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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The “It’s Too Hot to Beast Blog” Edition

Working from home can be challenging, especially with two pathologically needy felines in the house who are constantly competing for attention.  But the current foundry-like atmosphere offers one advantage in this regard; if I don’t turn on the a/c in the living room, both the cats turn into bathmats.
Sorry for the peepshow, dude, but I really gotta aerate my pelt.
But occasionally Riley will assert her superior intellect and superincumbent villainy and turn herself into a lap rug just to share the misery.
I don’t care if this is your armrest.  It’s too hot to move, so until further notice it’s my headrest.

Posted by scott on Saturday, August 29th, 2009 at 11:03 pm

6 Responses to “Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The “It’s Too Hot to Beast Blog” Edition”

“Long-time fan, first-time caller.”
As the proud papa of five pathologically-needies (four canine, one feline), I say, “Right on!”
I’ve a long list of websites, mainly news and analysis, I read each day. Then, as catnip reward for my diligence, I wallow in the satiric genuis of World-O-Crap.
Do you know the work of Karl Kraus?
I can tell the changing of the seasons based on when the cat stops or starts needing to be in my lap at all possible times. Looks like an early fall this year…
Thanks for the kind words, Ferd, and welcome to the comments — please feel free to pop in anytime.
I know of Karl Kraus, but I’m afraid I’ve never read any of his work. Any recommendations?
Just glad to know that the fires haven’t made it over that hill yet, even if Moondoggie IS showing off his schweaty balls. Judging from that look in Riley’s eyes, I wouldn’t challenge her on chair ownership/mastery. That’s a cat that I wouldn’t challenge over anything. The lionesses are always the most dangerous, in all cases.
Currently, my two great lumpen-felines are insisting that it’s NOT 8:29P but WAY THE HELL PAST NINE, our usual dinnertime. Daylight Savings Time is a clusterfuck, or they’re just outright liars. I wish that they could go out and play here, get some exercise, not be so damned bored that all they WANT to do is eat. Well, we’ll be seeing soon enough if we all get to keep living together and where, so hopefully we’ll find ‘em some better accommodations.
In my next life, I am SO coming back as Moondoggie. Seems like a lotta work to be Riley.
Karl Kraus was a gloriously complex and tortured writer. A good introduction is “No Compromise: Selected Writings of Karl Kraus” (Ungar Publishing, 1977).
Includes “Tourist Trips to Hell” (1920), regarding tours of the World War One battlefield of Verdun, offered by a Swiss newspaper.
“Especially recommended as a Fall trip!”
Both my dogs are part husky. Warm weather is an occasion for them to droop around the house and roost on the air conditioning vents.
We’ve had a blessedly cool summer this year though. I’d be perfectly content if the mercury never went about 80 degrees F.
Stay cool, and stay safe.

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