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Friday, June 27, 2014

Mother Used Baby Barack As Mule To Smuggle A-Bomb Plans!

Over at No Quarter, were Obsession meets Paranoia to create the world’s worst impostor fragrance, blogger TexasDarlin has been on the hunt for Obama’s birth certificate with the single-minded relentlessness of Ahab, if Ahab was not particularly interested in killing Moby Dick, but fiercely determined to find the white whale’s middle school report cards to prove he got a D+ in 8th grade civics class and had to take summer school.  A brief list of her recent posts dating back just to June 20th demonstrats that by comparison, Ahab was a dilettante:
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While this list betrays a certain unflattering fixation, it does make me feel better about the frequency with which I make fun of Jonah Goldberg.  Today’s post, Michelle Contradicts Barack’s Biography, is especially sizzling, and proves that the pretender to the Democratic nomination is a liar and, worse than that…a BASTARD!
Michelle Obama contradicted the embedded story-line of her husband’s biography Thursday, as reported by The Huffington Post:
His own mother, she said at the beginning of her remarks, was “very young and very single when she had him.”
Oops, Michelle forgot the script.
But she confirmed my suspicions that Barack’s parents were NOT married when he was born, and were not even together.
So!  Barack Obama Sr. knocked up Stanley Ann Dunham and then abandoned her and the child?!  That does seem suspicious!  It sounds much more like something John McCain would do.
And that makes Stanley Ann Dunham’s Aug. 61 trip to Mercer Island even more mysterious.
For the sake of context, we can either study the Nancy Drew book, The Mystery of Mercer Island, or we can just refer to Tex’s  June 25th post,Honolulu-Seattle, Roundtrip in ’61?:
Why would Ann Dunham, at age 18, travel from Honolulu to Mercer Island (outside of Seattle) with a newborn infant for a “brief” visit?
Because she went to high school there, and wanted to show off the baby to friends?  And because she was smuggling top secret A-Bomb plans in the Young Barack’s diaper, but that goes without saying.
What were the logistics of a Honolulu-Seattle round trip in 1961: how long was the flight, and how much would the trip have cost?
Well, jet travel between U.S. and Hawaii began 1959, so I imagine the logistics were similar to now.  As to cost, that’s a relative thing, and we can’t really determine the Dunhams’ net worth in 1961 until we’ve analyzed their kitchen countertops for trace elements of granite.
Were there any restrictions about flying with newborn babies in 1961?
Not as long as they fit securely under your seat.
Did Dunham travel alone with “Barry” (the name Blake used) or was she accompanied by Barack Sr., her mother, or others?
These questions may seem irrelevant to the sort of job Obama would do as President.  But consider this — if his mother took the newborn Barack to meet her case officer in 1961, but was being shadowed by Barack Obama, Sr. — a known operative of Kenyan Intelligence who was secretly employed as a double-agent by a mysterious spymaster known only as “The Caliph” — then Stanley Ann would have had to kill him and and bury the body somewhere on wooded Mercer Island before delivering her baby to a dead-drop.
Is it possible that Dunham actually delivered Barry someplace close to Mercer Island — either in the US or Canada — and she popped in to visit Ms. Blake on her way back to Hawaii?
There’s no other explanation!
NOTE: The Chicago Tribune story linked above explains that Ann Dunham spent her high-school years on Mercer Island, where she bonded with a close-knit group of friends and teachers. She did not want to leave, but Stanley Dunham, her father, transferred the family to Honolulu shortly after Ann’s 1960 graduation from Mercer Island High. About one year later, Ann gave birth to Barry.
Oh.  Okay, so that puts an end to the whole conspiracy angle, right?  Back to today’s post…
Ann was not on her way to visit Barack Sr. at Harvard, as her friend told me. First of all, Barack Sr. didn’t go to Harvard until 1963 (or late 62?)
Or maybe he didn’t go at all!  Maybe he went to MIT — which is also in Boston, more or less — but not as a student.  Maybe he worked there as a janitor who secretly solved complex equations he found left behind on blackboards while he was mopping up at night, just like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting!  That would explain the discrepency.
Secondly, they weren’t together then, as Michelle confirmed Thursday.
So there’d be no reason to assume he’d want to see his son, or that Ann and Barack Sr. might have been considering a reconciliation now that they’d had a child together.  After all, she was just his baby mama.
I can’t imagine that 18-year-old Ann would travel from Honolulu to Boston with a 3-week-old baby, ALONE, to visit the ex-boyfriend (baby Barack’s father), even if he were at Harvard then.  I can’t imagine her parents would let her.
Exactly!  Given that she’d had a baby out of wedlock with a black man in 1961, you can see what a tight leash they’d always kept her on.
Why did Stanley Ann Dunham pass through Mercer Island in Aug. 1961?
It’s like the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, Tex.  The World May Never Know.
Posted by scott on July 13th, 2008

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