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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Devil And Man At VT

On the heels of its scoop revealing that a 6 year old Barack Obama was recruited to violent jihadism by Jim Henson’s Madrassa Babies, Fox News now exposes the real perpetrator of the Virginia Tech shooting.  Could it be…SATAN?

Why yes.  After laying low following his thumping at the polls last November, Lucifer has finally stopped sulking around the house and gotten off his ass and done something.  At least, according to a story by religion correspondent Lauren Green:
Could Cho have been possessed by the Devil? Could that explain the massacre at Virginia Tech?
I suppose so, if the Devil had a Glock.
Dr. Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts University, shouts an unequivocal “Yes!”
He probably could have used his indoor voice, since Miss Green was standing right next to him, but he finds that random shouting drives evil spirits out of the bodies in his immediate vicinity, and will often let fly with a prophylactic scream when entering a crowded elevator.
“Based on what I’ve seen in the news,” Roberts said in an interview, “there’s no doubt that this act was Satanic in origin.”
Forensic evidence confirms his theory, as we’ll see in this week’s episode of CSI: Crime Scene Inquisition.
Roberts added that he doesn’t know if it was Satanic “possession” or “oppression.” Possession, he said, occurs when Satan takes over a person’s life, and the person’s actions are dictated by demonic possession within. Roberts says he’s seen this type and has seen the Devil cast out of a person.
As evidence of this phenomenon, Roberts pointed to the many downtrodden, homeless devils on Skid Row, begging for change and fighting for the right to “possess” a refrigerator box.
Satanic “oppression,” on the other hand, is “that which comes against.” “It’s not in a person, but is coming against them, trying to put evil thoughts in their minds,” Roberts said.
“A good example of this,” he adds, “Would be The O’Reilly Factor For Kids.”
Roberts says we’ll never know whether Cho was “possessed” or “oppressed,” because the killer has died. But he did leave a note blasting everyone around him, calling them “rich kids,” and “deceitful charlatans,” and then blaming them, saying “you made me do this.”
So it was probably possession, because the Devil hates the rich, since their selfless entrepreneurial ways create jobs for the Lucky Duckies.  We can’t all heal a leper, but those of us in the top 1% can outsource our manufacturing operations to Burkina Faso.
Roberts describes Cho’s writings as “just words,” and says words are one of Satan’s tools to bring about Man’s destruction.
On the other hand, Cho used firearms for the actual destruction part, and guns are clearly not one of Satan’s tools, so maybe the shooting was just an accident.  Like that thing with William S. Burroughs and Joan Vollmer.
The battle of good vs. evil in all of us is not a simple choice between two forks in a road, but a cosmic war being waged over our souls.
Says Dr. Richard Lints of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary: “The lesson, I think, is that when we don’t take our own evil seriously, we are much more liable to perpetrate acts of evil.”
Later, shown a tape of his performance on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume was overcome with glee, cackling like Margaret Hamilton until he hyperventilated and had to lie down.

Fuck me, but I find it offensive these tards even share the same air that I do.
This kind of crap gets to me. Aside from the sheer evil of claiming it was Satan and therefore there’s a very good reason God didn’t lift a finger to stop this (And that’s a pretty big aside, I mean, most people have to work a lot harder at reconciling a just and loving god with humanity’s cruelty), this is exactly how they start putting together “conscience clauses” that allow people to refuse to prescribe or fill prescriptions for mental illness medications. When they start replacing our antipsychotics with pious instructions to get exorcized (and it didn’t work, I’m here to tell you that.), you’ll see far more of these incidents. Which, of course, is just more evidence that Satan is among us, isn’t it.
“Roberts describes Cho’s writings as just words, and says words are one of Satans tools to bring about Mans destruction”
So we’d be better off if we went back to pointing and grunting? Judging by daytime TV, we’re most of the way there. And preachers use words too – does that make them Satan’s tools? Works for me!
The only way to fight irrational delusion is with more irrational delusion.
