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Friday, June 27, 2014

My Pope Can Beat Up Your Presidential Candidate

From The Corner
PHEW   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
I read that Obama had 200,000 people at his rally today. The pope has him beat — my friends at The National Catholic Register tell me “nearly 300,000″ went to see B16 last weekend in Australia. It’s not that my faith would have been tested had Obama managed more. But I can’t speak for stricter numbers watchers, so I like the safety in bigger papal numbers.
I assume this competition will follow the usual path of escalation:  trash-talk, shoulder-shoves, then the whole thing will climax with Senator Obama and Pope Benedict drag-racing for pink slips.

Posted by scott on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 10:01 pm

9 Responses to “My Pope Can Beat Up Your Presidential Candidate”

The Pope’s been around for nearly 2000 years. Most of Europe has only known about Barack Obama for a few months. And he ain’t even the President yet…
Um, what? Does anybody know what she’s trying to say there? Because I have no clue. Admittedly that’s the standard reaction to most K.L. posts. But still…is it that she thinks people will stop believing in the Pope if Obama gets a larger crowd than him? That’s pretty stupid, but it’s the only theory I’ve got.
I believe her point is that Catholicism is half again more popular than the Democratic Party’s probable candidate for the President of the United States of America. In other news, olive oil is somewhat more popular than “Cockatoo Fancy” magazine, and the number seven is apparently more popular than the Tilt-A-Whirl in the mall parking lot in Beaverton, Oregon.
I, for one, appreciate K-Lo’s ability to provide these moments of clarity.
D. Sidhe—thanks for the explanation. I was about to scratch into my skull.
Eric Osama will never be elected as the war president of the USA of America, as he is a Muslin terrorist, just like the rest of you communist LIE-brals. George Willard Bush is the jet pilot hero of the Battle of Iraq which he won when he landed on that carrier and said “Mission Accomplished” after carrying out his campain of shock and awe on the assembled press core. You LIE-brals can’t win this or any election against Mr. President-For-Life Bush, so why don’t you just surrender and put those terra bags on your head ’cause you’re going to Gitmo for being Russian traitors!
Well, dammit. The troll I ordered for HeyDave’s birthday finally shows up and it’s *this* factory second model. Sorry, HeyDave. I’ll stuff him back in the giant novelty cake and send him back.
Yes, I agree, the thong with the “badge” pinned to the front *is* in poor taste. Seriously, the one I ordered had a tiny chef’s hat and apron on. It was really cute. This? Bah.
LOL! Nice summary, Scott!
So let me see…on the one hand, we have a man, a Senator who is running for office drawing 200,000 people in a country we have had disagreements with over Iraq, most of whom had never heard of him before this Spring, and on the other hand, the leader of arguably the most powerful political and religious force in history drawing 300,000 faithful in a land whose religious plurality is Catholic.
I’m sorry, I gotta give this round to Obama. Maybe if the Popemobile can be souped up with a hemi and some Nos….
It smells more like a poor imitation of a right wing troll.
See? Not enough “wet wool” scent…
I was waiting for her to say the Pope cock blocked Barack. And then to demand extra points for rhyming. Shhhhhheeeeesh that is one very weird woman.

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