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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fat People Got No Reason To Live

Over at FoxNews, the sylph-like Neil Cavuto explored whether Surgeon General nominee Dr. Regina Benjamin was too fat to serve her country, by interviewing a former gym owner sporting a “No Chubbies” t-shirt.  The segment aroused a considerable amount of public ire, which the network attempted to assuage by issuing an apology to Dr. Benjamin, and extending an offer for her and her family to winter in Bill O’Reilly’s dewlap.  ABC News then picked up the scent, exposing the nominee as “full-figured,” suggesting that photos of her “round cheeks” send “the wrong message as the public face of America’s health initiatives,” and concluding that the only worse possible choice for the post would have been Dizzy Gillespie.
Bloggers at speculated that Benjamin is 40 pounds overweight, perhaps a size 18.  The nominee didn’t return calls from, so there is no information about how much she weighs or her eating and exercise habits.
That’s it?  Whatever happened to hard-nosed investigative journalism in this country?  Why, if Woodward and Bernstein had taken “no comment” for an answer, we might never have discovered the criminal excesses of the Nixon White House, or worse, never learned that the President himself wore a girdle and secretly shopped at Lane Bryant.
So, as usual, the task of sniffing out the harsh truths that the MSM covers up like a cat kicking Fresh Step over its steaming ejecta falls to the relentless bloodhounds of the right blogosphere.  Take it away, Astute Bloggers!
Cavuto raises a good point. Maybe someone who obviously downs sticks of butter all day shouldn’t be telling us how to be healthy and what’s good for us. I would sooner approve of Joe Camel as Surgeon General. He might actually live to see 70. This chick will not. Another seemingly inexplicable Obama appointment.
Yeah, who could gin up an ounce of respect for an undisciplined loser like this:
In 1990, she founded the Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic to serve the Gulf Coast fishing community of Bayou La Batre, Alabama, a village of approximately 2,500 residents devastated twice in the past decade by Hurricanes Georges, in 1998, and Katrina, in 2005. Despite scarce resources, Benjamin has painstakingly rebuilt her clinic after each disaster and set up networks to maintain contact with patients scattered across multiple evacuation sites. She has established a family practice that allows her to treat all incoming patients, many of whom are uninsured, and frequently travels by pickup truck to care for the most isolated and immobile in her region…[S]he also plays key roles statewide and nationally, helping others establish clinics in remote areas of the country and serving in leadership positions in such health-related organizations as the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians. With a deep, firsthand knowledge of the pressing needs and health disparities afflicting rural, high-poverty communities, Benjamin is ensuring that the most vulnerable among us have access to high-quality care.
At a time when 47 million Americans are without health insurance, and many people are being bankrupted by medical expenses, what canthis woman possibly bring to the issue, besides a love of drawstring sweat pants?  Anyway, back to the Astute Ones:
Somebody who looks like this has absolutely no right to tell me how to live my life. None. He clearly picked her because she’s a pseudo-socialist:
Benjamin, 52, is founder of the Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic, which serves the poor, uninsured and other underserved patients in Mobile County, Ala.
Benjamin gained acclaim for her determination to rebuild her clinic after hurricanes George in 1998 and Katrina in 2005 shuttered the building. In 2006, a fire destroyed Benjamin’s clinic just after flood damage was repaired. During this period, Benjamin, who often administers medical services to her patients for free, and her staff operated the clinic from a Federal Emergency Management Agency trailer.
Hers is the ultimate commie-shovel story. Followed to its logical conclusion, there will not be a single doctor left in America. This lardass is the only doctor in America who would advocate Obamacare. That’s why he picked her.
“Caring for the poor and sick again, Comrade Jesus?  Well maybe your healing touch can do something for my stomach, because your bolshevism makes me want to puke!”
But hey, she won an award named for a terrorist who married a cannibal.
That would be the Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights, given by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (AKA the Comintern), and named after a man who spent his life resisting apartheid, thus proving that he was yet another Sonia Sotomayor-style “racialist” with a fixation on identity politics and a determination to keep the White Man down.  And what sort of subversive organization would honor a woman tainted by association with a Nobel Peace Prize-winning terrorist?  Catholic Healing East (”A Transforming, Healing Presence”) which goes by the flagrantly seditious acronym CHE.  Figures.
