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Monday, September 12, 2011

Submitted Without Comment…

 Okay…ONE comment…

Remember: Never overbook your boners.

4 Responses to “Submitted Without Comment…”

What would it mean to “overbook” a boner? Scheduling too many dates in one evening? :)
Heh heh heh… Bill, Bill, Bill… you really gotta stop setting me up with straight lines like that… so to speak… heh heh heh…
Boehner is SUCH a fucking waste of oxygen, I would personally like to repossess all of the air that he’s wasted, by shoving a shop-vac down his throat and crankin’ that mutha UP.
Is this the same J. B. who was about to lose it on the floor of the House Thursday, while wishing “we” could “stand up and take them down”?
Why, yes it is. Tell me, Rep. Boehner, what the hell have we been doing for the last five or so yrs.? Huh? What have we been doing?
What would it mean to “overbook” a boner?
Left by Bill S
One does tend to overlook the little things…

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