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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where There’s Smoke…

Well, what with the sulfurous pall and the triple digit temperatures, we’re either experiencing a crappy summer, or a great viral marketing campaign for Hell.  The fire isn’t even particularly close, and yet there’s a huge plume of smoke roiling over the hills behind our building.
And the next wingnut who smugly declares that his unseasonably cool local weather means global climate change is a myth will be cordially invited to eat the ashes I just scraped off my windshield.  The buffet line forms to the right, ladies and gents.

Posted by scott on Saturday, August 29th, 2009 at 3:31 pm

8 Responses to “Where There’s Smoke…”

If you hadn’t said that it’s a smoke cloud, Scott, I would have thought it was a big white summer cumulus building up to thunderhead status, portending rain. They often look like that on hot summer afternoons where I live (northern NJ). Wow, that’s a lot of smoke. Stay safe.
Wood ash is good for adding some pH neutrality to acid soils, plus some nutrients, but I don’t recall hearing that it improves human mental function. But perhaps your goal in inviting wingnuts to eat your ash was not altruistic?
…if you’d just go metric, you’d only be experiencing double digit temperatures (take that, global warming!)
[what about Kelvin? ...]
[ssshh, you!!!]
Scott & Mary, if one idiot makes any stoopid remarks about “global warming being left-wing propaganda,” I promise, I will most certainly instruct them, most vehemently, to eat your ash.
And please be keerful out there. It may be a bit away in the distance yet, but y’all know how fast that fire can jump and flow over those mountains and hills.
OT, but I found this MOST informative: did y’all know that, according to the Baton Redneck Republicunt Rouge “media,” that Gustav was a “Worse” hurricane than KATRINA?!??! Why, it took almost TWO DAYS to get electricity re-established to THE COUNTRY CLUB OF LOUISIANA. Tragic!
Who, me? Why no, I have absolutely NO arsonist tendencies or fantasies whatsofuckingever. Besides, it’s raining right now, kinda hard to make it look believable that a McMansion just “happened” to be dry enough to go up like kindling in the middle of a blustering thunderstorm. Oh, sure, lightning strikes DO happen, but not this far into the deluge are they likely to start a mansion conflagration.
But hey, a woman can always dream, right?
Keep us posted as to the fires and how y’all are, k?
Wow, that is one ominous “plume”. Be careful, Scott and Mary.
The church steeple in the photo is a nice effect though; kinda offsets the screaming immorality (in teh rethug mind anyway) of the Hollywood sign. In an old black and white movie that church alone would be enough to save your neighborhood from encroaching flames. You live in full color though, so keep an eye out!
Thanks for noticing, String; I liked the contrast between the sign and the steep myself. That’s a image, by the way, of what I liked to think of as the Good Church in the neighborhood — very progressive and gay friendly.
I worried that it might be a university building (ivory tower, aloof from reality, complicit in [whatever]). Come to think of it, I shouldn’t have worried.
La plume de ma torch.

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