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Monday, September 12, 2011

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

Well, we’ve had one of the crappiest weeks around here since crap was first invented by Thomas Crapper in 1871.  In order to avoid the inevitable onset of carbuncles, vapors, or dropsy, Mary and I are heading off to spend the weekend in the restorative ocean breezes of Balboa, where I grew from prepubescence to fledgling and ultimately unsuccessful manhood, Buster Keaton filmed the climax of College, and my mother’s ashes were interred in a whimsical mausoleum that looks less like a tomb and more like the 7th hole hazard in a miniature golf course.

Have a nice weekend, guys.  We’ll see you on Monday.

4 Responses to “We Interrupt This Broadcast…”

I’m guessing, based on your calling the lovely & charming Vine your neighbourhood cinema, that you’ve been bombarded with the carbon of Col. Griffith’s park this week (besides any other miseries). I hope the air is better in Balboa, and you may be able to watch Catalina burn to sea level, Atlantis stylee.
I *suppose* you’re forgiven for abandoning us. Unless you’re kidnapping Doghouse and taking him with you.
Have a good weekend, you two. Enjoy the ocean. We’ll be here when you get back.
Nope. I’ll be home, counting carbuncles.
Y’know, when you mentioned Balboa, and then wrote this line…
[...]where I grew from prepubescence to fledgling and ultimately[...]
I thought you were gonna follow with this:
[...]defeated Apollo Creed for the world heavyweight championship.
There. See?
Anyway, enjoy the beach. That nibbling feeling down around your feet is just a peckish great white enjoying some toe cheese.

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