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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Latest Entertainment News . . .

 . . .courtesy of the marquee of the local multiplex:
Nancy Drew Knocked Up.
Well, we know the responsible party can’t be the ineffectual Ned Nickerson, so who do you think is the Baby Daddy?

Posted by s.z. on Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 8:42 pm.

16 Responses to “The Latest Entertainment News . . .”
One of those damn Hardy boys, I’ll bet.
them or the Bang Gang, I say
No clue… I was always more of an Encyclopedia Brown & Trixie Belden girl, m’self, way back in the days that dinosaurs roamed the earth alongside Adam & Eve.
Its the Hardy Boys, can’t remember which one, but they’re trying to think of ways to get Nancy out of the sleuthing scene. Well, they’ve gone and done it now, question is, will Nancy give up her career and be a stay at home or will she eschew traditional marriage and trudge on forward with the career?
I hear Simon and Schuster might be making offers for a book deal.
My money’s on Bert Bobbsey.
My money’s on Bert Bobbsey.
Well…yeah, Bert supplied the sperm, but it was Nan who handled the turkey baster…
Nancy Drew is Mary Cheney in The Frozen Spooge Mystery.
Can I blogwhore my Transformers review here? It really seems like this crowd would dig it. So, unless Scott or S.Z. planned on reviewing it, you can find my version at No More Mister Nice Blog or at my own place.
It’s not one of the Hardy boys. They aren’t really brothers. That’s just what they tell people to explain their living arrangement.
I was more into Encylopedia Brown as a kid too. (As a grownup, I found myself watching that cable show based on it-the one produced by “Savage’ Steve Holland. Should I be embarrassed by that?)
kate writes: “Its the Hardy Boys, can’t remember which one,…”
Well, really, it’d kinda have to be Joe. Everybody in Bayport knows he’d screw a rip in a fur coat. Well, everybody but Iola’s brother Chet, that is.
Incidentally, TCM recently ran the entirety of the Nancy Drew movies that Warner Brothers did in the late ’30s (4 of ‘em, I think) with the delightful Bonita Granville kicking ass as the plucky girl detective, and they were some of the best dumb fun I’ve had in ages.
Anyway, in the WarnerBros flicks her boyfriend Ned is renamed Ted. Later, she’d appear in “The Glass Key” as Opal “Snip” Madvig along with Alan Ladd, playing the Dash Hammett character Ned Beaumont, who Paramount renamed Ed.
I don’t know what this means.
It means that I shouldn’t feel so bad for having “no life,” is what it means.
“…he’d screw a rip in a fur coat.”
I am SO stealing that line.
P.S. Sorry that I forgot to say this last time, but no, Bill, you shouldn’t feel bad… unless you were hot for Encyclopedia Brown (after you’d passed the age of majority), at which point I’d start to worry.
But since you’re not Karl Rove OR his dad, or Mark Foley, I know that I’ve no reason to be concerned.
No, I was not hot for E.B., not then or when I was 12. I was a fan of “Savage” Steve after seeing “Better OffDead”, “One Crazy Summer” and the short-lived Fox series “The Adventures of Beans Baxter”.
I have a younger brother named Ned, and in kindergarten he let people call him “Eddie”, but it just didn’t take, and he went back to Ned. His kid’s named Ned too, but the little guy’s mother, AKA the Heartless Be-otch Who Dumped My Brother And Crushed His Heart, insited on calling him “Edward”. My brother cringes when someone calls him that. (He has primary custody, BTW.)
Then the kid is obviously much better-off and will undoubtedly turn out nearly as cool as his Uncle Bill.
And “Better Off Dead” is one of my FAVORITE. MOVIES. OF. ALL. FUCKING. TIME!!!!!!
And that fat boy with the Medusa mother, who held the cute French exchange student hostage — is that a perfect prediction of Jonah Doughy Pantload Goldberg, or WHAT?!?!??!?! Hell, even the mutha is PERFECT as Lucianne!!!
(Who knew that this film would be so prescient… Not as much so as “Max Headroom,” but still… unnerving.)
Well, I dunno-the mother/son duo in “The Unseen” might be closer to the mark-or are they more like Midge & J-Pod?

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