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Friday, June 27, 2014

McCain Receives Biker Support In Exchange For Use Of His Old Lady

McCain sticks to reality base
Pastor Swank was delighted by the way John McCain embraced the Way of the Hog this week, offering the crowds some hard, unvarnished truths, sensible policy proposals, and a peek at his wife’s tits.
John McCain was addressing the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. His speech was reality-based, far different than the fantasy-celebrity-Islamic B. Hussein Obama base.
That’s Obama’s base?   Just goes to show you can’t trust the media, when they continue to report that Senator Obama “has trouble” connecting with Hispanics, working class whites, and imaginary Islamic celebrities.
Reality. It’s becoming increasinly a strange virtue.
I think I’ve got a new motto.  Thanks, Pastor Swank!
Reality means sacrificing one’s own wishes for what is. Reality dictates that self submit to the actual milieu rather than carve out a more convenient travel.
Exactly.  As Robert Frost so movingly wrote:
Two travels diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the travel less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
There is a B. Hussein cult already formed. It is given to the craze. Its members don’t read, don’t heed.
They also don’t knead, don’t speed.  Or weed or seed, I must concede.
When McCain spoke to the bikers, he was more than in his element. They would not tolerate for a second the contrived. McCain gave them reality. He spoke simply the facts. He became one of them.
He drank a case of Pabst and got jumped into the club, then broke a pool cue over a cop’s head and flashed his man-boobs at a beauty contest.  That’s a little something we like to call “presidential timber.”
Interestingly and importantly, Cindy McCain brought about the same chemistry when taking the microphone. While quite the wealthy female, she stayed with the reality quotient and matched her audience in splendor.
It was a near thing, but thankfully no other skank managed to out-dress her.
If America wants to remain on track, it must keep to the reality gear.
And stop double-clutching!
That is why the B. Hussein’s doctrine is the Loser Maximum. It is dishonest on so many multi-dimensional levels as to be frightening to the real-thinking citizens of this country. B. Hussein has belonged to a dishonest political plant known as Jeremiah Wright’s church.
Even liberal Hollywood admit this!  (Although in the movie, the name of Jeremiah Wright’s dishonest political plant was changed to “Audrey II” in order to avoid litigation.)
B. Hussein has tied up with dishonest Muslims in Illinois via the Nation of Islam. B. Hussein’s biography is fraught with untruths. His birth certificate is dishonest — a fake. And so forth and so forth.
I’m so filled with righteous rage right now I could scream!, etc., etc.
The decision before this nation is to empower reality from Atlantic to Pacific or wed to the death wish. It is that stark a choice.
So think long and hard before you vote on Proposition 8, which, if approved, will amend the California constitution to define marriage “solely as a union between America and a death wish.”

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