettles) — that’s when they pull St. Ann Of The Codpiece out of the coffin.
Shim needs fresh $$ to lure young Girls Gone Suicidal to her lair, they need a smokescreen, and there we have the perfect example of how Rupert Murdoch ate up the entire concept/world of journalism and shat it out into what we now call “news.”
Yeah, well the fact remains. Phonies just aren’t as funny as moronic, ignorant, faux-intellectual little twerps who think they are brilliant.
” This is a partial transcript from “The O’Reilly Factor,” June 28, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.”
Emphasis theirs.
” Having 12 million illegal immigrants live in the shadows is better than rewarding them by giving them amnesty, and in point of fact it’s almost, not quite, almost as good as enforcing the laws we have and building a wall.”
Whatta shock. It enjoys the benefits of nearly-legal (for the right people with the right money and the right connections) slavery. Knock me over with a fucking feather.
“That this was defeated so resoundingly by the American people against the wishes of the elites…” (snip)
Thank you, S.Z. — I’m so glad that I actually clicked on the link this time and read this dreck, as scary as it is to spend even a milisecond on FUX turf — you gave me the first laugh that I’ve had all day, and I dearly appreciate it.
“I’ve got to say, I just don’t see that as the desideratum of what our legislation should be.”
Okay, maybe I’m more ignorant that I usually assume myself to be, but I’ve always thought that it was DesideratA — am I wrong?
COULTER: OK. So let’s punish America.
O’REILLY: I am not punishing America at all.
Show of hands, please?
Aren’t we ALLLLLL really being punished, whether guilty or not, by the mere EXISTENCE of these motherfuckers, let alone that they somehow wound up with jobs IN THE MEDIA??!?!?!?!? Where they have MICROPHONES?!?!?!?!
We must’ve done something really bad in our last lives.
But Gundum, doesn’t that still define mAnn Coulter and Bill Falafel-Boy O’Lielly?
Sure, sure, they’re a couple centuries too old to be “little twerps,” but everything else still applies!
Well Annti, I really think that with mAnne it’s just some kind of act (or mental disorder). Falafel is just f-in nuts. I must say, I find the self-styled “deep thinkers” who try to convince us how intelligent and knowledgeable they are when they obviously don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, and have no clue how ridiculous they look. It’s the lack of self-awareness and utter seriousness with which they hold themselves and their pontifications that makes them funny. Somehow I don’t think think even Anne takes Anne seriously.
P.S. You don’t have to be young to be a little twerp, just so long as you’re a twerp at heart.
Oops! it should read
“I must say, I find the self-styled “deep thinkers” who try to convince us how intelligent and knowledgeable they are when they obviously don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, and have no clue how ridiculous they look the most hilarious.”
Should read my stuff more carefully.
There’s no “e” in St. Ann Of The Codpiece’s name. Maybe shim abbreviated it from “Manny.”
And shim DEFINITELY, if you read that transcript, considers itself to be THE expert, not only upon politics, national security, the Constitution (even as it’s being recycled as toilet paper) and John Edwards’ sexuality, but also upon The English Language, so if that’s not a pontificating cunt-fart, I don’t know what is. It’s not an act, that’s Ann’s actual ego, and I can smell it from here.
I feel sad.
You’ll survive.
Or you won’t.
In any event, mAnn Coulter still won’t be human and isn’t worthy of your sympathy, empathy, or other consideration. Save it for people (LIVING people, not the undead nor the “pre-born”) who try to do something to BETTER this world.
You know about those translation programs, where you write something in English and its translated to, say, French, with halarious results? Well, Goldberg & crew have a translation program, too. They take ignorant, vicious redneck writings and run them thru their Two Dollar-Word programs, (Not to be confused with ‘Word’)and bam! It sounds ed-gew-cated! But senseless- halarity ensues!
Ann -
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…
But only if I get to look in a mirror…or a shiny shield…yeah, that’s it… like Perseus with the Gorgon… don’t want my gonads shriveling and turning to stone…
Prophet, you just about made me re-launch my corndogs.
Bad prophet, BAD PROPHET!!!
No biscuit.
Yes, yes. Thank you. It is “Ann,” not “Anne” for She Who Must Not Be Named.
So the clouds of denial have lifted from the eyes of Herr Coulter…
Hey Mann Coulter! Want to arm wrestle? Betch I break that skinny arm of yours before you even get the urge to begin. And this from a Liberal who’s more socialist than one of those weak-kneed American Democrats. And if you think the French have a history of rolling over in the face of conflict, you don’t know shit about history, bitch.

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