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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Anti-Blog Dog

Well, I tried to update World o’ Crap, but Bailey the Anti-Idiotarian Cocker objected to my using her ad hoc pillow to summon up Townhall and Memeorandum.
So now it looks like normal blogging won’t resume until after nap time.

Posted by scott on Thursday, July 30th, 2009 at 1:47 pm.

23 Responses to “Anti-Blog Dog”

But adorable, nonetheless.
She was merely trying to protect your brain.
…adorable was the first thing that came to my mind, too- what a darling. Is this someone you picked up in an airport bar, or what?
Bill S, I need an equally adorable sidekick to save my brain too. And so sweetly done! No smashing of the machinery, just a soft pretty kissable pup on my lap with her head on my keyboard, telling me in Doglish to stay away from the damn intertubes and just scritch behind her ears already.
….good boy…(or girl!)..
I’m pleased to see you’ve joined TBogg as one of the few liberal bloggers who acknowledges the existence of dogs.
When have we ever NEGLECTED the existence of dogs? Many of us live in apartments, where dogs would require much bigger deposits or are not allowed at all, whereas cats are easier to get through management or PAST management. Aside from the occasional nocturnal crashing of large pieces of furniture, cats DO generally tend to be quieter, until it’s breakfast, lunch, snack or dinnertime. THEN they raise hell.
And wtf is wrong with “cat people”? This is not a deficiency, it’s an ATTRIBUTE.
In this dog-centric country where cats are OFTEN still treated as VERMIN, it takes a certain AESTHETIC to appreciate and advocate for cats, whereas everybody and their brother has a friggin’ DOG.
Scott & Mary take on a canine overlord, along with their two masterful feline overlords, and instead of praising their capacity for loving & providing for the critters, you make it into an invective against both libruls AND cats.
How many cranes is it gonna take to pull that longleaf pine tree outta your ass?
I at no point SUGGESTED that anything was WRONG with cats, or pretty much ANYTHING else that you say I said. Quite ASTONISHING that someone could infer so MUCH from one SENTENCE.
Sheesh indeed.
I’m deeply pro-dog (grew up with ‘em, never owning a cat til I was well into adulthood and rescued a stray from the corner of 10th Street and Avenue C one rainy night in the East Village). Unfortunately, our building doesn’t permit dogs, and barely tolerates cats, so I’m reduced to monopolizing poor Bailey, my niece’s dog, during our bi-annual visits to the Great Northwest.
Until Nom mentioned it, I never actually noticed that most liberal bloggers who post about their pets seem to exclusively prefer cats. I wonder if it’s because most of us are effete, urban elitists who dwell in high density artificial anthills.
And Annti, I didn’t read anything contra-dog in Nom’s observation.
I didn’t read anything contra-dog in Nom’s observation.
You mean contra-cat, but you’re right in either case. I’m actually as neutral as they come on this issue.
I’ve puzzled over the liberal blogger cat fixation for some time now, and I still don’t have a working theory. I’ve heard it argued that cats are more independent “free-thinkers”, thereby providing an attraction for liberal-minded people. I frankly have my doubts about this. My experience of both species is that they are more or less equally needy and dependent, though cats dole out their gratitude more sparingly, perhaps leading some to the conclusion that they’re more independent.
I prefer cats. Always have. Don’t know why & don’t care to analyze it because I have dogs & love ‘em also. Hell, I donate cat/dog food monthly at the shelter cuz I can’t adopt them all and I’d love to win the lottery and have a no kill shelter myself. I’d advertise that all abused would be welcome but I’d have to limit myself to the four-legged variety…….there’s only so much room you know! Now I’m lucky as I live in the country on 2 acres so this only pertains to me but one of the MANY reasons I love cats is the fact that they clean up. Put some litter in a box and voila. A cat makes stink and usually(cuz two out of three ain’t bad) will cover it up. But we know that felines are fickle and contrary because I adopted a kitten from the shelter and my other 3 cats are in several stages of jealousy/pissed off mode. And the deaf white one has taken to shitting in the kitchen sink which I’m not freaking over cuz could be worse right? Could be diaherra on carpet. I’m personally too lazy to walk a dog, pick up their shit and dispose of it.
I also meant to make paragraphs out of a ramble. Please proof-read if you must.
Maybe if you took a librul blogger census and found out where they mostly live – multistory anthill, suburban sprawl, or bucolic acreage – the question, as Scott suggests, would answer itself.
I’m neutral, too — love ‘em all — but dogs do require more time in seeing to their eliminational needs, if nothing else. (Unless you follow the practice of putting them out by themselves in an enclosure or on a chain, and just leaving them there indefinitely, which is not a good thing.)
Maybe liberal bloggers are pressed for time? How about rightist bloggers?
I love love love cats and dogs, and I most of all love it when cats and dogs live in the same household and adore each other.
So now please take a moment with me to note the passing of a mighty fine black cat named Mocha. He and his golden retriever buddy shared a lovely house for 13 years. OMG, did he love her. He would snuggle up and lick her ears. She’d kind of lean on him a little, not wanting to squish him, but for sure he was the more ardent of the pair. And the golden retriever was his second dog! Mocha passed away at the age of twenty-two (22), and right up till the last few days was able to ambulate, eat, and see to his litterbox. He had a good life and an excellent death. I loved him a bunch.
What a lovely tribute, Lark. My sympathies to you, and my congratulations to Mocha for having pulled off a long and happy life — with his own golden retriever! Now that’s living.
You got some hairy-ass knees, son.
You got some hairy-ass knees, son.
To say nothing of my hairy-knees ass.
To say nothing of my hairy-knees ass.
I don’t care what your sex games are or what his name is…
If you two will settle-down the BDSM foreplay, I’d just like to say that I send my most heartfelt condolences to Larkspur over the loss of the much-beloved Mocha. That was one damned lucky cat, to have lived such a wonderful and love-filled life.
And if he’s out there in the universe somewhere, having escaped the gravitational pull of this planet, here’s hoping that he’s pissing on the heads (living or dead) of every cat-hater who ever lived.
Just got MY babies back from their two-week sojourn into THEIR “country house” where they beat-up on Moose for amusement(don’t worry, he’s bigger than them and usually asks for it), graze like cattle and lie in semi-sunny spots, roasting like very furry carrion. Missed them SO much, but couldn’t bend over to tend to their less-glorious productions, etc. So I am very damned grateful in the cat department, to have my two spoiled-rotten, heavier-than-a-terrier, big black brats back. They’re 11 next month, and I can only hope that they’ll make it to 22, and be nearly as happy as Mocha was.
I think that and entire species is bad, evil, or annoying, (unless you are talking about bugs, that we can all respect)are senseless. there are tons of evil people right?
Anonomouse? WHAT species? Might wanna define that before you hit the button, hon. And if you’re toking, it’s puff-puff-PASS, dammit, don’t bogart that joint!
AnntiSC, I ran anonmouse’s offering through a batch of translators (German, French, Spanish, Galician, and back), which usually helps me understand stuff better. I’m not sure it worked this time.
“I believe that all species is bad, bad, or bored (unless these are all errors that respect) have no effect. There are tons of people or evil?”
Umm, yes?
Lark, honey, I applaud your linguistic bravery, but I think that we may have to wait for Aononmouse to bring her/his very own itty-bitty Rosetta Stone into the euquation. Sometimes it’s a good deed, sometimes it’s just wasting time that you could spend eating something or someone delicious.

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