Now ordinarily, you’d think wingnuts would approve of an organization that describes itself thusly:  “The Hope Ministries is a public juridic person, an entity recognized by the Roman Catholic Church that allows for and facilities the sponsorship of ministries in the name of the Church.”  But according to the Astute Bloggers’ standards, Mother Teresa was also a Red, and the article they link to (”Two New Members Join Catholic Health East’s Hope Ministries”), actually compares Dr. Benjamin to the Blessed Nun of Calcutta:  “Dr. Benjamin…received the National Caring Award, which was inspired by Mother Teresa.”
So if we’re ever going to stop socialized medicine in this country, the first thing we’ve got to do is eliminate Christian charity, because it’s making the poor uppity and interfering with Natural Selection.  Second, beat up some nuns.  Third, sneak into the Department of Health and Human Services and plaster the Surgeon General’s office door with a bunch of No Fat Chicks bumperstickers.

Posted by scott on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 9:18 pm.

30 Responses to “Fat People Got No Reason To Live”

What a sack of shit Astute is. Not very witty I know, but it seems appropriate. This is really the best slurs he can come up with? Is fat and cares about the well being of others?
“Somebody who looks like this has absolutely no right to tell me how to live my life. None.”
How do you feel about rich draft dodgers sending Americans off to war? Did Bush and Cheney have that right?
Of course, if she looked like a female bodybuilder or simply the kind of person who jogs five miles a day, they’d be screaming about her being a health Nazi and hyperventilating that she was going to make veganism mandatory and eliminate the sale of junk food and soda. It’s almost like they’re not “happy” unless they’re bitterly complaining about something.
Nelson Mandela a terrorist who married a cannibal? I take umbrage against this particular comment. What planet does this dipshit live on? Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years following the Rivonia trial. He was convicted on charges of sabotage aimed at overthrowing the apartheid government. Mandela has been married three times, none of his past wives, nor his current one, Graca Machel, have ever been accused of cannibalism. The astute shit-for-brains bloggers simply employ a trope beloved of racists, neo-nazis and other human detritus.
On the other hand, Mandela’s captors, the apartheid government engaged in a reign of terror, murdering apartheid resistors at home and abroad: Dulcie September -shot to death in Paris, 1988; Ruth First - killed by a parcel bomb in Maputo. 1982; Griffiths Mxenge - abducted, stabbed and hammered to death near Durban, 1981; Matthew Goniwe, Ford Calata, Sparrow Mkhonto and Sicelo Mhlauli - abducted, murdered and their bodies mutilated near Port Elizabeth, 1985; Sipho Hashe, Qaqawuli Godolozi and Champion Galela -abducted and murdered in Port Elizabeth, 1985 Stanza Bopape - tortured to death while in police custody, 1981; Albie Sachs (now a Constitutional Court judge) - maimed by a parcel bomb in Maputo,1988 and many, hundreds of others.
You might notice that these murders occurred during the reign of Ronald Reagan, (the patron saint of wingnuts - may his soul rot in hell). This is no coincidence; Reagan’s tacit support of the apartheid government not only prolonged its bloodthirsty reign, but also emboldened Pretoria’s agents to engage in such atrocities.
thanks for the link!
just think: we have a chain-smoking potus and an obese SG and those are the two leading causes of illness and death in the usa.
and they’re telling us how to live.
Four Words
Bristol Palin Unwed Mother
Mark Sanford Argentinian Lover
Larry Craig Stall Cruiser
Hey reliapundit,
‘BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!’ is misspelled.
Poor reliapundit finds the concept of non-authoritarianism so confusing. When Obama speaks about the dangers of smoking, it needs no support from him as moral exemplar — the science speaks for itself. Similarly, the job of the Surgeon General is to apply the best medical knowledge available for the benefit of public health — not to be a shining Greek god.
Authoritarians like reliapundit are just confused by the concept of advisory authority which comes from experience and good counsel. The Surgeon General doesn’t tell us what to eat, drink, or do. Instead, that office is responsible for providing us the best information available so we can make our own decisions on what to drink, eat, or do. reliapundit is just superimposing the Bush legacy of petty tyranny on the Obama administration.
