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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Beast Blogging


“So what am I?  Huh?  You give up?  I’m a Walter Keane painting!”

And Moondoggie…

“Ah, now that’s what I call full manual release…”

10 Responses to “Friday Beast Blogging”

I just noticed that Riley looks a lot like Jessiecat, the thin waif I’m fostering who lost her kittens. The world of cat geneology must be a confusing one.
Well, S.Z., think about it — cats can have an almost unlimited amount of baby-daddies for each litter, and then there’s the kissin’-cousins happenstance of ferals (not to mention the hoity-toity breeders, well, IN-breeders) — every cat on the planet is probably far more closely related than we would care to ponder (at least without banjo music in the background).
Cats, to me, are like Marines — all that they wanna do is eat, sleep, fuck and fight. Not necessarily in that order, but you know what I mean. Only the ones who choose domestic life have the fifth desire for affection and/or slavish attention from their bipedal servants.
I wish that I could get the kinds of pictures that you & Scott do — y’all’s cats are always so mellow, so very much in possession of their living spaces, that we get to see them in all their regal glory. My two, having to live with THEM, are always on alert, even when they’re half-unconscious, and whenever I get out the camera, they look at me like I’m taking a mug shot. *sigh*
Such beauties you’ve got there, Scott & Mary. Do they even *know* how good that they’ve got it?
Well, I think Moondoggie might know, since his adoption from street-to shelter-to us was much more recent, and Riley might recall a little bit what it was like, when she’s not sleeping or hording the cat toys…
Has Moondoggie put on some weight? I’m betting he know just how made he’s got it! Treats, tidbits and people to worship him (as well they should!)
That’s not moondoggie, that is You Pathetic Bastard aka PattyRat.
Whiniest cat I’ve ever fed, and I’ve fed hundreds of cats.
I can’t say I “own” him, because who owns a cat?
My wife says I was an ancient Egyptian in my previous life because cats seem to worship me. I think they just play on my sympathies.
I can’t stand to see a hungry, homeless cat.
That’s ’cause you’re good people, Merl. People who can see starving animals and ignore them, well, they deserve the same from their fellow semi-humans, dontcha think?
And somebody did the old but still great joke the other day — A dog looks at a human and says, “She provides me food and shelter, and pets me — She must be a GOD!” A cat looks at a human and says, “He provides me food and shelter and affection/worship, I must be a god!”
Amen, Antti.
I am so pathetic that a fucking possum comes into my house through the pet door to eat. The greasy fucker will scratch at the door when I close the pet door.
I took the Aryan Sisterhood Terrorist Duo to the vet for the 2nd set of shots (no rabies till they’re 3 months old) and the lady vet showed me Biped, the two-legged orange cat that tangled with two dogs before help intervened Such a sweet, purring love of a cat…once she got her balance, she could hop around pretty well. Sad to watch but she’s got herself a good gig as a clinic cat!
Awwww… I’m so glad that they helped Biped — so many people would’ve just put her down
And Merl, darlin’, I don’t think that the gawds of the critter realm would hold it against you if you went after that nasty-ass possum with a broom handle. I can’t stand the fucking things, myself — they hiss and bare their fangs and they’re the most hideous things I’ve seen this side of Jesus’ General’s portrait of a nearly-nekkid Dick Cheney with JimmyJeff GannonGuckert.
I’ve never hunted, I could never kill a squirrel or a deer or a rabbit or any of the other animals that hunters usually stalk — but possums, armadillos and snakes are kinda off the radar, as far as I’m concerned.

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