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Friday, June 27, 2014

Do Androids Dream Of Plastic Ponies?

My sister was visiting friends in a upscale enclave in San Diego county, and snapped this picture while perambulating:
She wrote: Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?  Taken on a walk near the grounds of La Costa.  And there are two more pulse-challenged fillies to the right of these little beauties, not in the photo.  Seriously people?  2 million dollar home and not enough coin left for the real thing?  Not zoned for livestock and making a political statement?  Just plain wacko??  Thank God there was no lawn jockey!
We can only hope the economy improves before rich people start dressing up their life-size Nativity scene figures like illegal immigrants and posing them in the yard with leaf blowers and Weed Whackers just to keep up appearances.

Posted by scott on Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 11:11 am

7 Responses to “Do Androids Dream Of Plastic Ponies?”

I bet on that horse once.
You were expecting pink flamingoes?
I see mostly plastic deer in my (red) neck of the woods. I guess the polymer ponies are the tonier of pulse-less pets.
I’ve never shot a mammal in my life, but something about a plastic deer (and now horse) really puts me in a mood to loose an arrow in its flank, not out of judgment or scorn, but because it just seems like it’d be fun.
We get cows around here. It could be worse, we used to see cigar store Indians.
Hi. Your sister’s photo made me write a poem tonite:
Then, one by one, the family
Members mount their fleet and proud
Plastic unsteady steed. They snap at
Awkward lawn grins; dismounting quickly to
Feast on twists and juleps. They days later paint a
Legacy; O! What Great Cowboy Hi-Jinx! in pamphlet
Form for O! What Lucrative Party they’ve devised!
Soon after soft champagne and bent elbows
End, will this family wearily wash their losses from the flat
Racing grass. They hose their hungry horse
Down for some fair contribution.
It is sure,
A nice horse.
Looks like they’ve been recently waxed. I prefer McGuiars, but some go for the Turtle Wax. Are those birds or Malibu lights on the ground around them? Decoys?
Of course, now I totally get the Toby Keith movie “Beer For My Horses”…
*rolling eyes*

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