Should We Really Have a Morbidly Obese Surgeon General?
Why not? You assholes elected a morbidly ignorant Texan president twice!
Left by reliapundit on July 22nd, 2009
Ironically, this dimsum dipshit is one spare rib and Marlboro from a fatal heart attack.
Which is a good thing, Re-liar!
This actually isn’t the first time I’ve encountered that view of charity, even if it’s a Christian charity. Recently retired Sister Adrian Barrett of Scranton, PA, regularly received blame for any crime that happened in the area, reasoned that the organization she ran, Friends of the Poor, attracted the criminals to the area.
Recently retired Sister Adrian Barrett of Scranton, PA, regularly received blame for any crime that happened in the area, reasoned that the organization she ran, Friends of the Poor, attracted the criminals to the area.
Because if there’s lots of money to be stolen, it’s from a charity for the poor.
Not the charity that’s building the new kidney dialysis wing of the hospital based on the donations of the philanthropist, who coincidentally just learned he’s diabetic and wanted a better class of doctors at his beck and call, nnnnnnnnnnnnno, it’s the folks who have to scrimp and save and buy ham the army rejects as tainted…
So, Scott….seriously…this bunch of bloggers who you noticed in this piece…
Are they really called the “Ass Toots”?
Poor reliapundit finds the concept of non-authoritarianism so confusing.
That’s because daddy didn’t beat it into him with the buckle end of his belt.
[…] World-O-Crap Blog Archive Fat People Got No Reason To Live __________________ Jesus was considered a dissident then….and would be today. Kind of like Cindy "the nutjob" Sheehan, the Black Panthers, MLK "the Commie", Jesse "the phony" Jackson, etc.!~ Wabash This story, today’s insane jabber about Obama’s pitch at the All-Star Game, and their other deranged obsessions further convince me that they’re not even trying to argue against Obama to their fellow citizens anymore, but are just constructing an alternate reality in which to ride things out for a couple of terms.~Roy Edroso […]
[…] Ugh. I’m really sick of writing about these people, but the presidential election of the first Negro Socialist seems to have drawn out the unbridled crazy. Does anyone else find this influx eerily reminiscent of the early Clinton era, when every right wing member of the Armed God Squad and/or the Purported Supremacy movement, or both, were daily newsmakers? […]
Sorry, but I don’t find her morbidly obese, just a bit chunky (like most of us). Gods forbid we have an MD who resembles an ordinary American as a Surgeon General.
They want to come out against Nelson Mandela?
While I’m glad the svelte geniuses of wingnuttia — a large faction of whom are religious zealots who are more than happy to tell us how to live while doing the exact opposite — are all against Fat Doctors now, because who are they (with their education, training and, in this case, decency) to tell US we shouldn’t do something? Well, they are fat!
I see it. The adonis-like creatures who are making this kind of brilliant observation are playing to type. Which has, over the years, made them so credible as public heralds.
But what I can’t see, or even conceivably understand, is the Mandela thing. Yes, he’s black. But “terrorist”? Seriously? At this late date, after he successfully challenged a particularly hateful regime AND peacefully led South Africa’s post-apartheid transition to a multi-cultural, democratic state?
And then the right wing guy wants to pat himself on the back after making the slur? What a small, stupid, profoundly ignorant man.
Well, it’s pretty clear Reliapundit does need someone to explain about nutrition, because forty extra pounds hasn’t been morbidly obese since you were six years old. If you’re only forty pounds overweight, odds are good your doctor doesn’t go on about it at you unless you have some other health issue that it affects.
Myself, I’d rather hear advice about diet from someone who’s forty pounds away from being a normal person (her diabetes is congenital, so nope, you don’t get that excuse here) than from someone who’s twenty pounds from doing a diet commercial on the tv in a bikini. Which one makes you think you have an actual shot at losing some weight?
Personally, I wish our president would stop smoking. I wish everyone would. In fact, I wish it were illegal. Does that outrage you too? Would you be happier hearing that opinion from someone who’s struggling with addiction too, or from someone who’s never smoked? I’m gonna guess you’d be more pissed if I told you I’d never smoked. You’d probably go ballistic in a how-dare-you-tell-me-I-can-just-quit way. (In fact, I did used to smoke. I quit. I don’t know if you can or not, but I do know it’s possible and evidence says you’ll probably be better off if you do.)
