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Monday, September 12, 2011

Comment of the Day

From preznit giv me turkee:
so it’s been three days, is Johnny Hart still dead?
Nice comeback entrance, Preznit.
Too bad about Johnny, ’cause his bible-banging, recidivist, creative-neanderthal, bigoted son absofuckinglutely SUCKS.
He’s ruined what used to be a really sly, bawdy sociological strip into a fucking CHICK TRACT!!!
So who wants to join the beat-down expedition?
Ugh. Are they going to continue to publish B.C. and Teh Wizard Of Id, either with new artists (…calling Chris Muir!!!) or by going the Peanuts “Classics” route? I sure hope not. For the sake of the children!
Oh, and scott? Have you even heard from s.z. lately? It’s been several weeks since there’s even been a report about what was going on with her (the Flossie ate the glasses incident), and surely she hasn’t gone glasses-free this whole time? Also, did you find your grandpa a nursing home that wasn’t actually on fire or located in the Gulf of California, and thus mostly inhabited by Humboldt squid?
Yes, we’re worrywarts out here in teh ether.
Can we sacrifice Johnny Hart’s memory to some demon, thus permitting S.Z. to reappear?
Hey, I’m in an existentially weird mood today…
Apparently, Hart had stored a compendium of strips on his computer, so we’re stuck with his neo-Christo-fascist droolings for a while longer.
Annti, sorry to have created bad vibes etc. w/ that colorforms reference. So please take a deep breath and go enjoy the cute pix at:
Nice apology there, Trashfire.
Extraordinary photos — I’ve always loved orangutans, but I had no idea that the other monkeys could be so gorgeous. Such eyes! Like wise old men who have secrets that they *might* share, but then again, it’s gonna cost you.
Far more intelligence on that page than has been seen in the Oval Office for quite some time now.
Love the link, trashfire. One problem I have is that most of those pictures are of gibbons and orangutans, which are apes, not monkeys. I’m not a primatologist or anything, but for some reason it bugs me that people don’t make the distinction.
Not only did the old bastard leave strips in his devil box, the fambly & frenz apparently will be photoshopping “all-new” strips from old drawings plus new gags of their own. So he’s not really dead, nay, he is risen.
The only part of BC that irritated me more than the christo-conservatism and bigotry was the obvious mysoginy. Oh wait a minute; they go hand in hand, there I go again, calling attention to women. Sorry about that, as you were.

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