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Monday, September 12, 2011

Quote O’ The Day

Just in case you were getting woozy from the combination of gaseous Reagan nostalgia released by the recent Republican debate, and the fumes of hagiography rising from Jerry Fallwell’s body before it’s even had a chance to a’moulder in the grave, Doghouse Riley turns on the bathroom fan:

“If Reagan and Falwell’s balloons floated on somewhat different admixtures–and still do, to varying degrees–and if Falwell’s notorious difficulties with Reality included claiming that Dutch owed his prominence to Jerry rather than vice versa, well, it proves only that the little Republican tent was still large enough to support more than one hot air vendor.”

3 Responses to “Quote O’ The Day”

Well, to be fair, next Jerry Falwell, Reagan came across as reasonable, intelligent, and sane….
Of course, next to Falwell, so did Charles Manson.
The Republican “big tent” is the Big Top.
Riley rules. And by that I mean: r00lz!

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