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Friday, June 27, 2014

You Got Your Jesus In My Hitler!

Over at Roy’s place, he notes that Victor Davis “We Who Are About To Watch You Die From A Comfortable Distance Salute You!” Hanson implies that the change of venue for the Democratic nominee’s acceptance speech betrays a messiah complex (although he’s slightly more subtle about it than Jonah Goldberg, whose habit of modifying every singe mention of Obamas with the words “messiah,” or “messianic” is fast becoming a tic)…
Then I noticed he has plans to move his speechmaking at the convention to a large outdoor arena, to allow the ‘people’ the right to hear him en masse. Now he negotiates to address Berliners in Kennedy/Reagan style (but weren’t they already presidents?) in front of the Brandenburg Gate? Next? No doubt the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.
Roy concludes:  “At National Review, at the moment, you can see Obama compared to both Hitler and Jesus. Surely this must be some kind of first.”
Which got me reminiscing in the comments about that old Saturday Night Live bit, “What if Superman had landed in Germany as a baby?”  Or, to roll the NRO way, “What if Jesus hadn’t been born in Bethlehem, but in Berchtesgaden?”
“Ah, obergruppenfuehrer Christ, I see you’ve solved the problem of our shortage of Hutzelbrot and herring for the Nuremberg Rally! Excellent work, as always. Herr Speer says you’re quite the miracle worker…”
Posted by scott on July 9th, 2008

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