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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pam To Transition to Schiesse Vlogs: The Market Demands It

Apparently somebody at YouTube actually sat down and watched an Atlas Shrugs vlog, because they’ve tugged on some Playtex rubber gloves, delicately picked up her latest offering with a pair of ice tongs, and regretfully returned it to her.

There are several reasons why YouTube may have declined Pam’s video.  One possibility is that she appears to have surgically removed the face of Jennifer Lopez, and is prancing around the house with it stapled to her head.  Another possible objection is the content, which we can infer from her next choice of video host: liveleak.  Now, I’m no expert, but if that’s not a site featuring cam girls performing golden showers, then there’s probably quite a few computer-literate men in diapers cuing up complaints to the Better Business Bureau right about now.

But the scariest thing is the caveat regarding her last hosting option: “videoegg (problem with the egg is a five minute max).”

That does seem unreasonable.  How could anyone possibly be expected to deliver an exhaustive analysis of the geo-strategic ramifications of Congressional infringement upon the Article II prerogatives of the Unitary Executive and get through all 8 verses of “My Humps” in five minutes?
I mean come on, people!  She’s a tigress, sure, but she’s still just one woman!  Well, one woman and part of another woman’s face.

15 Responses to “Pam To Transition to Schiesse Vlogs: The Market Demands It”

Liveleak seems to have a little of everything (very little) – some of the political stuff was okay, sort of, the shoplifting kid was funny, but the two women oil wrestling in a kiddie pool was a total disappointment. Videoegg doesn’t seem to offer too much besides a way to nagivate around others’ websites, unless I’m missing something–are they trying to become the video version of MySpace?
Same business model for both:
1) Invite people to post anything regardless of quality.
2) Sell a few ads here and there.
3) Pray that Google comes along and gives you a billion dollars for your pile of shit website before you go bankrupt.
I think YouTube has demanded truth-in-advertising. She claimed to be a pundit.
Apparently somebody at YouTube actually sat down and watched an Atlas Shrugs vlog
Well, I certainly hope they got hazardous duty pay. Does OSHA know about this?
You’re not kidding about the face, neither.
Why some of us never wear a headband.
Yikes! You can actually see the stitches!
Dr. Frankenstein better lawyer up.
In all seriousness, I do think YouTube should leave Pam’s videos posted. They really deserve to be shared with the world.
She’s a tigress, sure, but she’s still just one woman! Well, one woman and part of another woman’s face.
And, part of John Bolton’s mustache.
What’s up with the incessant lip smacking in the V-log? It reminds me of Hyman Roth.
Hopefully, they’ll remove all her videos. But then I’d have one less thing to laugh at. She’s the second coming of Linda Richman.
[...] Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 3rd, 2007 Join me now in a moment of silence in loving memory of Atlas Shrugs, the video blog of Pamela Geller Oshry, aka Word Salad Pam to that part of her fan base that wasn’t made up of racist nutbars.   Seems that somebody at YouTube, upon getting a couple of complaints about her, um, productions, actually watched some of it and promptly had it yanked.  This horrid act of censorship has led Ms. Oshry to forsake the vile censors of YouTube for some other online video purveyor. [...]
Pam is the epitome of the concept, “lot-lizard.”
See, a Lot Lizard is a slut/whore/toofless hooker who hangs out at truck stops to make her pay, because even the johns who frequent Airline Highway or the Vegas Strip or the ass-end of the most-decrepit parts of Kansas City or L.A. or (pick your crystal-meth-lab-nexus town) won’t take them.
What boggles my mind is why anyone gives her what she wants — even if 99% of her viewership is “ironic” (people who enjoy viewing horrific traffic accidents and video footage of surgeries), she’s still getting what she wants out of the transaction: Attention. Whether she has “sponsors” or “donors” or not, I don’t even want to know. I just want her to cease to exist and to erase the hideous burn that she has left upon the karma of this planet.
Wow, that’s a term I haven’t heard in a long, long time.
When I was a kid my dad owned a trucking company, and one of his drivers had a sticker on the window of his sleeper cab. It depicted, if I recall correctly, an alligator in tarty make-up, a miniskirt and fishnet stockings, run through with a diagonal red slash, above the words, “No Lot Lizards.”
Naturally, I had to ask, and the expression was vividly explained to me, flavored with several choice colloquialisms peculiar to the Ozarks, and scented with a cloud of second-hand Pall Mall smoke.
Believe me, there’s nothing quite like having the facts of life explained to you by a foul-mouthed, middle-aged Peterbilt pusher high on whites and a quart of truck stop Yuban.
I don’t watch the tube, refuse to pay outrageous cable bills for hours of nothing ness, so I miss the periodic good leaks through of information.
I thank you for informing me about the other video service, since although I couldn’t find the moron of which you speak, much as I tried (which is a relief truly), I did find many other snippets worth watching.
Like Ron Paul’s take down of the Bush war policy, Nancy Pelosi’s speech before the vote on the Iraq war bill, Big-Head Biden opening his trap once again and the mother of all sweetness: a war-wife telling that weasel faced, whippet brained neocon William Krystal what’s really up with the war, the tired soldiers and their families.
That was sweet justice indeed to see that weasel shrivel his arrogant little pout while the woman tells him, “if you and your hawkish friends think this war is so important, then institute the draft and give my husband and my family a break.”
And the surgery scar on that Atlas Fugged nutball…YOW! Even Bolton looks like he’s scanning the room for a way out.
“Whites.” I haven’t heard that since the 60s. Maybe the since the early 70s. Ah, nostalgia.
Sheeeeeyuttt, you weren’t around New Orleans in the early ’90s… “white crosses” are why I have fibromyalgia now. Got me through a whole assload of three-day cramming/study sessions for finals, as well as a non-paying radio internship. Low-rent trucker-speed — just two steps (and a big vat of rat poison) away from meth. But you get to keep your sinuses and avoid the cops and the trailer parks.
Thanks ever so much to a certain pharmaceutical corp that I can’t name without launching a major clusterfuck of lawsuits and a friend of mine getting fired.

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