Let’ see. Six years of Bush and we’ve gotten rid of habeus corpus, introduced torture,and now are suggesting demonic possession is the best way to explain the tragedy at Virginia Tech. What’s next – throwing out the Constitution and introducing the Malleus Malifeciarum? And we thought they only wanted to get rid of the New Deal.
Goody Cho was a witch!
Roberts says we’ll never know whether Cho was “possessed” or “oppressed,” because the killer has died.
And that pretty much mucks Robert’s ability to use The Rack or The Iron Maiden to find out for sure.
Well, ya gotta know the dude seriously let ‘em down by not leaving a spoor of Danzig CDs, first-person shooters, S&M porn, and notebooks covered in sixes. The poor dears get their hopes up so high every time there’s a school shooting, and all they’ve managed thus far was to cancel a couple Marilyn Manson dates.
Can’t these people take responsibility for anything? If it’s good, God did it. If it’s bad, Satan did it. If I do something positive, it’s God moving through me. If I do something negative I may be “possessed” by the Devil. I’d rather be responsible for everything I do, good AND bad. Blaming someone else is just too much work…
“Based on what I’ve seen in the news,” Roberts said in an interview, “there’s no doubt that this act was Satanic in origin.”
In related news, Satan has filed a multi-million dollar slander suit…
“…when we don’t take our own evil seriously…”
Isn’t it satan’s evil?
Why won’t gawd stop satan’s evil? Cuz he’s a dirty, hairy, bearded, sandaled, dress-wearing hippy appeaser, that’s why! And his son, the loud-mouthed Hebrew radical? Oy!
Goody Cho was a witch!
Did he weigh the same as a duck?!
What JoeBuddha sez, in spades. I thought these people were supposed to be the “party of personal responsibility”, but they *never* do! From AG Gonzales blaming it all on his subordinates, to Congressman Doolittle trying to hint that any wrongdoing was all his wife’s fault, to *this*, it always always ALWAYS comes down to blaming others! Just STOP, cobagz. Sometimes–quite often, in fact–it is YOU who are to blame. Learn the difference between wrong and right. Learn the difference between unethical and ethical. Learn the difference between unlawful and lawful. Figure out the consensus correct one to side with, and then apply it to your *own* life. Don’t worry about everyone else; it’ll take care of itself.
I should really learn to read my own writing. My first sentence [above] should read:
What JoeBuddha sez, in spades. I thought these people were supposed to be the “party of personal responsibility”, but they *never* take any!
There! Fixed.
Ah I miss the eighties when we blamed this on Heavy Metal and Dungeons and Dragons. Sigh.
Brit Hume was overcome with glee, cackling like Margaret Hamilton
And nobody threw water at him? What a world!
Cho was severely mentally-ill, probably traumatically abused/raped as a child, and his university let him fall through the cracks, because he learned, as most people who are punitively “treated” through incarceration rather than cognitive therapy are able to learn the “correct answers” to give, in order to avoid surveillance/examination/future committal to institutions.
I do not feel sorry for him, because he knew that he was mentally ill, he knew that he was murdering people, and he did it anyway. He purposefully avoided dealing with his illness, and that’s when it turned from him being the victim into him being another perpetrator. He’s just like every child molester who was molested as a child — he made the CHOICE to not only continue, but to accelerate the cycle of destruction, and for that, he cannot be redeemed or forgiven.
But I do hold his family, his friends (if, indeed, he had any), and the staff of V-Tech responsible for not having had him treated way the fuck before now. It didn’t have to end this way.
And Richard Roberts is every fucking bit as evil as his utterly senile father, not to mention that cocksucking piece of shit Franklin Graham, a motherfucker who undoes every single good deed that his father ever completed. On CNN, Franklin Graham invoked the republicunt rallying cry, “WE ARE AT WAR,” and then went on to postulate that this atrocity is a “signal” to “all terrorists” that “our campuses, our schools are WIDE OPEN to this kind of violence,” meaning, of course, that “WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH OCEANA/EURASIA” and that if we DON’T continue to bomb the living fuck out of the cradle of civilization, then the tarrists will come to every single fucking college in Murka and replicate Cho’s crimes.