We can learn from bad examples as well as good, and watching someone die of lung cancer has made people quit smoking, as has actual medical evidence of illnesses caused by smoking. Thin people may make fine examples for some people to eat better, fat people may make examples for others, and some may not be swayed by anything other than medical evidence, or by their own experience, or by institutional support (whether that means getting rid of sugar and meat subsidies or just offering better nutrition information to grade schoolers or anything else).
But let’s stop being assholes. You’re not outraged at the notion of a fat surgeon general. You’re outraged at the notion of a liberal surgeon general, or even just one who’s father to the left than you are. You’d be pissed off if she looked like Kate Moss and was trying to limit transfats. The fact that you get to call her fat just provides a handy excuse to oppose her without having to come up with a rational argument.
Believe me, I understand, since I’d have been just as outraged by the Iraq invasion if it’d been done under the administration of war heroes as the draft dodgers it was. The difference is, I was able to come up with a number of actual, rational arguments against it as well as just “What right do AWOL and Other Priorities have to send people to die?”
If you can come up with some actual rational arguments against this nomination, then we can have a discussion. Until then, by your own logic, we’re still waiting on an answer to Jimmy Blarter’s question before we decide we should take you seriously. Until then, you’re just standing around saying “No fat chicks”, and Scott is perfectly reasonable to characterize your argument as such, because that’s all that’s there.
I think he’s just afraid that she’s a black version of Chunky Reese Witherspoon.
And you know how that plays havoc with the mighty swords of the Rethugs (see above).
Chain-smoking potus? I thought Obama was potus.
I’m just waiting for Limbaugh to weigh in on this issue.
I see what you did there, Lancelot Link.
So Everett Koop…slender Adonis?
I think Djur is onto something:
Authoritarians like reliapundit are just confused by the concept of advisory authority which comes from experience and good counsel. The Surgeon General doesn’t tell us what to eat, drink, or do. Instead, that office is responsible for providing us the best information available so we can make our own decisions on what to drink, eat, or do. reliapundit is just superimposing the Bush legacy of petty tyranny on the Obama administration.
It makes so much sense now. Let me explain. Situations A and B:
A: Bush reads your email, reviews your surfing habits and listens to your phone conversations without any judicial process at all:
Good. Daddy Bush is protecting me. I am a good like GOP’er, soI have nothing to worry about. The fact that the government steadfastly refuses to any level of oversight just shows me how manly they are. Let’s go start a war!
B: An overweight woman becomes Surgeon General in a Democratic Administration, which means they will have some stupid campaign to get people to be more healthy:
Damn big government telling me what to do!! How can a lady who looks like her dare to tell me what to do! Why, this is the slippery slope, soon these radical socialists will think they can just tell everybody what to do!!
Clarity, clarity clarity [trails off]
Sweet fucking Jesus wept! These people are beyond even my wild imagination. No matter what I think up, they come up with something worse. So an overweight woman can’t possibly be our surgeon-general, but an overweight draft-dodging scam-running, lying, spying, cheating, son-of-a-thousand-swine is just perfect for the VP’s post?
As Maru might say, “I can’t believe I got nailed to a cross for these morons.”
Even ‘overweight’ isn’t really unhealthy. Human physiology is designed to store fat so the individual has a better chance of surviving Winter/famine. Loosing weight is hard because it is going against Nature. And because Doritos are Soooo Yummy.
Women in particular are supposed to carry extra fat to help them during pregnancy (physically stressful) and after: She’s designed to nurse the baby.
These days being fat isn’t survival trait, it is simply considered “unattractive”.
You can lose weight.
You can’t lose stupid.
I’m just waiting for Limbaugh to weigh in on this issue.
I see what you do here.
Bernoldus :
Well said, my bra.
And :
Nelson Mandela WAS a terrorist during the reign of St Ronnie et al, listed and everything. Now, he’s an international icon of Freedom,Justice and Truth.This is known as politics.

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