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Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday Feline Detente Blogging

Moondoggie the new addition seems to be settling in, although on cold mornings he has developed the odd habit of turning himself into a gordita.

Riley has had a difficult period of adjustment, because she was never the dominant cat, yet clearly doesn’t want this little punk to waltz in and decide he’s running the joint. So after a good deal of indignant yowling and hissing, she finally found her inner dominatrix, and a dictatorial hierarchy has been established (interrupted by the occasional coup attempt launched from behind the ottoman).

And while they’re nowhere near the spooning union she enjoyed with Hobbes, they are, at the very least, somewhere near each other in time and space, and will occasionally co-exist in order to pursue their common goal of shredding the feather-on-a-fishing-pole.
Apologies for the crappy photos.  I never seem to have my camera handy at times like this, but I’m a lightning quick draw from the cell phone holster.

13 Responses to “Friday Feline Detente Blogging”

So nice to see Moondoggie settling in. Any surfing in his future?
The left column is overlappiing the center column
but now it isn’t!
The pictures aren’t crappy at all, Scott. They’re still higher resolution than anything that I’ve ever posted. And beautiful kitties, obviously impervious to the fact that they’re being spoiled rotten, as they, as most cats do, assume that this is, indeed, their due and their divine right.
Aw, I’m happy that you’re happy and Riley and Moondoggie are more or less happy and will morph into happier still. And they will. Both seem to be good kitties. Scritch, scritch.
Isn’t not having the real camera around almost always the case? I can’t even *begin* to count the number of times that my dorg has done something a million times cuter than anything I’ve managed to snap a picture of him doing when my camera was in another room, or, worse, its batteries were dead. Naturally, by the time you retrieve the camera, the cuteness level has reverted to a more normal mode. It’s frustrating. OTOH, getting posed pictures out of him is relatively simple, which I imagine is nearly impossible with a cat (or, worse yet, two).
Late at night, when they’re sure no one is looking, they curl up together and plot they’re upcoming moves. They just want you to think their comradeship is hard won.
They do plot! Mine hate each other. Always have. But the other day, one of them barfed on the sheets so I had to wash them, and as I was putting the new ones on the bed, I stepped in where the other one had barfed on the carpet, right in the exact place I *have* to stand. Obviously, they are now working together.
That picture makes me want to run out and get another kitty. Must…control…self…
at least until I get into a bigger place.
There is just nothing more adorable than two kitties playing together.
D. – What are you feeding your feline friends?
Um. Basically whatever they’ll eat, which translates to Fancy Feast for one and some hippie organic brand of dry food for the other. They’re both picky in different ways. I’ve been told before that the one shouldn’t barf as much as she does, but the vet says they’re both fine, and some cats are just that way. Personally, I think she’s bulemic. She eats too fast, it absorbs liquid in her stomach and makes her feel too full, and out it comes. On the other hand, she rarely hairballs at me, so I can live with it.
Awwww, cute kitties!
The photos are very nice, I think. My two cats started out as enemies, but before too long they were washing each other’s faces. (I never knew cats did that.)

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