Franklin Graham is the antichrist, and Richard Roberts is his suckling little succubus. Why isn’t Oral Roberts dead yet? He never did deliver the proper ransom to the 700-foot-tall floating Jeebus, so WHY IN THE FUCK IS HE STILL ON MY PLANET??!?!?! And why didn’t Jeebus do like the angel of death in Egypt and KILL THE FIRSTBORN, TOO?!??!?!?
[...] And, for the truly unhinged, SATAN HIMSELF! [...]
Scientology showed up to ‘help’ the victims of the VT shooting…yeah, riiight…help.
They were “helping” pretty much the same way Fred Phelps was.
Responsiblity? Not after you’re born again my child! Innocent forever, resolutions and answers forever. To hell with world peace, get your own internal peace of mind then you are free to get a piece of everyone else while you can, however you can and the effects are never your problem!
Chop down the trees, kill the planet, who cares? We’re all going up and you’re going down.
See? And people scratch their heads and wonder why religion is so popular.
Silly me–I was surprised by how much care and concern that Nikki Giovanni and the VT English dept. chair showed toward Cho Seung-Hui, who was obviously deeply disturbed in his behavior as well as in his writings. However, someone who actively resists psychiatric diagnosis and treatment is almost certain not to receive it.
Cho was a paranoid schizophrenic, according to a professor of psychiatry I know. He says that people who are either paranoid or schizophrenic typically are offended when people take interest in them. If someone is both paranoid AND schizophrenic, there’s very little treatment that can return a person to normal life; the best one typically can hope for is that they take their meds and don’t go in for packing weaponry.
1. From personal experience (a year of shacking-up with Dullard McDumbass), I’ve seen that paranoid schizophrenia CAN be controlled with medication and therapy, but if the ps thinks that he can “beat” it on his own, or actually believes and enjoys “the voices” and their suggestions, then he’s going to use his disease as an excuse to abuse the people who care the most about him.
I think that Nikki Giovanni has been milking this for all that it’s worth. Yes, she was going to quit over having Cho removed from her class, but once she passed him off to her director and got him out of her class, her involvement with him ended, and she didn’t give a rat’s ass what he did or whom he did it to. The department head who took him on as his “personal tutor” should have referred him out to student psych services, who could’ve gotten him the help that he needed, or at least to the treatment center that could’ve helped him. He was voluntarily committed once before, but like most schizophrenics/sociopaths, he knew exactly what to say to avoid being “incarcerated” again. Perhaps if the department had taken an active role in getting him TO the help that he needed, without playing into his paranoid fears of being “taken away”/”incarcerated”, if the university’s student health people had taken an active role in his care, this tragedy MIGHT have been avoided.
2. And as much as I loathe ALL cults, whackadoo bizarros like Scientologists in particular, at least they did send an assload of volunteers, food, pet food, health supplies, etc., after Katrina, and sent dozens of “lay ministers” (shaddup, I’ve already done the puns) to the LSU Emergency Animal Shelter. They were generally flaky and not good for much besides passing out information, but they wanted to help, and they DID show up. Unlike Dumbya & Dick & Condi. Unfortunately, FEMA showed up 2 weeks after Katrina and took over the LSU Vet School and the Emergency Shelter, AND seized their bank accounts and all of the donations that had been flooding in, so I and a few other people made sure to sneak some actual cash money into the hands of the people who KNEW what the fuck that they were doing, the people who ran the vet school THEMSELVES. Fuckin’ bureaucrats — all that they did was fuck up the entire process and waste all of that money.
Schizophrenia can be very powerful indeed. I have seen a case in which it was so intense that it changed the entire world and contributed to the writing of the Bible.
It’s just darn amazing !
[...] And, for the truly unhinged, SATAN HIMSELF! [...]

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